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Alexandria Cecil-Fiene Update

Alex Cecil goes by a new name on Facebook.  Here are several photos and active links to some of her recent and present prostitution.

All of you Johns who have engaged her bareback services might want to get tested.  In June Alex complained about her “hip” and displayed a possible syphilis chancre.  It was sickening to see that open wound in her crotch.  That open wound was almost the same size as her vagina and just to her left of her private area.  It was sickening!   I almost lost it!  It rendered me speechless and avoidant.

She said it had scabbed over and was beginning to heal but someone told her to put Vaseline on it.  Since then it would not scab over.  I don’t know if that was possibly going into Stage Two of the disease.

When asked about the possibility of syphilis, she denied it.  Then she claimed she had had a blood test for syphilis and it was negative but she could not provide a date for that lab test.  She claimed she had only had sex in April with an old boy friend from high school and she hated sex but her recent reviews in April belie her.

She is a star provider in Indianapolis.  She is a compulsive liar and con artist.

From Explore Talent

For more than two years I was hoping for Alex to come around and love me as she claimed.   I gave her every benefit of the doubt but she finally proved to be a professional provider and a compulsive liar.

“You don’t get to touch it unless you pay for it.”

Since meeting her June 19, 2015 I resolved not to touch her again unless we had a clear understanding; however, since then she must have been with so many men that I can not possibly take her back.  I can not even guess how many.  Hundreds?  Over a thousand?  I don’t know.  You tell me.

The Erotic Review (TER) is the largest escort review site in the world.  Alex’s TER number is 313002.


She also has three reviews on the Erotic Monkey.  The most recent review on the EM was also April.  Her reviews are truly disgusting!  You need to read them for yourself.


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And Alexandria has a review on ECCIE.


Good bye!

Good riddance!



Alex’s First Backpage Escort Ad


The above link accesses a PDF file of the original as filed in court.


 Sexy Friendly Intelligent discrete Blonde 25

Posted Saturday, August 6, 2016 2:33 PM

Athletic build, but 5’5″ 110 lbs, blond hair brown eyes. GA transplant. Enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. YOLO. So I like to make the most of everyday & night  😉 . Available all wkend, wanna make the most of last free wkend. Three one 7 three 66 five three 8 one. Call or text if interested . 150-300 donation. Depending on time and the more personal requests/activities. In/ out calls.

Poster’s age: 25

  • Location: Indianapolis, NW side of Indianapolis
  • Post 10: 16472040 Indianapolis


Placed and managed by Jason A. Wandrei also known as IndyGuy123 of the USA Sex Guide. info


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Leighton Alexandria Cecil on Seeking Arrangement


Here is a link to “Leighton” on Seekingarrangement.com and Leigh Alexandria Cecil’s add as a Sugar Baby placed on May 6, 2014.

This preceded her What’s Your Price add as “Leighton111” which appears to have been posted in 2013.  What’s Your Price has deleted Alex’s profile based upon the receipts I provided proving she is a scammer.

However, the latest indicators are she has turned pro and may be working for a couple of men who bring in prostitutes from Chicago and around the country to Indianapolis.  It appears Alexandria has become a partner in their enterprise and her “manager” refers to her as a new partner and an UTR (under the radar) provider.  I have no way of confirming this.  Nevertheless, if this is the move Alex decided to make, it might be considered a step up from conning and defrauding.

Alex is quite charming and if she put her energy into a more acceptable route it is likely she would succeed.  But it appears she enjoys the thrill of taking advantage of men and lives for the conquest.  She is best avoided.

You may have to join Seekingarrangement.com in order to view this profile of Alexandria Cecil but it is free:


If you can not find it, that might mean the website Seeking Arrangement has deleted Alex’s profile finding cause to conclude Alex is a scammer.