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Avoid O’Daniel Auto Group

For quite some time I have been meaning to warn the public about Porsche of Fort Wayne and O’Daniel Motor Group in general.  It is best to avoid them at all of their locations and in all of their services.

Forget about owning a Porsche and getting service in Fort Wayne and their auto body shop is staffed with crooks!  I will be getting into all of the details but first allow me to say:

Porsche no longer makes reliable roadworthy vehicles.  The Porsche warranty, whether it is factory CPO or Porsche dealership service is worthless.

Porsche does NOT stand behind their warranty service policies and the new Porsches are nothing less than time bombs waiting to go off.  I will have a lot to say, but Porsche of Fort Wayne can not be trusted and their service is sloppy, shoddy and incompetent.  Porsche of Fort Wayne can not even give a decent alignment.

Never buy a Porsche from O’Daniel.  IN fact, it would serve you better not to buy a new Porsche at all.  Why?  They are overly complicated.  Dealership technicians differ on their diagnoses and recommendations and parts and repairs are always through the roof.

My car?  A first version Cayenne Turbo.  I have 216,000 miles, a lot of experience and have been to many Porsche dealerships across the nation.  I am going to report upon it all, in detail.

I estimate the cost to run to be between $2-$3 per mile.