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Leighton Alexandria Cecil on Seeking Arrangement


Here is a link to “Leighton” on Seekingarrangement.com and Leigh Alexandria Cecil’s add as a Sugar Baby placed on May 6, 2014.

This preceded her What’s Your Price add as “Leighton111” which appears to have been posted in 2013.  What’s Your Price has deleted Alex’s profile based upon the receipts I provided proving she is a scammer.

However, the latest indicators are she has turned pro and may be working for a couple of men who bring in prostitutes from Chicago and around the country to Indianapolis.  It appears Alexandria has become a partner in their enterprise and her “manager” refers to her as a new partner and an UTR (under the radar) provider.  I have no way of confirming this.  Nevertheless, if this is the move Alex decided to make, it might be considered a step up from conning and defrauding.

Alex is quite charming and if she put her energy into a more acceptable route it is likely she would succeed.  But it appears she enjoys the thrill of taking advantage of men and lives for the conquest.  She is best avoided.

You may have to join Seekingarrangement.com in order to view this profile of Alexandria Cecil but it is free:


If you can not find it, that might mean the website Seeking Arrangement has deleted Alex’s profile finding cause to conclude Alex is a scammer.