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Coming Civil War in America

If Hillary puts her hand on the Bible, the Civil War is on!

Once she takes the oath of office and lies about that, then you know the final Civil War that George Washington saw in his visions is on!

Whether or not Washington’s dreams as reported are true or false, that Civil War will happened until the Book of Obadiah in the Bible, all 21 verses of it are fulfilled.  READ THE BIBLE!

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a SOCIOPATH and the elite and their international bankers are a SOCIOPATHIC CULTURE!

Read Martha Stout’s (2006) book entitled “The Sociopath Next Door” to understand that these are evil people with purely malevolent intent who enjoy damaging others!

Jodi Arias’ Memory Problems

That Jodi Arias forgets the atrocity she committed murdering Travis Alexander in cold blood doesn’t surprise me.  Neither does it bother me.  More importantly, I don’t believe Arias.  She may be a pathological liar.  Indeed, Arias is doing all she can to preserve her life, but I’m not buying it.  Moreover, the jury is not buying it!

Nevertheless, let’s assume Jodi Arias is really unable to remember murdering Travis.  Still, that does not surprise me.  From my experience working in Level 5 Maximum Security with serious offenders, I have seen a convict with a less than perfect memory.

He worked as a janitor near my office inside “The Walls.”  You would know this as Central Unit at the Arizona State Prison Complex–Florence.  I saw this man often.  Plus, he submitted a Health Needs Request to see me for therapy.

Initially, he claimed that he “only fired the gun once” and was confounded when the prosecuting attorney claimed he fired six times into his girlfriend’s torso.  I don’t recall exactly why I saw him.  I don’t remember why he sought my help.  Perhaps he merely needed help adjusting to confinement in Maximum Security.

Later, much later, when he was being escorted into Cell Block 4 by two security officers, his hands were  shackled behind his back as the security officer guided him with one hand up the gray stairs, when he saw me he yelled at me aloud and all could hear.  But he didn’t care.  He had finally remembered firing the entire cylinder into his girlfriend.  He was elated to recall the murder he had committed and he had the officers stop so he could tell me of his recent revelation.  He was elated to have recovered his memory.

Nevertheless, I could not ethically desensitize him to his own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder least I risk desensitizing that man to committing murder!  It seemed to take a year before his anxiety had subsided and he finally was able to recall the dastardly deed which he had committed.

Most of the inmates I saw suffered from a multitude of maladies.  Each represented a rich case that was complex.  Almost all of the inmates I saw suffered from PTSD, most of them at the hands of others.  However, I found that a person could suffer PTSD at their own hands witnessing the horrible crime they had committed.

Perhaps this is associated with “splitting” or “dissociating.”  That is an area rich for research.

Jodi Arias in my humble opinion is and has been “blocking” others.  Her presentation is so variable, so self contradicting, that I believe Arias remembers everything.  Even if Arias doesn’t remember everything, Jodi Arias will always be a danger to others.  She has earned the death penalty.

I hope every jury member agrees with me.  I have yet to meet a person in the public at large who does not want to see Arias sentenced to death and executed.  Every woman I talk with expresses unequivocally without any reservation that they want to see Arias put to death.  I feel for the jury as they have had to demonstrate extreme patience, but I sense they jury is seeing Arias for the monster she is.  Jodi Arias must be made an example for any and all who would consider killing in such a terrible combination of lethal methods.

The sociopath believes they are superior to the rest of us.  They regard us as fish; food for them.  The one adjective the sociopath uses to describe others is “stupid.”

No Tears From Jodi Arias

On Monday, when a video of Jodi Arias was aired I was about 18-20 feet from the television screens, yet I could see that Jodi Arias was feigning upset and feigning crying.  There were no tears.  There was no mess.  Her glasses remained clear, but she covered her face and pretended to cry as a result of the questioning of the prosecuting attorney.

Directly in front of each of the two large screen TV’s suspended in front of the tread mills were two women.  Women of maturity.  And I asked them if they could see any tears.  These were huge flat screen TV’s and each woman was within 4-6 feet of the screens; they could see everything.

Both scoured the video and studied Jodi Arias’ face and disposition.  Both report that there were NO TEARS.  We all agreed that Jodi Arias was not crying; Jodi Arias was putting on a show in attempt to earn leniency in her sentencing.

All three of us agreed that Jodi Arias should be sentenced to death.  We want to send a message to anyone who is thinking of killing another in so many ways like Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander.

Arias must have killed Travis two or three times or more.  That is, any of her assaulting and injuries upon his body, with the knife, 27-29 knife wounds, stabbing him in his heart, shooting him in the head, slicing his throat from ear to ear practically decapitating him was in itself enough to kill Travis.  What Arias did was overkill!

We believe Arias will always be a danger to others.  She will never be safe.  And my trainer reminded me, that sort of atrocity committed by a petite woman upon a large six foot man required a lot of motivation and adrenaline–on par with that of a wild animal!

Jodi Arias will always be dangerous to others if she is allowed to live.  Condemn Jodi Arias to death.

The Kent Test for Sociopathy

Originally, I submitted what I called “The Kent Rule Out for Sociopathy” to a professional journal for publication so long ago that I forgot about it.  That international journal to which I submitted my article never responded.  That must have been sometime between 2005 and 2008.  Enough time has lapsed that I know it will not be published, especially not by that particular journal.

Still, with sociopaths coming ever more to light, such as Jodi Arias, the public needs to have access to my simple test in order to protect itself and defend against the many sociopaths running freely in America.  Martha Stout (2006) estimated that one out of every 25 Americans was a sociopath.  However, I believe the number is far greater than 1:25.  I suspect that as our culture deteriorates, the percentage of sociopaths is increasing above the baseline of 4% established by Psychologist Martha Stout in her seminal work “The Sociopath Next Door.”

Considering that Japan, a country that is virtually homogeneous, experiences a rate of sociopathy of merely 1.5% to 1.7% compared to our rate of 4% in America, we may conclude that “multi-culturalism” and “embracing diversity” are resulting in increasing numbers of sociopaths in our midst!  When a society is heterogeneous, people of diverse value systems do not know readily how to act or what is expected of them in the “Social Contract.”

These problems are compounded as we mix people of different ethic backgrounds and cultures.  In short, we disintegrate as a society.  This practise of mixing peoples and relocating peoples can be traced to the early days of Israel and Judah.  Once the Jews experienced this warfare tactic of the Assyrians and then the Babylonians, the Jews adopted the practises of their antagonists wholesale.

Today, we in America have been given a Jewish policy, literally.  This was brought to my attention listening to a chapter David Duke made available from his book “My Great Awakening” as a free audio file on the Internet.  I strongly encourage listening to that free audio file Dr. Duke has made available freely.

I urge stopping all government policies of forced association also known as forced integration upon the free people of America.  If we are truly free, then we should be free to associate or not associate as we choose.

The clue to a test for sociopathy came to me from my reading of the Bible, at the time the New International Version; however, I find the King James Version to be far more accurate, and the NIV is not merely a translation into modern English but it is a radically different book.  The NIV is not nearly as accurate as the KJV.  Hence, I now use a parallel translation with the KJV and the NIV side by side.

Jeremiah often mentioned the “brazen look” of a prostitute and a face like “flint.”  The prophet wrote about the people being “stiff necked,” i.e. rigid.  In my philosophy of psychology, rigidity is a haul mark of mental illness.  When a person lacks the flexibility to respond to stimuli is a manner that is functional, then one may be regarded as disordered or mentally ill.  In my mode of treatment, I worked with my client to achieve mental flexibility and behavioral flexibility.  “Positive Projective Psychology” is all about growth and development; it is not about fixed, rigid mental illnesses which in themselves are terrible fates to project upon an unsuspecting public!  Indeed, such “Negative Projection” is what passes for psychological treatment today.  The professional practise of psychology today is truly impoverished!

Jeremiah wrote that his subjects were not ashamed; moreover, they lacked the ability to blush.  That was my tip.  Blushing, like being tickled, is not something that one can readily fake.  One can not tickle oneself and one most likely can not induce a blush voluntarily as these are functions that are not under the (direct) control of the person.  [Note to graduate students of psychology:  There are several hypotheses which need testing and would provide for significant doctoral dissertations.]

My assumption is that as one can not tickle one’s self, one is unable to make one’s self blush.  With this in mind, I asked several of my clients in prison questions.  At the time I was working in Maximum Security in the newest SuperMax in the country at SMU II (Special Management Unit II) at the Arizona Prison Complex–Eyman a few miles south of Florence.

I would ask my inmate client about his estimation of the percentage of super predators we call sociopaths in prison.  These were men with intimate experience and being able to recognize the sociopath among them, since they are in direct contact with so many dangerous inmates, can be a matter of survival.  Almost all of the inmates I interviewed at random answered correctly according to Dr. Stout’s statistics that 20% of the inmate population were sociopaths.

Then, clinically, I would ask something or say something that would be naturally embarrassing for the average man.  If that inmate blushed, I concluded he was NOT a sociopath.  Generally speaking, inmates who could not blush often were sociopaths from my observations.  And this inability to blush was also true for the sociopath I tried to marry; she was unable to blush.

That is it.  That is it in a nutshell.  If you want to find out if the person you are dealing with is a sociopath, see of they can blush.  If they are not able to blush, they may be a sociopath.  If they blush, they are not a sociopath but may be narcissistic or anti-social personality disordered.  They may still represent a danger to you, however.