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Senator Marco Rubio Duped!

Senator Marco Rubio has been used and duped to get Amnesty passed before any border enforcement.  Senator Schumer has succeeded in getting the supposed Conservative Republican Senator to do the leg work to get the Amnesty Immigration bill passed.  Now, Rubio has been completely duped or is finally revealing his true hand.

The bill that is under consideration in the Senate is NOT Rubio’s bill but Schumer’s bill!

Rubio never should have tried playing this game with seasoned schmucks like Senator Schumer.  However, Rubio is a RACIST and he is ethnocentric and totally favors his Hispanic heritage over anything American–certainly over the rule of law.

With the passage of Schumer’s bill, thanks to “Dupo” Marco Rubio, America will be securely past the tipping point and will NEVER BE GREAT AGAIN.

Unless, the dominant culture that founded this nation prevails when the next judgement of God against our nation ensues with another Civil War.