US Department of Defense Unleashes Bioweapons Upon the American Public!

My hunch that our very own DoD manufactured these vaccines in their many Bioweapons Labs in the Ukraine then handed them to the big vaccine manufacturers to disperse appears more correct every day. This means our own government is committing genocide, democide.

Just because you are still alive does not mean the DoD and their Big Pharma has not killed you. These are timed delayed weapons designed to go off over long periods of time at variable times in order to avoid public detection.

Some die with the band-aids still on their shoulders. Some die within two years and most will have expired from the clot shot within 10 years.

If you have accepted their lies and their fraud and have taken their “vaccines” there are things you can do to preserve and protect your life. Look those up on the internet and take action.

By the way, since the government could not get many of us to take their “vaccine” they have decided to spread their death and destruction by other means, by aerial spraying and in meats and in vegetables. There is no escaping them! Unless we repent and take out the trash (Washington DC and all) there is little hope for the future.


Act quickly. Write your congressmen and senators demanding the impeachment and removal of Biden-Harris and their Administration. Even that is not going to stop them but it is a good start.

Write letters to your congressmen, senators and the speaker of the house demanding IMPEACHMENT & REMOVAL!

The Sucker Punch: Take Down of America!

Henry Kissinger said in order for there to be world peace, Israel must cease to exist as a nation (2012). What this statement hides is the true nature of Israel destroying America and most of the developed world in a massive nuclear exchange!

The facts are the descendants of Cain occupied the “Promised Land” and it was called the Land of Canaan. Esau took two Canaanite women to wife. His children settled at Mt. Seir.

In approximately 700 AD the Bulgar of Khazaria converted his nation to Judaism. The descendants of Esau-Edom migrated to Khazaria to help the new converts to their religion and their Babylonian Talmud. There they became the Ashkenazi.

In approximately 1100 AD their neighbors were tired of their warring ways and other criminality. Thus, they drove them off eastward to Poland, Lithuania and the rest of Europe and the world.

Today, the USA is illegally occupied and captured by the “Khazarian Mafia.” The Israeli Mossad assassinated our President Kennedy, pulled off the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York City on 9-11 and put Joseph Biden in the Oval Office as President in 2020!

Khazarian Mafia

Nevertheless, the take down of America was assured in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the predecessor for the founding of today’s rather UN-American POLICE STATE, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) which gave US our “DEEP STATE!”


Here is what is about to happen: The nuclear war will be started and its purpose was and is to DESTROY AMERICA! British Agent Barrack Hussein Obama changed American nuclear policy so that we will not launch upon warning! Rather, we will take the first hit and wait a day to access the damages then we will decide how to respond.

Treasonous Traitor Barack Hussein Obama

This is insanity! It motivates the entire nuclear world to STRIKE AMERICA first and STRIKE AMERICA HARD!

The British Crown, the City of London and Rome (which has been preparing to move to Moscow) have all conspired to destroy America and take over the world!

The Deep State

“America First” means destroy America first, then take over the world! All because we in America turned our backs on Creator Father God Yahweh.

America first means destroy America first!

The entire government and all of the state governments in America have been held captive. We need to return to SELF RULE. The only way forward that could be (relatively) peaceful is at the County and State levels. Washington DC is so reprobate that there is no hope of restoring that government incorporated under foreign powers and under the criminal control of Klaus “Anal” Scwab’s WEF!

Klaus Scwab succeeded George Soros as the head of the spear.

World Economic Forum

America has been led by the Judas goats in Washington DC and elsewhere down the road to ruin. Why? Because we stopped reading our Bibles and America ceased being good. Instead, we allowed the modern Balaam to mislead America and dedicate America to the god Moloch and child sacrifice. See it here with your own eyes:

Take the words of President Obama to heart that we Americans in the heartland, in fly over country, cling to our guns & our Bibles!


Buy my Bible. Take this link to find the lowest prices anywhere on five different formats:

Take the advice of Vladimir Putin in which he warned Americans years ago:

Hold onto your guns!

Regarding YouTube’s “Strike” Upon my Recent upload Entitled “The 10 Commandments” on Awakening Israel

Be advised that your guidelines at YouTube are nothing short of anti-scientific!  Science is not “consensus.”  “Consensus” is NOT science!

I spoke truthfully and YouTube appears with Facebook and Google to be a trinity of EVIL!

Yahweh will not be mocked and your “community guidelines” are a mockery!  They make a mockery of truth and justice.  And as a result not only will YouTube pay but the entire World is being brought to the edge of utter and shear destruction by such asinine, anti-science and anti-human practices!

How You Can Help Stop Nuclear War Between Russia and America

This is really simple but it is an individual responsibility & task. Simply turn to the Bible and read it and, above all, call upon the name of Yahweh.

To help you with this I suggest buying the only product I offer which is the latest & greatest version Bible in the English language. Follow this link to get the LOWEST PRICE anywhere:

Proper Name Version of the King James Bible | Name of the Lord (

Why will this work? How will this work? Yahweh’s promise is when we return to Him and seek Him and do everything He commanded He will repent of the evil He has planned for us. He did this with Nineveh and he can do this with the USA and the entire world.

It is THE DOING that is the key. Read the Bible.

Doing is the key.

This Coming Nuclear War

For more Biblical evidence of this coming nuclear war I refer to a series of videos by Rex on YouTube. Rex did such a fantastic job that there is no need for me to even attempt what he has done. I knew he was a believer but never did I realize he was an actual Bible reader and a Bible scholar.

An Email to “Maricopa County Center for Voter Fraud” 2022

date:Nov 25, 2022, 6:29 AM

Maricopa County and Arizona will never recover from the CRIMINAL ACTIONS that are so obvious to the public at large. People all over the nation see right through the “officials” and everyone is coming to the conclusion that ARIZONA IS TO BLAME FOR THIS CURRENT BIDEN ADMINISTRATION.


Just imagine the consequences of YOUR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. Let me tell you that this nation is going to burn from one end to the other and the entire world is going to watch in horror!


You stupid people had better read the Bible and repent fully and return to Yahweh Creator Father because He is pissed with you and 2500 years ago He wrote exactly what you have coming to you.

This nuclear war is written in great detail. Thanks for all ARIZONA HAS DONE TO FOMENT CIVIL WAR AND WORLD WAR.



Let Katie Hobbs and Bill Gates know that they and rest of their co-conspirators brought this end of the nation upon all! 

The entire nation sees Mr. Gates for the liar Gates is and sees Ms. Hobbs for the selfish narcissistic bitch she is. She’s a head case for all the world to see!

Dr. Kent

Relevant Bible passages are The Book of Jeremiah, The Book of Zachariah, The Book of Revelations and in the Apocrypha 2 Esdras chapters 11 & 12 in particular.

Siener von Rensburg of South Africa spoke in detail regrading his visions for the USA more than half a century ago. Civil War will break out in the middle of our nation and while we we are fighting we will be attacked from outside. Within 24 hours the USA will lose its armaments and the USA will never be a superpower again!

Again, thank you Katie Hobbes, Adrian Fontes who pioneered this election theft system and Bill Gates, and those who knowingly certified false election results including Governor Doug Ducey & Attorney General Mark Brnovich.


Elections have Consequences, Especially Stolen Elections (Vote Theft 2022)

The same patterns persist that were observed in 2020 and this election, too, was stolen. The election was handed over to the ChiComs by their Democrat slaves. Since we are denied change at the ballot box the cartridge box is all we have remaining.

We need to secede from this “disunion.” Already, there are motor cycle gangs and off-road vehicle gangs running rampant in several locations. From New York to Arizona, law enforcement is progressively abandoning their posts and allowing local gangs to rule.

No one is safe. And it will only get worse.

As the Democrats and several RINO’s continue their widespread efforts to disarm citizens, the need to defend one’s self will only increase. Forget about low capacity small arms because one will need something that allows one to defend against the gangs and possible crowd control.

From this point on we will all be suffering. Do not expect relief during the 2024 election. It’s over. America is over.

As we separate and go to our Second Civil War we will be attacked and we will never be a Super Power again! The Democrats and the CIA and CAA have assured that Americans are the dumbest people on earth. America has lost all respect.

No only do our CIA & CAA interfere in elections abroad, from the Ukraine in 2014 to Brazil 2022, we are no longer able to hold honest elections in America. In short, we have lost the ability to rule ourselves. We have lost self-rule and there are no checks and balances on this errant government.

Someone (above the Biden regime) decided to destroy America and we have been suckered into destroying ourselves. Our RINO leaders, namely Mitch McConnell and others, have thwarted the will of the people.

We need corrections upon such a large order that it is impossible to imagine there will be any criminal charges or even investigations as our entire government has been weaponized against the people–all because people are too lazy to withstand the government over reach and expansion of the last decades since President Woodrow Wilson.

President Wilson upon seeing the passing of the Federal Reserve Act said he was a most unhappy man because he had destroyed his country. It took a long time to play out but play out it has done. WE ARE DONE.


We are all American “Josephs” serving the “Pharaoh” Rothschilds enslaving the World. Elections have consequences, especially STOLEN elections!

Election Fraud

Is so rampant that election fraud is becoming an American tradition!

As Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Elections have consequences.” I say:


What we have here is the destruction of America and the democrats get the credit. It’s quite an accomplishment to take the USA down and it could only happen from within and only by the Democrats!

These Democrats have debased our currency and set us up to experience serious inflation this spring. These are the consequences of a stolen election and the entire world knows it was stolen. The world knows America is weak and ripe for the conquering.

In fact, we are going to lose our world reserve currency status which is fine. We need a reset, a total reset and that must include returning to Constitutional money and not the phony money fiat currency which requires us to go to war.

Perhaps while we are at it we can restore our Republic and once again enjoy self-rule. But, for now, we are demonstrating once again that we are incapable of self rule and there is no rule of law.

America ceased being great when America ceased being good. If we do not regain control over this errant behemoth government and begin firing vast swaths of it, we will soon cease to exist as a nation.

This is not an impossibility. As a matter of fact it is likely. More than 2500 years ago the prophets described the coming nuclear war in great detail. And the current Administration is completely capable of causing a full on nuclear war. They will do anything to stay in power. Anything!