Will “Ike the Kike” Make it on Rumble?

I don’t know. I have been waiting for Rumble to either publish my D-Day vid or give me notice that it is in violation. The problem is Eisenhower was a MASS MURDERER and needs to be exposed!

Ike stood by with advance knowledge and allowed JFK to be assassinated.

Ike murdered more Germans AFTER the war than during the war with his Rhineland Meadows open air “concentration camps!”

Ike allowed himself to be honey-potted by the Rothschild bitch who was “handling” Ike and trained in the ‘art of non-stop sex.’ As a direct result “Ike the Kike” sent our boys to be slaughtered on the beaches of Normandy when it should have been the British whose troops should have been committed to that suicidal assault because it was their war!

The British started WWII as they did WWI and now WWIII! I say we stand back and let China nuke MYSTERY BABYLON and their King Charles!

Great Britain


With their king’s BAR Association Attorneys!!!

Let Great Britain be destroyed!

Mystery Babylon Rears its Ugly Head

By now all must see that the central banks with Big Pharma over them are destroying all world governments in order to own and rule it all! This is totally in the Bible and, more importantly, the “chosensites” are NOT who or what they say they are! They are, as the Bible declares, the Synagogue of Satan!

400% Inflation This Time Next Year

Due to the EU banks agreeing to rob Russia and give it to the Ukraine. expect inflation to not merely DOUBLE but too QUADRUPLE over this next year.


The only cure for this disease is to willingly crash they system ourselves. Take ourselves out of their* money system. And return to real coined currency accepting two years minimum of austerity.

Otherwise, the Evil One and his children nuke all of western civilization!

Arrest the Federal Reserve System!

Arrest all stock holders and their families and extended families as soon as possible! Seize all assets. Place each in solitary confinement.

Save America! Stop the Federal Reserve Monopolists! They have stolen it all! And they are waging unlimited atypical warfare upon America!!!

Democrats Lied

Democrats lied.

America died.

Since the Commie Dems will not yield at the Ballot Box, we will be using the Cartridge Box before summer is out!

It’s over. America is over. The Dems STOLE THE LAST ELECTION and the Dems have DESTROYED AMERICA!

Kicking California to the Curb!

I am convinced the best course of action for the nation is to de-certify California as a State eliminating ALL FEDERAL FUNDING for their communist state government. Because the Constitution guarantees that each State shall be a Republic, it’s way past time to throw the bums out!

And with California goes their 9th Circuit Court with their communist agenda. We are tired of California dictating to the rest of us through their errant BAR association judges and attorneys!

We start with California and build a wall keeping the Californians with their liberal disease in total quarantine! Isolate them and let them eat each other! Just like we should do with the (BAR) lawyers!

Then we go after the BAR attorneys and states like the “Evil Empire” of New York! Then Tax-achussetts and so on!

Alexander Hamilton was an Agent of the Rothschild’s (Banning BAR Attorneys)

Alexander Hamilton preferred to go by the name “Alex” and he signed his name “Alex Hamilton.” His mother was Rachael Fawcett Lavine of the British West Indies. Key features were his Jewish ancestry through his mother and his high energy.

Alex Lavine

Due to his parent’s legal status (his mother being married to another man than his father) his last name was Lavine. Again, one must not overlook his Jewish ancestry which is considered matriarchal–inherited via the mother.

Hamilton was a Rothschild Agent.

While it appeared Hamilton was a financial wizard and a banking genius, in all likelihood Hamilton was a Rothschild agent and his 20 year experiment in central banking ended in 1811. The very next year the Rothschild’s gave America the War of 1812.

Hence, all wars are bankers’ wars.

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Getting America into the War of 1812 required the help of the BAR association (British Accreditation Regency) and their BAR attorneys. Because of the Bar associations’ help in getting America into (causing) the War of 1812, the 13th Amendment was proposed and ratified only to be ignored the next year on March 4, 1813 when the Congress sat the BAR attorneys in violation of the 13th Amendment!

March 4, 1813 Congress Violated the 13th Amendment

Much later, President Lincoln overwrote the 13th Amendment with his anti-slavery amendment because “Honest Abe” knew the 13th Amendment banned him from the Presidency–Abraham Lincoln held the office illegally!

BAR association attorneys banned from positions of emolument

To this day the 13th Amendment banning BAR association attorneys from positions of emolument is the law of the land. In order for America to restore her Republic BAR association attorneys (loyal to the king of England) need to be kicked off the continent!

Abraham Lincoln was our First Jewish President.

Abraham Lincoln was another name changer; moreover, “Honest Abe” was the grandson of a Rothschild! His father was A. A. Springs of Alabama. Springs was short for Springsteen–another name changer! Abraham Lincoln was our First Jewish President. We know this because A.A. Springs of Alabama left his son his estate in northwest Alabama and named Abraham Lincoln in in his Will.