Thinking the Purpose of ObamaCare is Control is Wrong: The Real Purpose of ObamaCare is to DESTROY AMERICA!

Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, the purpose of The Affordable Healthcare Act or more commonly called ObamaCare is NOT more control over the lives of Americans.  Rather, the real purpose of ObamaCare is to DESTROY AMERICA and FOREVER DESTROY AMERICA’S GREATNESS!

President Obama knows exactly what he is doing and he is fully aware of the calculated effects of his healthcare reform law.  While it may seem reasonable and rational that his Affordable Healthcare Act is intended to extend government control over our lives, the truth is ObamaCare has only one purpose and it will do just that:


Why this has not been discovered by the American public is because we tend to judge others from the point of our perspective and we (wrongly) assume that they are like us, but they are not.  They are in no ways similar to normal people.

They are sociopaths who worship Marx and Marxism and Satan.  They are destructive and they are destroyers.  America is about to be destroyed because there is no backbone in any of the crooked politicians in Washington, DC.

The only backbone in current professional politicians is that of the Marxist sociopaths–the wrong side.  And let’s get this straight: They are NOT atheists; they are Satanists.  They worship the devil and are on the wrong side!