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The Day Mark Zuckerberg Dies

The day Mark Zuckerberg dies people around the world are going to celebrate, especially in America.  Why?  Because an era of tyranny will have ended.

Tyranny by government sponsored corporation will be over.  The CEO of Facebook had better get over himself.  “Zuckface” needs to come to grips that people are fed up with his tyranny and suppression of free speech.

Now, I am not advocating any harm or any action be taken proactively against the infamous “Data” of American corporations but I am pointing out the obvious.  “Zuckface” and his company hide behind the platitude “violation of community standards” while he and his ilk are actively destroying communities across the planet!

That’s right, “Zuckface” and Facebook and every Zionist or Edomite controlled facet of the government of the United States of America, which is ALL OF THEM, are doing their best to dissemble the once great country and mighty culture which rescued the kikes from their fake “Holocaust!”

We liberated them, the Jews, at what price?

At the full cost of everything we hold dear!

How could we go so wrong?

Quite simply, we put our Bibles down and allowed the Jews and their minions to preach to us what was NOT in the Bible!

By failing to read our Bibles for ourselves and failing to educate ourselves, we have broken ranks with our Creator Father God and we have totally succumbed to the Devils!

Now the Devil and his children run not merely our country but the entire world.  Well, almost.

Facebook was created by our own government and funded by our government.  Hence, it is NOT a “private corporation” but a public entity, a public utility.  “Zuckface” and his minions have absolutely no right in censoring any or us.  They have no authority to censor any one!

We have become too dependent upon Facebook to allow this tyranny.  I help people but I am forestalled when folks can no longer reach out to me.  Actually, when I can no longer reply to their pleas.

Allow me to clarify things.  First, not all Jews and not every Jew is bad.  There are bad people in any group.  But the Edomites also known in the Bible as Idumeans are a special group.  Second, the bias and hatred espoused on Facebook is so obvious that people have had it with the Facebook CEO and corporation.

Ultimately, when Facebook fails or a bomb goes off in Facebook’s headquarters, people are going to cheer in significant numbers–that is how hated Facebook and Facebook’s “community standards” are!

Finally, I am not advocating for bombing Facebook or some sort of mass shooting.  What I am advocating is making Facebook totally neutral and allowing free speech.  And, I want Mark Zuckerberg fired!


Hey, Mark, I am firing this one shot for freedom.  And I am wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.  My grandmothers and grandfathers created this country and you are not going to destroy it.  Get your Edomite ass out or we will burn you out–just like prophesized in the Bible in The Book of Obadiah!

A real “holocaust” like your people did to Dresden and Nagasaki–not a fake one like the myth of 6,000,000 Jews you and your people foisted off on us–the HOLOHAUX.  By the way, carbon caused Global Warming is a hoax and you know it.  We are in the first of two Grand Solar Minimums back to back.

In contrast to you, “Zuckface” and Facebook, my blog really is my own and I will write what I want.  I am suffering from a touch of food poisoning and a lot of pain from a MVA last year.  So, I am not exactly feeling charitable.

I suggest you find out what being an American means and what real tolerance is because if you don’t discover those soon, you will only have yourself to blame for your failure–trying to manipulate us.  Perhaps I am expecting too much from a jackass who comes from a sociopathic culture–that’s what liberals are–tyrants and you know what they say about all tyrants.

Mark, I need your advice.  I need a favor.  Help me come up with a name for the holiday celebrating your passing?  Something that rings of “freedom.”

An Open Letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg:

You are an Edomite.  You are NOT a Jew.  You are a False Jew and I intend to expose you as all of your kind must be revealed per Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 and other passages from the Bible.

You may rule the roost when it comes a fascist Facebook; however, that is coming to an end.  You and your “community standards” can go to hell and you will–go to hell!  You need to get a sense of humor and get rid of Artificial Intelligence.

You looked like “Data” from Star Trek before the Congress.  You have violated decency and my First Amendment Rights.  I sincerely look forward to the day I hear that you have been assassinated and/or, better yet, Facebook Headquarters is bombed and you are destroyed in the blast.

Seriously, you are a kike and I mean that in the worst way!  Your Rockefeller and Rothschild relatives will not be able to save you.  They too are “false Jews” that Christ warned us about in The Book of Revelations.  Neither you nor they are “semites!”

I will ferret you out and expose you!  I can’t wait to bring Facebook down.  The world groans for her saviors and you ain’t one of them!  May YHVH Creator Father damn your soul!

You are not an American and soon you will be cast into the pit with the rest of your kind!

A Big FUCK YOU Mark Zuckerberg!

Welcome IndyGuy123 Jason A. Wandrei


Recently, I read that IndyGuy123 on the USA Sex Guide Info site said that he often visits my Blog for entertainment purposes because I am ‘the ultimate in conspiracy theorists.’  So, please help me in welcoming IndyGuy123 whose real name is Jason Wandrei to Dr. Kent’s Blog “Giving Psychology Away!”


Here is the picture taken by IndyGuy123 on August 7, 2015 during his lunch date with Alex.  IndyGuy123 first posted this picture on the USA Sex Guide then later deleted it along with the photo at the top of this page.  This picture is on her Facebook profile and it is the current picture featured in her current Backpage Escort ad placed September 9th.  Here is the live link [You will need to copy and paste these links into your browser.]:


IndyGuy123 on USA Sex Guide dot info site is none other than Jason A. Wandrei as found on LinkedIn:


IndyGuy123 basically took Alex Cecil over in what he announced as a “hostile merger” and turned Alexandria into a full fledged Backpage Escort and you can read about that beginning here:


His Post #152 is one a many he posted and several of his posts he later deleted in order to hide the deal he made to “manage” Alex.  Since at least October IndyGuy123 Jason has been Alex’s main client until recently when she went public on August 6, 2016 offering her services as a prostitute for $300 an hour.

However, the fellows on the USA Sex Guide report Alex’s current rates as $140 per “pop” and $200 an hour.  You can read all about the sordid details of their sexual encounters with Alex on the USA Sex Guide.  Go to Forums, then to Indiana, then to Indianapolis, then to Backpage Advertizers.

The most recent Post #11393 by FreckleFreak, who by the way is a dirty cop, can be viewed here:


Detailed reviews of Alex and her services can be found back on approximately pages 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and in other categories. See Posts numbered 11208, 11207, 11205. 11187, 11186, 11180, 11178, 11168, 11166, 11163, 11159, 11158, 11157, 11140, 11138, 11136, 11134, 11133, 11128, 11118. Jason turned Alex into a full fledged prostitute!

Jason Wandrei has many pages on the internet including a Facebook profile, a twitter account, a page about his bow hunting and duck hunting as well as other presences on the internet besides being one of the most prolific posters of the USA Sex Guide.  IndyGuy123 also posts soliciting interests in prostitutes he brings in from Chicago and schedules as well as many escorts in Indianapolis and the rest of the State of Indiana.  FreckleFreak is his partner in his organization running prostitutes in Indianapolis and across state lines.

We found Jason after a concerted effort as he provided Alex a car, a maroon 2001 Infiniti I30 with a temporary Dealer license tag from the auto dealer with which he is associated Indiana Auto Dealer No. 0404201.  Here is their website:


I drove there and it primarily appeared to be a junk yard.

The other picture that IndyGuy123 Jason posted on the Guide that he later deleted is the one at the top of this page.  Jason said Alex sent him this photo and many others he had to keep private. I think she is beautiful.

This information is part of the Small Claims Case I have filed against Alex Cecil in which I have prevailed and have been awarded judgment against her.  This is in the public record and may be found in Plaintiff John Taylor Kent, Ph.D. VS. Defendant Leigh Alexandria Cecil Case Number 02D01-1605-SC-0007752 in The State of Indiana, County of Allen, Allen Superior Court in Fort Wayne.

Alex defrauded me of a significant sum of money in her “Love Scam.”  The loss was in the middle three figure range.  In court I was awarded the moneys which Alex borrowed from me and refused to repay.  While I was interested in Alexandria, I am not pairing off with a prostitute!  My parents taught me to share but that well!

I have been (wrongly) accused of stalking Alex.  She has never given me notice to leave her alone and Alexandria continues to text me regularly and email me.  We have been in touch regarding the Small Claims Court case.  I confess I have been trying to have a relationship with her, to save her from her life of hard drugs and now prostitution!  I admit my love for Alexandria.  I am stable in all domains except my love for Leigh Alexandria.

Alex appears to have beaten the monkey on her back and is to be applauded, but she is very sick.  She has a condition that will kill her in short order if she continues to engage in vaginal sex.  She needs to rest sexually for at least one full year.  She also has at least one highly communicable disease.  As we all know Hepatitis C is often passed sexually, so are cancers.  [human papilloma virus]

So, to all the mongers who will be visiting my blog to read this I ask you, I implore you, I beg you, to give Alex a break.  The “work” she is performing for you is going to kill her!

Her current condition will develop into a type of cancer that almost always spreads to other organs including the bladder, lungs, liver, brain and bones.  If ovarian cancer is not detected early and removed surgically, she will die.  She has NO HEALTH COVERAGE!

You are killing her!  She is committing a slow but sure suicide.  Please think about Alex’s best interests because she is unable to think of what is in her best interests.  As one of you posted she is “not the brightest crayon in the box.”  Please have mercy.  Act like the mature men we are.  Back off!