How You Can Help Stop Nuclear War Between Russia and America

This is really simple but it is an individual responsibility & task. Simply turn to the Bible and read it and, above all, call upon the name of Yahweh.

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Why will this work? How will this work? Yahweh’s promise is when we return to Him and seek Him and do everything He commanded He will repent of the evil He has planned for us. He did this with Nineveh and he can do this with the USA and the entire world.

It is THE DOING that is the key. Read the Bible.

Doing is the key.

This Coming Nuclear War

For more Biblical evidence of this coming nuclear war I refer to a series of videos by Rex on YouTube. Rex did such a fantastic job that there is no need for me to even attempt what he has done. I knew he was a believer but never did I realize he was an actual Bible reader and a Bible scholar.

An Email to “Maricopa County Center for Voter Fraud” 2022

date:Nov 25, 2022, 6:29 AM

Maricopa County and Arizona will never recover from the CRIMINAL ACTIONS that are so obvious to the public at large. People all over the nation see right through the “officials” and everyone is coming to the conclusion that ARIZONA IS TO BLAME FOR THIS CURRENT BIDEN ADMINISTRATION.


Just imagine the consequences of YOUR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. Let me tell you that this nation is going to burn from one end to the other and the entire world is going to watch in horror!


You stupid people had better read the Bible and repent fully and return to Yahweh Creator Father because He is pissed with you and 2500 years ago He wrote exactly what you have coming to you.

This nuclear war is written in great detail. Thanks for all ARIZONA HAS DONE TO FOMENT CIVIL WAR AND WORLD WAR.



Let Katie Hobbs and Bill Gates know that they and rest of their co-conspirators brought this end of the nation upon all! 

The entire nation sees Mr. Gates for the liar Gates is and sees Ms. Hobbs for the selfish narcissistic bitch she is. She’s a head case for all the world to see!

Dr. Kent

Relevant Bible passages are The Book of Jeremiah, The Book of Zachariah, The Book of Revelations and in the Apocrypha 2 Esdras chapters 11 & 12 in particular.

Siener von Rensburg of South Africa spoke in detail regrading his visions for the USA more than half a century ago. Civil War will break out in the middle of our nation and while we we are fighting we will be attacked from outside. Within 24 hours the USA will lose its armaments and the USA will never be a superpower again!

Again, thank you Katie Hobbes, Adrian Fontes who pioneered this election theft system and Bill Gates, and those who knowingly certified false election results including Governor Doug Ducey & Attorney General Mark Brnovich.


Elections have Consequences, Especially Stolen Elections (Vote Theft 2022)

The same patterns persist that were observed in 2020 and this election, too, was stolen. The election was handed over to the ChiComs by their Democrat slaves. Since we are denied change at the ballot box the cartridge box is all we have remaining.

We need to secede from this “disunion.” Already, there are motor cycle gangs and off-road vehicle gangs running rampant in several locations. From New York to Arizona, law enforcement is progressively abandoning their posts and allowing local gangs to rule.

No one is safe. And it will only get worse.

As the Democrats and several RINO’s continue their widespread efforts to disarm citizens, the need to defend one’s self will only increase. Forget about low capacity small arms because one will need something that allows one to defend against the gangs and possible crowd control.

From this point on we will all be suffering. Do not expect relief during the 2024 election. It’s over. America is over.

As we separate and go to our Second Civil War we will be attacked and we will never be a Super Power again! The Democrats and the CIA and CAA have assured that Americans are the dumbest people on earth. America has lost all respect.

No only do our CIA & CAA interfere in elections abroad, from the Ukraine in 2014 to Brazil 2022, we are no longer able to hold honest elections in America. In short, we have lost the ability to rule ourselves. We have lost self-rule and there are no checks and balances on this errant government.

Someone (above the Biden regime) decided to destroy America and we have been suckered into destroying ourselves. Our RINO leaders, namely Mitch McConnell and others, have thwarted the will of the people.

We need corrections upon such a large order that it is impossible to imagine there will be any criminal charges or even investigations as our entire government has been weaponized against the people–all because people are too lazy to withstand the government over reach and expansion of the last decades since President Woodrow Wilson.

President Wilson upon seeing the passing of the Federal Reserve Act said he was a most unhappy man because he had destroyed his country. It took a long time to play out but play out it has done. WE ARE DONE.


We are all American “Josephs” serving the “Pharaoh” Rothschilds enslaving the World. Elections have consequences, especially STOLEN elections!

Election Fraud

Is so rampant that election fraud is becoming an American tradition!

As Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “Elections have consequences.” I say:


What we have here is the destruction of America and the democrats get the credit. It’s quite an accomplishment to take the USA down and it could only happen from within and only by the Democrats!

These Democrats have debased our currency and set us up to experience serious inflation this spring. These are the consequences of a stolen election and the entire world knows it was stolen. The world knows America is weak and ripe for the conquering.

In fact, we are going to lose our world reserve currency status which is fine. We need a reset, a total reset and that must include returning to Constitutional money and not the phony money fiat currency which requires us to go to war.

Perhaps while we are at it we can restore our Republic and once again enjoy self-rule. But, for now, we are demonstrating once again that we are incapable of self rule and there is no rule of law.

America ceased being great when America ceased being good. If we do not regain control over this errant behemoth government and begin firing vast swaths of it, we will soon cease to exist as a nation.

This is not an impossibility. As a matter of fact it is likely. More than 2500 years ago the prophets described the coming nuclear war in great detail. And the current Administration is completely capable of causing a full on nuclear war. They will do anything to stay in power. Anything!

The End of the Democrat Party

How I wish we could end the Democrat Party AND the Republican Party! We need a complete reset and there is only one route for America to go. I am speaking successively.

The only thing we can do is DESTROY the current federal government and return to the structure the Founders gave us. We have no choice. We will never agree on anything else other than this return to self rule and a complete overhaul of the legislative branch.

What form this takes is simple: Either we return to the Original 13th Amendment for The Separations of Powers and eliminate all the subsequent amendments. There is more to it than that but without my strategic intervention which was inspired by author Eustace Mullins from Virginia I predict the following:

The Republican Party will absolutely fail the country. The Republicans will do this by failing to enforce the laws equally. Without the rule of law America will devolve to an anarchistic animal state in which receiving nukes would be merciful.

Both parties, actually ALL PARTIES in America are guilty of this: None prioritizes America first! All are Israel first! It’s time we realize that Israel controls our nation and has been in control before Israel was founded!

With the creation of the Federal Reserve the fate of our nation was sealed and we became a vassal state beholding to outside interests. Beholding to the money changers.

These bastards have been undermining America since before our inception. What we need is honesty. The Bible commands one to love truth and justice, in that order. Why in that order? Because without truth there can be no justice.

We have no truthful history. We have been enslaved by a minority which has worked manifold schemes to bind the giant and capture the giant.

We don’t even have a truthful Bible! Our churches were used to take us hostage. The only freedom will come at out own hands–by sitting on our derrieres and ready the Bible to full comprehension.

Our pastors lie! Isaiah foretold of this almost three millennia ago. The corporate churches have all been marginalized. The seminaries have taught a political agenda for eons. Even major figures were enemies in seats of power and influence who have misguided huge numbers.

What can you do? What each of us must do is read the Bible for ourselves and understand what it says. And what it does not say.

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More Earth Cycles Discovered & Health Warnings

This morning Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObsevers on YT brought our attention to a study which showed a 700,000 year cycle with a 23,000 year cycle contained therein. Truly, our Earth vibrates and there are many many more cycles to be discovered.

While the Earth’s magnetic field wanes there is concern for heart health. If you have any sort of heart condition be gentler upon yourself. The largest & most intense magnetic field emanating from a human body is from the human heart!

So, as the magnetic field of the Earth declines be careful. Be cautious. Be gentler on yourself and on others. In the Bible this is the End Time (of just another Earth cycle and not the end of the Earth!) and the Bible says men’s hearts will fail them.

This is the end of an Earth Age and not the End of the Earth.

Does this mean utterly fail and men die or does it mean that men’s feelings will fail them? What does it mean?

Clearly, the Bible forewarned us and hopefully we are forearmed enough to pull through and survive this transition. Certainly, man has survived many such Earth Ages in the past.

Read the Bible. It’s all in there.

The Success of the Elite (and the Walking Dead)

I have been trying to figure out in short order a catchy and accurate title for this post but I am unable to do it. In a nutshell last evening I figured out that the elite have succeeded in reaching their goal of reducing the population of the USA to its original projection of merely 69 Million in 2025.

Deagel, the website, originally had a projection of 69 Million in approximately 2010 then took those projections down. Later, Deagel changed it to 99 Million. Perhaps that was to hide their genocidal intentions or to confuse people. However, last night I heard that approximately 260 Million Americans have taken the “clot shot.” That leaves approximately 69 Million of US who have not taken it.

One of the elite in Europe when asked about the inside dope said, ‘It’s simple. Within 10 years they will all be dead. If you want to know how much time a man has left merely take a blood smear on a slide and look at it under a microscope. Then count the percentage of anomalies (blood clotting and deformations) and estimate the percentage of those defects observed. If the defect rate is 50% then he has only 50% of the 10 years remaining. Deduct 5 years. If there are only 20% malfunctioning then deduct 2 years and within 8 years he’ll be dead.’

There are treatments to counteract the horrid kill shots. I don’t know what they are but some people are going to make a lot of money off helping people overcome and reverse the mistake they made.

So, if 260 Million are walking dead then that leaves approximately 69 Million remaining (alive) a decade later (after the shots) out of 339 Million people. Thus, we have been defeated in a bio-war waged by the elites and the ChiComs and the communists and all. That includes the communists and the Zionists who who reside among us. It involves both Democrat and Republican leadership. All of the Media and Big Tech.

The Real Great Reset

Our sun is no longer yellow. It was yellow all of my life and my life has been long by modern standards–almost 70 years. Our sun is now WHITE and may be going blue. Is this the Hopi “Blue Kachina?”

This change in our sun has resulted in a change in our magnetic field. I estimate that the earth’s magnetic field is now at 75% of her usual strength and it is falling.

The poles, both north and south, have shifted. the magnetic poles continue to move towards each other.

Last week the earth set a record for the shortest day and the fastest rotation ever. That record will be broken again and very soon.

At some point the inner layer of the earth is going to become a lubricant and allow the earth’s crust to slip. There is a great likelihood that we will have a repeat of what the artwork that the ancient ones left on the rocks warning us.

This is The Great Reset and it has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab the Rothschild. This Great Reset is not man made. In fact, man has nothing to with it. It is not anthropomorphic.

From what I can tell within 20-30 years our sun is going to go micronova and in a day the earth will shift massively resulting in a world wide catastrophe that will effect every man. I am still researching and this is what I can tell you.

In as little one day the earth’s crust will shift wildly and it will shift back. Nothing will remain the same and another ice age will have begun.

I like to think good things about people and I’d like to think good things about our government. But then, one must ask “which” government?

Has our government been preparing for us while keeping it secret? Has the government been preparing places for us? Do they have a place for me? For my dog? Is this their excuse for stealing from us blowing up the money supply off the books (counterfeiting) in order to fund their cavernous project? Or is it carnivorous?

A past CIA director said the CIA will have done its job when nothing the American people believes is true. So, what is the truth? Who can tell the truth? What kind of government is this that deceives?

The CIA even corrupted the science by which we could know about our sun and our history. The CIA planted their agent at Columbia University and he single-handedly destroyed the credibility of an entire body of science so that we would not know.

The ancients warned us of what we are facing. They left records carved upon rocks and painted in caves. Some are very ornate. Our sun is going to throw snakes of massive lightening bolts to the earth. We are going to see giant plasma displays in our atmosphere. There is a good chance we are going to have go underground again.

Even the Bible has such scenes codified throughout the Bible. From the sun spots, to the sun not rising, to the sun standing still and even the sun rising on the west as I saw in the beginning of a vision–one can piece together a great calamity.

But is it a “calamity?” The earth has been designed to “recycle” itself and reclaim her natural state. Man entertains so much evil that perhaps a great reset of such a catastrophic magnitude will be a blessing. It certainly will stop the evil ones from destroying the planet and makes their current ongoing world wide genocide pointless.

Or does it? What is the point of killing everyone if the earth’s natural 10-12,000 year cycle will do it?

My advice to the common man is to be gentle on yourself. Don’t rush to rash action. The drop in the magnetic field is effecting the animals and we are observing the (wild) effects. This drop in magnetism also effects men. It acts upon the amygdala–the tiny pair of almond shaped structures (two) in the brain that mediate fear and rage and even cause paranoia.

So avoid conflicts. People have been going crazy and they are going to become even crazier! Do your best to keep yourself grounded.

Remember what Yahshua the Messiah (whom you call Jesus Christ) said on more than one occasion to his followers: “Hold your ground and be not deceived.”

Hold your ground and be not deceived.