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Donald Trump’s First Order of Business

Donald Trump’s first order of business before he does anything, even before he takes office is to pass the Glass-Steagall Act which the Bill Clinton Administration rescinded allowing banks to become big gamblers making the entire economy vulnerable.

By reenacting the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, Trump will protect the average American from the disasters of 2008 and other years in which hard earned assets of middle class Americans including pensions and real estate values were stripped away from them when the housing bubble burst.  This will prevent further melt down of our wealth when the massive spending of Barrack Hussein Obama and the left and the Republicans and the neo-cons comes home to roost as two out of every three American dollars are repatriated home–I.e., hyperinflation.

Without these protections in place our entire economy remains at risk.  Donald J. Trump needs to advocate for the re-enactment of Glass-Steagall NOW, BEFORE he takes office in order to protect and defend America from her greatest enemy–the international bankers!

President-elect TRUMP AND HIS TEAM NEED TO DO THIS NOW!  Every day delayed makes America vulnerable to economic collapse as the New World Order seeks to impose its will upon us!

Donald Trump Seals his own Death Warrant!

By naming a Pence as his running mate, Donald Trump sealed his own death warrant because the people behind the scenes and all of the players in both parties will support, allow and cover up for Donald’s assassination. It’s all over. Trump will win then all of the alphabet agencies will participate to murder Donald and put in a far more palatable President. Vice President Pence will assume office once Trump is poisoned and the Secret Service, which participated in both the Kennedy Assassination and the attempted assassination on President Ronald Reagan will assist in killing this American President as well.

Trump made a bad decision. Actually, he made a terrible decision when he selected those men from which to choose a running mate. The only life insurance would have been a true conservative such as Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, but it’s all over for Trump now. Donald will sacrifice himself.


The unbeatable winning combination for 2016’s Presidential race is:


Even if the Republican Party has a fit and excludes Trump at the GOP Convention, this dynamic duo could win on a write in vote.  But I advise these two start their own Third Party and call it the Nationalist Party because we are fighting for the survival of our nation and the root stock that founded these United States of America

Donald Trump’s Life & Death Depicted in Denver Murals

The Denver murals have been slowly being painted over. As each scene comes to fruition it is painted over. At first I thought the patrons were fearful that the content might be too revealing or that the depictions were too disturbing. Now, I realize the Denver Air Port murals are pictoral prophecies!

The current ongoing exhibit features a blond haired blue eyed German boy who becomes the center of attention and children everywhere turn in their swords and assault rifles to the new leader who beats the arms with a big hammer.

This appears to be a swords into plowshares moment.

But then we see the German boy dead in a casket in another mural. Might the New World Order be announcing the coming of Donald Trump upon the world scene? And might the New World Order be depicting his mission and his fate?

Donald Trump’s Deal to Become President

I don’t know but this is the best explanation of Trump’s ascendancy to become President of these United States of America. Trump had Obama by the short hairs. He Barack dead to rights that Barack Hussein Obama was NOT qualified to be POTUS but Trump backed off. Why?

Perhaps Trump was threatened. Maybe his life or the lives of his wife and children were at risk but there is a better explanation. Most likely the Donald struck a deal. And Trump is known for negotiating deals.

In all likelihood, Trump made a deal that he would become President or at least become the party nominee if he backed off and allowed Obama to remain in office. My best guess is that Donald Trump was made an offer that if he permitted Barack Obama to remain in office unchallenged on his obviously fraudulent birth certificate forgery, then Trump would get his turn, a turn to become POTUS.

Is this fair? Is this American? Does this hold to the ideals and values of America?

Certainly not but it is a deal and it is in keeping with all subsequent Presidents after the JFK Assassination with perhaps the sole exception of Carter. All the others got in office, the highest office in the land by craft and cunning and through their crimes. All of them!

The Theft of the Presidential Election

I am convinced that the last US Presidential election was stolen. The fact that puts me on their trail is that the polls were spot on. The polls showed almost the exact percentages by which Barack Obama was re-elected.

I am confident the vote was stolen, manipulated at the electronic level by George Soros’ company that tallied the votes electronically! Moreover, the same political machinery will STEAL THIS ELECTION (2016) and secure a victory for Hillary Clinton and the Republicans will go along with it!

The Republican Party is no good. The GOP would rather work with Hillary than with the man who is the obvious choice of the people, the American Nationalist Donald Trump.

My Biggest Fear About President Trump

My biggest fear of a Trump presidency is that the elites have finally found a man narcissistic enough and popular enough and charismatic enough that he may be able to convince the majority or a significant percentage of the population that gun confiscation or at least gun registration is a good idea!  Which is NOT a good idea.