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Plenty of Fish POF & Marcus Frind are Terrible

For the last time Plenty of Fish has lost or deleted my account and I am not going back.  I tried contacting POF and it’s founder owner Marcus Frind but there is no way to contact them or him.  POF is poorly designed and its founder is most definitely anti-male.  Frind’s gender bias is obvious.

Marcus Frind runs his website like a tyrant and he is guilty of age discrimination as well.  Recently, Frind decided to invoke an iron clad age limitation of 14 years.  Now, that might make sense when you are dealing with teen agers and young adults to avoid exploitation, but when you are a more mature male looking in the last hope you have at having children and a family, you can forget about Plenty of Fish!

There is a thing called biology and due to the active poisoning of Americans by the time the average American woman reaches age 30 she is only half as fertile as she was in her peak child bearing years.  GMO’s only make this worse. It is a concerted effort by our keepers to suppress population growth and they “manage” US on several fronts with many sterility agents.

So, if you are a man who is stable and well established and ready for a family, forget about looking for a wife on POF.  For instance a 55 year old can’t message a woman below the age of 41 and a 60 year old man has no hope of contacting that woman who wants children as well who is in the end of her prime for having children during her 30’s.

It seems reasonable for a man who can support a family and who is of good character to be able to reach down and get a wife from among those women whose biological clocks are ticking and running out, but not according to the tyrant and owner of Plenty of Fish Marcus Frind.

Also note, a female can post any bikini photos showing off her physique as she likes but a shirtless male’s photo demonstrating fitness is verboten.  Furthermore, if a woman wants to harass a man and complain about him for any politically correct thing, Markus will remove him for her.

What do I recommend?

Do what I do.  Join the most reputable site and stop wasting time on POF.  Match.com is where you want to be to find a wife on line.  At least there women are held to the same standards and must present truthfully.  Moreover, because the women on Match.com pay to be on the site too, rest assured they are higher quality and far more serious as they have more invested.

Here’s what one fellow says POF is good for:


But that’s not my style.

Yes, ladies, I am looking actively for a wife.  But only apply if you have high standards and understand that I will only marry a woman who agrees to abide by the standards God set in the Bible.