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Conklin Fuel Mate Plus & Catalytic Converters

When my friend wanted me to use his Conklin products in my Porsche Cayenne I was wary but I did look at the Conklin products.  I dared not touch their lubricants and especially their gear grease and transmission fluid, but I thought I had found a gasoline treatment that might help my engine run cleaner.  I certainly did but at a price.

Their 4-Power G Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner also seemed innocuous enough, so I tried them both.  Now, my car requires premium fuel but getting that is not a problem.  And my car does not have readily replaceable fuel filters.  Couple that with the fact I drive it rather sedately so that when I do have to hit the gas and make an emergency move it gets rather embarrassing to see that cloud of crap dumped out the back of my car as the spark plugs clean off their deposits!

Conklin’s 4-Power G does not seem to be the problem but Conklin’s Fuel Mate Plus appears to have caused so much damage in my car that when it came time to return it, I did just that (no refund).  Certainly, I owned the case and had half of it left.  I could have given it away or even resold it, but neither route seemed right.

Fuel Mate Plus had already cost me in repairs and was on the verge of costing me thousands in replacing my catalytic converters but I think I stopped using it in time.  I really am not sure and only time will tell.  But since I stopped using Fuel Mate Plus my check engine light has not come on.  I am hoping that I stopped in time to save the catalytic converter.

Last fall with only 28,000 miles on a new set of ignition coils, three of them went out at once!  Now, one or two I understand but three means there is something seriously wrong.  I replaced my plugs at the same time and those were in good shape.  But plugs are relatively cheap whereas each ignition coil is $80.  I suspect the ignition coils went bad working to compensate for the thrown off timing caused by using Fuel Mate Plus.

I never did notice a verifiable increase in mileage across the time I used half a case of Fuel Mate Plus.  I even tried using less than the amount recommended and that actually seemed beneficial.  My engine makes slightly less power when using Fuel Mate Plus.

Conklin claims that Fuel Mate Plus is safe for catalytic converters and they even claimed in email that it would make catalytic converters last longer!  Really?

When Fuel Mate Plus first came out the packaging said it was safe for catalytic converters but it no longer says that.

When my check engine light came on I was using Shell V-Power.  Shell was about the last company to put ethanol in their premium and once Shell did that my car stopped liking Shell.  It appears that Shell uses a much higher carbon content in their particular ethanol because I notice more soot on my exhaust pipes using Shell V-Power.  Even Costco burns cleaner than Shell V-Power.

Point of Information: My Turbo seems to like Quick Trip better and it burns cleaner.  I was on the road and Shell was all that was available when I needed fuel.

Point of Information: I have been using ethanol free 91 octane lately and my car really likes it.  Country Mark 91PLUS is the best gas I can find in Fort Wayne.  If anyone knows of a better gas in the area, such as an ethanol free 93 octane, please let me know.

Conklin says that Fuel Mate Plus “lengthens” the burn time thereby giving more mpg, but as far as I can tell what Fuel Mate Plus really does is “retard” the timing and reduces power.  My V8 runs better without Fuel Mate Plus.  I think that Fuel Mate Plus by retarding the timing is also putting more pressure on my car’s catalytic converters.  I suspect Conklin Fuel Mate Plus does this on other car’s catalytic converters.

Certainly, there are many variables.  For one we have an EPA that lies to us about catalytic converters and fuel.  We have auto manufacturers who are happily making money replacing parts.  No one appears truthful.

What is the cost on my Porsche?  First, my diagnosis and computer reset cost me almost $155 after PCA discounts.  Without the discounts their labor approaches $180 an hour!

Second, Porsche of Albuquerque was insistent the catalytic converter on the passenger side would require replacing.  The cost of the part was almost $2,000 and the estimate was five hours labor.  Now, that’s for just one side.  Double that for both catalytic converters.  For comparison, the cost of the entire catalytic system on my Toyota Avalon was $300 including labor.

There really are a lot of variables but the fact is even when I am running the standard 91 octane with ethanol my engine light remains off.  Whether or not it will stay that way I do not know but I am going to find out.  I am not using Conklin.

No more additives for me.  I can’t wait until America can have real gasoline again, ethanol free.  That 50 cents more per gallon for engine destroying corn syrup is going to our totally corrupt politicians!  Pull the plug on corn and drain the swamp.


Why would you not want to buy a new car?  Because we are all getting screwed.  Don’t buy a new Porsche.  Why?  Because they are all Turbo’s.  Do you know what it costs to run and maintain a Turbo Porsche?  I do.  I have one of the best and it costs DOUBLE WHAT A NORMALLY ASPIRATED PORSCHE USED TO COST!

Twice as many things break on a Turbo compared to a normally aspirated Porsche.  Why did Porsche do this?  Money.  And to satisfy our EPA requirements.  I would not touch a new “modern” DFI engine either.  Because they are much more complicated (costly) and, moreover, are designed to “accumulate” more carbon inside the engine which means early engine failure and early engine component failure.  All to play the California CARB and the EPA’s games!

And I would not buy anyone else’s new car either.  Or diesel truck!  Why?  Because for at least two years all of the auto manufacturers have been sitting on advance technology, suppressing simple technology that uses “water” and renders as much as 60% more MPG with cleaner air, cheaper engines and longer lasting engines.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW!

Don’t buy anything until the auto manufacturers come out with their engines built around hydrogen on demand.  Sure, you could retrofit your existing engine but your gains disappear within a few hundred miles because you engine’s computer is not tuned for hydrogen.

Furthermore, all of these emissions requirements are costly and result in shorter engine life and increase pollution!  There is no need for a catalytic converter when your engine is running cleaner.  Remember “acid rain?”  It was a hoax designed to foist off expensive platinum based technology on us.  There was no acid rain!  GM had substandard paint jobs was all it was; more importantly, the reduction in sulfur (that was actually good for the environment and great for farmers) resulted in more nitric oxides!

Nitric oxides are what has and is killing our lakes and streams!  Increased nitric oxides, the trade off of using catalytic converters, killed life in the Great Bay in New Hampshire and is responsible for the deadly algae blooms in Lake Erie and elsewhere!

And those DEF systems on small truck diesel engines?  There is no telling the unintended consequences of that technology yet.  Sure, the exhaust smells cleaner but the MPG were cut by 20% while the cost per gallon of diesel went up by 10%.  EVERYBODY PAYS FOR THAT in terms of higher prices across the board!

Cummins diesels are so clean they never needed DEF but the other big two insisted that RAM had to submit to the same expensive DEF systems even though RAM burns cleaner.  You add hydrogen on demand to a diesel and you get even greater gains than you get on a gasoline engine!

So, DON’T BUY ANYTHING until the manufacturers come out with their existing (suppressed) engines that are built around hydrogen and tuned to run on hydrogen on demand boosted gas or diesel engines.  Why would you want to buy a more expensive vehicle with substandard outdated technology?

We can all have much greater MPG and lower costs of ownership and more efficient maintenance by boycotting and refusing to buy anything new.  Only buy used.  Only buy the old technology that has been depreciated.  The EPA be damned and the auto manufacturers as well!


Note: DFI on gas engines such as Porsche means Direct Fuel Injection in contrast to DEF on diesel engines means Diesel Exhaust Fluid which basically is injecting cat piss (urea) into the diesel engine and forcing it to run on hobbling emissions scrubbing modes.