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Passover 2014 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Passover Blood Moon is one of four marking sequential Blood Moons all on the High Holy Days of Israel God ordained in the Old Testament forever and marks the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

The God of Israel has provided US a sign in the sky visible early Tuesday morning at 12:15 AM AZ Time. This is the beginning of the period described in Revelations ‘that if not cut short, all flesh would perish.’ All flesh in this context means all of Adam’s Israelite descendants and the USA contains the LARGEST ISRAELITISH POPULATION on the earth!

This sign, warning and period are FOR These United States of America founded at the end of the period of punishment God ascribed to the House of Israel. Our enemy controls almost everything and wants to destroy US! God is permitting this because we have done the most wicked thing–we have turned our backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

The most wicked thing man can do is deny the existence of the God of Israel.

Early Monday morning look up in the sky over America and see the beginning of the end and the return of the Saviors and the Lord Jesus Christ bearing a new name that only He knows.

The Feast of Passover begins on our April 13, 2014.