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North Korea, EMPs, President Trump and Congress

If North Korea has the ability to destroy 90% of the population of the United States with two EMPs, I have some questions for President Trump since the Congress appears to be full of feckless traitors.

First, if the experts are right about North Korea having the capacity to deliver EMPs, then why have the two North Korean satellites flying over North America not been shot down?

Second, does this means that the US will launch a preemptive nuclear strike against any nation that has the capacity to deliver two EMP blows to the US?

Third, why has the US Congress and Senate failed to harden our electric grid and make us immune to EMP destruction?

Protecting Your Data from an EMP

A microwave over makes a good faraday shield.

Put your computer and your spare drives inside it to protect your data from an Electro Magnetic Pulse.

This will prevent you from losing all your computer files should an EMP pulse from a powerful explosion occur. A rare event indeed but a little prevention goes a long ways.

You’ll have data and computing power while others will be left floundering.