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North Korea, EMPs, President Trump and Congress

If North Korea has the ability to destroy 90% of the population of the United States with two EMPs, I have some questions for President Trump since the Congress appears to be full of feckless traitors.

First, if the experts are right about North Korea having the capacity to deliver EMPs, then why have the two North Korean satellites flying over North America not been shot down?

Second, does this means that the US will launch a preemptive nuclear strike against any nation that has the capacity to deliver two EMP blows to the US?

Third, why has the US Congress and Senate failed to harden our electric grid and make us immune to EMP destruction?

My Advice to Kim Jong-il, Supreme Leader of North Korea


My advice to Kim Jong-il is quite simple:  SURRENDER to South Korea and do not let my nation or any nation aligned with the Rots-childs International Bankers destroy your country!  Don’t let them have the satisfaction of bombing your nation and any sort of Satanic genocide.

Quite simply, you are in the sights of the central bankers, the false Jews who should be more properly called “Edomites.”  There is no escaping except to go along with surrendering and re-uniting with South Korea.  The time to this is NOW, BEFORE there are any more hostilities.

Unite Korea and allow the South Koreans to enrich your people.  Indeed, they will.  It is only a matter of “your will.”  Choose wisely my friend.  Your people are depending upon you.

FYI, I don’t believe any of what is reported in our news in the United States.  It’s all controlled, all propaganda designed to deceive and launch US into another war–a war we definitely don’t need.

My Advice Regarding US Policy Towards Korea


Assuming there is a modicum of common sense among the leadership of our nation, I have an understanding of North and South Korea which must be addressed, at least discussed and possibly accepted.  Korea needs to work out their own problems and, moreover, they need to be re-united.

The United States needs to withdraw completely from the Korean Peninsula, bow out and beg forgiveness.  The State Department of the United States is the largest organized block of communism in the world.  I know, you think I am a nut and I don’t know what I am talking about, but the fact is the bureaucrats in our State Department have run everything to the benefit of the communists for decades.  In fact, for most of the previous century.

The biggest snafu of the US State Department was when the Chinese were literally handed over to the communists.  You think not?  Think again!  Look at the historical facts and record.  We ran things so that the communists took control of China rather than the nationalists.

Chiang Kai Shek was ready to invade mainland China with a well equipped force that was going to decimate the communists.  And what did we do?  Our President stationed our 6th Fleet in the straits between Taiwan and mainland China interfering in the Chinese, blockading Chiang Kai Shek’s forces barring them from invading and securing mainland China!

So, let’s face the facts.  We Americans have been sticking our noses where they don’t belong.  Clearly, we’ve been interfering in a way that has been detrimental to those involved.

In the case of North Korea and South Korea, the South Koreans hate US.  If the US armed forces intervene in any conflict against the North Koreans in defense of South Korea, a significant percentage, perhaps as large as a third of South Koreans will attack America forces.  So, let’s just pack up and get out.

Let’s save our men and allow the Koreans to work their own matters out.  I am sure the Koreans want to reunite because the North needs the help of the South and the South yearns to reunite fully with their estranged brothers and sisters.

As far as the sabre rattling of North Korea, I say we ignore it.  Don’t do anything.  Don’t say anything.  However, should North Korea cross the line with American troops, we need to obliterate that country.  Too much American blood and treasure has been wasted on the Korean Peninsula and it has been wasted.  My apologies to our brave men who have sacrificed there but the fact is American leadership let us down in the Korean conflict.  It was a failure in leadership of our President and State Department.  It’s time to downsize this federal government before they waste more blood, American and otherwise.