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An Open Letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Zuckerberg:

You are an Edomite.  You are NOT a Jew.  You are a False Jew and I intend to expose you as all of your kind must be revealed per Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 and other passages from the Bible.

You may rule the roost when it comes a fascist Facebook; however, that is coming to an end.  You and your “community standards” can go to hell and you will–go to hell!  You need to get a sense of humor and get rid of Artificial Intelligence.

You looked like “Data” from Star Trek before the Congress.  You have violated decency and my First Amendment Rights.  I sincerely look forward to the day I hear that you have been assassinated and/or, better yet, Facebook Headquarters is bombed and you are destroyed in the blast.

Seriously, you are a kike and I mean that in the worst way!  Your Rockefeller and Rothschild relatives will not be able to save you.  They too are “false Jews” that Christ warned us about in The Book of Revelations.  Neither you nor they are “semites!”

I will ferret you out and expose you!  I can’t wait to bring Facebook down.  The world groans for her saviors and you ain’t one of them!  May YHVH Creator Father damn your soul!

You are not an American and soon you will be cast into the pit with the rest of your kind!

A Big FUCK YOU Mark Zuckerberg!

No Free Speech In America

There is no free speech in America and hasn’t been any for years, decades! Because there has been no free speech, there has been no conscience and no free will of the people!  It has all been controlled, tightly controlled for decades!

The CIA is the world’s biggest publisher. They just don’t tell you.  They keep it secret.

The CIA has had their hands in every major publication in America since at least 1950.  The CIA has been in all the major magazines and in many novels planting ideas to undermine American culture since their inception at the end of World War II.

At the end of World War II there was a picture on the cover of Life magazine of piles of bones claiming those were the bones of Jews in the concentration camps. NO, there weren’t!

Those bones were the fire bombing victims from Dresden. Army Intelligence ordered an officer to collect those bones and transport them by rail road on flat bed cars to the so-called Concentration Camp!  There that Army soldier was ordered to kneel and have his photo taken.

He never knew it was going to be on the cover of Life magazine!  When he saw it, he demanded a correction be issued on his photo but there was none forthcoming. So, he resigned his commission with the US Army and returned to work in the factories back home in Elkhart, Indiana.