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To My Peculiar Fans

You know who you are. Each of you knows. I can not read everything all y’all send me and when it is headed “Do Not Post” I do not read much of it at all. I don’t have time and I lack the internal resources to withstand the added insight you so richly provide.

Let me say:

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

The Bible cautions us not to become overly familiar with evil. I follow the Bible and I avoid overloading myself with negative reports so that I might be able to function and be serviceful in general.

I no longer practice and with good reason. When I see comments in which someone “over values” me, I shudder. Why? Because if it is that easy to “over value” me, it will be very easy to “under value” me and discount me altogether.

This is akin to borderline splitting and I just won’t go there. If you need to vent please do so elsewhere.

If I can’t post it, I am not reading it.

I do not have the time to process all the tips and facts that I get. Time is very valuable to me. And at my advanced age I have other priorities.

Please enjoy my blog but do not send me messages through the backdoor, through the comments section. Some of you have tremendous information and if it was more focused and briefer, I could take the time and research it. Then I could post it.

Or I could qualify your info or your suggestions and post it. And let others decide for themselves. Alas, I must take some responsibility for what I allow on my blog. To do otherwise would be disrespectful.

Please, be advised.

Why the Loss of Diesel is so Hard

When I was a little boy my parents gave me a cocker spaniel puppy. He was a delight, a joy. We did a lot together. He even slept with me. I was only six and I swear he wet the bed one time.

Every day I was at school I could not wait to get home to my dog. He’d always greet me. But one day he was gone. My parents had given him away. Dad was being transferred from Fort Carson to Germany and we could not take my dog unless he was quarantined for a long time.

So, my parents gave my dog away without warning. I cried that night and many more nights. It hurt for a long long time. As a result I did not get another dog, my own dog until I found Diesel.

So, I cry a bit uncontrollably and it is getting better. People are so used to seeking me with Diesel that they either do not recognize me or I have to tell them I was forced to put my dog down. I took a lot of pictures on his last day and those show me some of the agony Diesel was experiencing. It was a tough decision.

We went to Germany and I turned seven shortly after we arrived. My mother “winged” me and my sister seeing my dislocated shoulder blade hammered on it and began what amounted to nine years of family beatings.

She would start it and fake it. She would scream loudly while she struck me and that would put it all in motion. Then my mother would come into the room and yell and me and strike me. That was followed by my father yelling at me, “How many times have I told you you don’t hit girls?”

They, the there of them all hit me. Beat on me.

Heck, I never hit my sister. I didn’t even hit her when I finally tried to hit her back. It was only when my bullying sister saw my first off the end of her nose she stopped hitting me physically. She went cross-eyed. She screamed and ran into her bedroom and slammed the door.

My sister was and remains a master manipulator. I avoid her. She is not a sociopath; nevertheless, she is sociopathic. She has the traits and tendencies but not the full blown condition.

One of the main signs of a sociopath is the “pity party.” In that the sociopath claims they are the victim. And what this does is render us defenseless as we try to help them. Therein lies the problem. We feel empowered by them and (as powerful people) we want to help them.

But our assumptions get the best of us and the sociopath manipulates us. Watch out for the sociopath’s “pity party.”

My mother used to tell me about the pity party all of the time. It’s too bad Mom did not take her own advice and maybe, just maybe consider that (since Mom was not there to see it) maybe I had not hit my sister and my sister was the one doing the battering.

I know you are going to say boys are bigger but that was not the case. I was indeed smaller and shorter. I know you are going to say girls can’t hurt boys but that is not true. No, not at all.

So, I was traumatized by the loss of my puppy and the beginning of family tradition in which girls were allowed to beat boys, my sister was allowed to beat me, freely. I shall say more when I start broadcasting on the dynamics of the American Family and the psychology which did us all in.

It really does start in the home. We can correct this. Especially if we become a nation of Bible readers and allow the mind of God (YHVH) to mold and to guide us. Then we can eject these sociopaths among us. We in our “DIEversity” have emboldened sociopathic cultures and America has become a breeding ground for sociopaths.

This is what we deserve. This is what we get. For turning our backs on God.

However, we truly can come back and “Build Back Better” if we build our foundations, the foundations of our culture and our society upon the teachings and the wisdom of the Bible. Besides, these days we have the advantage of knowing His proper name. We did not have that when I went to Bible School.

It is Yahweh and his nickname is Yah–just just the German word for “yes.”

The Kent Sociopath Test

Having recently repeated my experiment on a known sociopath with great success I might add, I now believe that my test separates the actual sociopath from the merely sociopathic. Therefore, I am changing the name to more accurately reflect the test and its expectations.

Those who are merely sociopath, that is, have traits of sociopathy are, I believe, as this test requires replication and I urge others to replicate my test with better methodology. Those who are merely sociopathic are screened out effectively by this test leaving only those, exposing those who are real sociopaths.

Diesel was a magnificent animal. He was extremely intelligent. In October we had the opportunity to test my hypothesis. Unfortunately, I failed. I was preoccupied with trying to determine what remained of my family inheritance. Nevertheless, Diesel did indeed act accordingly.

Psychologist disagree upon a lot of things and we diverge when it comes to psychopathy and sociopathy. Our definitions differ greatly. Moreover, the sociopath defies my approach to psychology as it violates all the rules and assumptions by which I practiced!

Is it learned or is it inherited?

While sociopathy is learned, it violates the rules I followed as a Behavioral Psychologist. Why? Because sociopaths appear to be hardwired. That is, they are biologically different and may indeed have a biological imperative.

Is it behavioral or biological?

While sociopaths can respond in therapy, it appears that a sociopath may never give up their game and it may be impossible for the sociopath to join the rest of humanity. This is sad. For one they can not love. They are unable to attach to anyone except in the pursuit of resources as the apex predator of humanity. In all probability the sociopath is unable to experience love.

Is it nature or is it nurture?

This begs the question: Is the sociopath human? Should we consider them humans?

Is the sociopath human?

Seriously, the sociopath is ignored by canines. Canines do not even alert upon the sociopath. There is no reaction. It’s as if “no one’s home!”

No one’s home.

Moreover, the sociopath lacks the hard wiring between the gut brain and the brain brain. In other and better words, their enteric nervous system and their central nervous system are not connected! They lack the rich connections the rest of us have! They lack the “gut feelings” humans have. In actuality, they may lack the biology which gives humans a conscience.

On the other hand the sociopath is not limited by a conscience like the rest of us are. They are neither hampered nor haunted by feelings of regret or feelings of remorse.

When a dog alerts upon a man it may just be that that is a bad man yet a normal man who is wired up normally. In contrast a dog will not alert upon a sociopath. I urge others, especially budding psychologists, graduate students, to replicate my results and develop far more robust designs.

Therefore, I am renaming “The Kent Sociopathic Rule Out” to “The Kent Sociopath Test.” (see my archived blog)

The Kent Sociopath Test

An historical note: I first became aware of the possibility of dogs being useful in detecting sociopathy when I observed my parent’s dog Eider and my new wife. Eider never reacted to her. Not once did the two interact.

Yes, I tried to marry a sociopath. I wish I could say that was the stupidest thing I have done in my life but alas it is not. There are a handful of other errors I have made.

To our servicemen & law enforcement:

I advise that handlers need to observe carefully. If you service animal does not react do not assume all is clear or all is well. Because if you are facing one of the many sociopaths in our society who walk freely among us and play the rest of us, your dog may not act defensively or aggressively. You may indeed have one of the 20% of the super predators who walk freely among us.

Watch your 6!

Arizona Attorney Wanted to Sue Another Attorney for Malpractice

I seek an attorney to sue Neal Horenstein, Esq. for fraud and malpractice.

My conservative estimate is that his mishandling of my auto accident caused me serious setbacks in both my recovery and my settlement. He cost me approximately $95,000 in lost moneys that I should have had in my pocket not to mention other damages.

I can only offer this job upon a contingency. Nevertheless, I am willing to engage and sign an ethical attorney to pursue the matter.

There is also “his people” who also damaged me. That is another matter which should be pursued. I can offer that work as well.

Furthermore, I can negotiate your percentage of this contingency. I want to win. I don’t want to get rich off of it. I merely want justice.

Queen Elizabeth’s Consort Mr. Kent

The second point here is perhaps the most important correction I can bring to the historical record. Queen Elizabeth I, after whom was called “The Elizabethan Age,” was in fact involved with a member of the Kent estate, from the County of Kent.

The County of Kent was and is or should be famous for two things. And the importance in these two things is that they directly impacted the property rights of men and this was instrumental in both the founding America AND the recovery of our Republic!

So, hear me out when I say that allodial title and the land patent were very important in the founding of our nation. America was founded so that we could have real ownership of real property. In other words, real estate. However, the bankers have deceived us and have literally stolen all of the land. They own everything including you and me through a series of frauds.

From allodial title we in the American colonies derived the land patent. Patented land could be neither taxed nor attached. We were meant to each own our little piece of land which was to be untouchable.

Back to my breaking historical news here. The Queen of England had two sons by Mr. Kent. The Kent’s were famous for having their own army and served the kings and queens of England very well. In fact, one of my ancestors was a captain in the invasion of 1066 in which we conquered England. Sadly, I suspect we carried our enemy unbeknown to us with us hidden away from our own very knowledge with us!

In closing, I use the word “consort” because that is the word employed in the history of Queen Elizabeth because she had no husband. Her successor King James was also notorious.

The main fact here is that Queen Elizabeth had two children by a Mr. Kent whom I not been able to identify. That might require a trip to England, to the County of Kent and researching the old records. If you are in England and have an interest in this, by all means help me and the world to understand who the greatest author who ever lived was.

The greatest author who ever lived remains unknown to the world.

I assure you it was not William Shakespeare who was an illiterate man, who was uneducated. According to Professor Aranzulla, Dr. Aranzulla there are only four examples of William Shakespeare’s hand writing in existence. Two of which are merely “X’s!”

William Shakespeare could not sign his own name!

Shakespeare was a mere horse handler on the Kent estate. Sadly, when it became almost impossible to keep up their front, Shakespeare was murdered by playwright Ben Johnson who was regarded as the second best playwright in England.

Ben Johnson admitted he was put up to it and he put arsenic in this old sot’s beer. Please note I have not determined who ordered the murder of Mr. Shakespeare. It may have been from the real playwright himself or the Queen Mother herself or one of those around her who was taking action to protect Queen Elizabeth I from the scandal the exposure of having children out of wedlock would have caused. Who knows?

Maybe it would have required her stepping down from the throne!

Ben Johnson was jealous and he was angry that he had to put up with the charade and the fraud that Shakespeare was the best playwright during what became known as The Elizabethan Era. It is doubtful that Johnson acted entirely upon his own. Most likely he was paid and had the backing of local law enforcement. He was given the green light to commit the crime and rid himself of his competition.

Apparently, the real author of the Shakespearean plays had to cease writing. Actually, he had something more important to accomplish. He had to serve his king in overseeing the translation and publication of the King James Version of the Bible!

The two greatest literary works upon which all of Western Civilization is based are the Bible and the plays of William Shakespeare, and the same man did both!

Today, our foundations are being destroyed. Western Civilization is under attack. Our enemy rules over us.

Nevertheless, we have a better Bible. This is a new version of the Bible that corrects a lot of the subversion of Ptolemy II in Alexandria when he translated the Bible into Greek producing the Septuagint in approximately 275 BC and corrects much of the error in the King James Version.

My Lack of Communication

Has been due to a long period of stress and strain. During that I lost my email client (software) then I had massive computer (hardware) problems. As a direct result I let slide access to my domain email and I am just now trying to get everything working again.

Therefore, in this process I have lost a termendous number of messages as well as please for help directed to me. I have had to throttle back on helping others as I have been tending to myself and to my dog. Furthermore, realizing that I am out of practice, out of sorts, and needing help myself, a break has been required and I must focus upon my needs.

Please forgive me for erasing your messages. I was faced with an overwhelming task handling all the email from those accounts. I am still processing it all.

Some of the messages I have received have been very disturbing. I will have to set those on the back burner as I have other battles to fight.

Having had tremendous losses I struggle to get better organized. This has all been hampered by that bastard, or should I say bastards? In Houston.

This also delays my getting back on air. I have two shows in mind. Anyway, at this point everything is a work in progress. Everything is in flux.

Restoring America

America will not be restored through psychology or any other way except by

Truth and Justice and the American Way.

That only comes from Bible readers who follow the Bible and the command to

Love truth and justice.

As expressed and repeated clearly in the NIV. That’s the Bible for you idiots out there who choose to remain illiterate!

Michael Hubbard’s Attorney’s Letter

It’s been a while since I uploaded a PDF file and made it available. here on my web site blog. It’s been so long and WordPress has been updated so many times that I forget how to do it. Nevertheless, I remain a man of my word and I will soon upload the file I scanned yesterday when I got my other system working.


Born July 31, 2006

Died November 8, 2021

Found September 19, 2006 loosely tied to this lamp post at approximately 4:15 AM on Fox Run in Chandler on a trail frequented by coyotes.

I thought someone would want a Black Lab puppy. It turns out he was a Great Dane and Black Labrador mix. A very intelligent and magnificent animal.

At his peak he weighted 70 pounds. In this photo he was only 55 pounds. He was suffering badly. Arthritis racked his body. He had trouble getting up and standing up. He started showing signs of dementia in September. Great Danes are known to often have brains that outgrow their craniums. I suspect this was the case with Diesel.

He did not like licking or kissing much. Nevertheless, he was extremely affectionate. He rubbed against me constantly. He nuzzled his head against me often. So it was on his last day.

When I realized fully on Saturday that he needed to be taken out of his misery, his agony, things changed. He had been awaking in the middle of the night whimpering quietly. He had lost control of his bowels as his anxiety increased.

All Diesel ever wanted to do was be with me and I gave that to him as best I could even though it meant risking my family inheritance which indeed has been stolen from me. Still, taking care of Diesel was my priority.

I was hoping we might make it a couple more years but 15 years, three months, a week and one day are not bad for a dog’s life. Certainly, Diesel outlived half of his genes, that Great Dane half. And he outlived most Black Labs,

HIs last night on earth was a very good night. The night before he got me up eight times to go outside. His final night I think we went out once or twice.

His last day on earth was quite good until after this photo. He kept losing his balance. He often cried to me to help him get up. His rear end shrank terribly and he lost a lot of muscle. At one time I even thought of a wheeled cart for his rear end.

He had lost his stamina and when I took him shopping for the last time at Costco he did very well. We bought his chicken bone broth, beef treats and case of his canned food. His last morning he drank a quart of organic chicken bone broth and he had a lot of treats and swiss cheese. And I gave him double supplements and his super aspirin pain medicine.

A good friend suggested giving him opioids, shaving a little off the pills. His appetite was fantastic although he had to eat squatting down as he lost so much strength in his hind legs. His tail had recently begun to wag again and I was so hopeful this new prescribed supplement would do it.

We used to run together, sing (howl) together and we did everything together. Diesel loved to go dancing.

How I wish I had taken him hunting a few more times. Diesel loved calling geese with me and he was quite good at it! Together we sounded like a flock of geese and we drew the geese out a mile. I never did get one for him–just tail feathers. You should have seen the look Diesel gave me. Like ‘is that all there is?’ Or ‘you can’t shoot better?’

We would run this green area at Fox Run every morning together. He was off the leash and he hated the leash. He was better off a leash than on one. He was under constant voice command until his hearing began to falter after an injury.

All the time Diesel was reading my mind and was a step ahead of me. If we were shopping oft times Diesel without a word would lead me to the spot in the store even when I did not know where to look. It was uncanny! Many times Diesel deterred me and there was typically a good reason.

It was as if Diesel was made for me and sent to me. I will never forget when he told me he loved me. Not once but three times in a row!

He and our cat Curley guided me through the roughest times of my life. I started the year with crises. My one marriage was annulled. My board was after me in hot pursuit. And I stroked twice that spring! I could barely carry a conversation and I had lost all my advanced dance skills, my advance math skills. My short term working memory was obliterated.

And the dominant member of our board, a flaming raging liberal, a “libtard” had the gall and the bitterness to suggest that I was committing disability fraud!

Gary Loveboy. Actually Lovejoy. The same last name as the officer who killed his canine by forgetting the dog in the heat in his SUV that year!

Well, I am coming back. And I will haunt my Board and my profession.

Truly, psychology has been used to destroy America and I will use it to bring back America and restore our Republic.

Only in the mean time I have to pursue that which was stolen from me. Stay tuned folks. This is going to get interesting.