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Charles Hall – The Tall Whites – ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert


Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23 Australian TV


The Bible is the great “intertext” and is rightly regarded as the book of all knowledge, that is, knowledge as it relates to the Israelites.  Moreover, the Bible refers to life in outer space.  These are referred to as “the generations of the heavens,” meaning that they are mortals (Gen 2:4 KJV).

I find it interesting that Charles Hall describes one of the three species of ET’s as the Norwegians with 24 teeth.

Judgement Upon America: Homosexual Marriage and The Second Coming


Jesus himself warns us in Mathew 34:37-38 in his own words that the time of his Second Coming would be like it was in the days of Noah before the Flood.  In Genesis there are two characteristics that stand out as reason for the cause of God destroying the earth with a flood.

There was widespread violence–just as we have today.  And the people had corrupted the institution of marriage.  More specifically, there was intermarriage of the races and hybrids descended from Cain and the angels who left their first estate.  A careful and inspired reading gives one the insight that men were marrying men.  In other words, homosexual marriage was rampant.

And that is where we are in America today.  We are about to force gay marriage upon the people at large and it will happen!

Those who control us (and all of our institutions) behind the scenes are pushing to change the definition of marriage and destroy marriage as a foundational institution of our society.  Do not for a minute believe that any significant semblance of the people want homosexual and lesbian marriage.  In fact, the apposite is true.  Most people do not want to see state sanctioned gay marriage and those polls that show otherwise are all propaganda, created to deceive and skew the results.  Likewise, Hollywood has been busy working overtime programming us to accept both gay marriage and open the flood gates to crimigrants further destroying our country.

We are about to see the completion of the recurrence of the causes of God’s wrath and bring both destruction at large upon America and, hopefully, see the return of Jesus Christ to wage war against those who hate Him!

So, don’t be alarmed.  Scripture will be fulfilled.  And we are going to have Gay Marriage.  Those of the remnant of Israelite Christians know that America is over.  We have crossed the point of no return, the tipping point, in many ways.  America will never rise to greatness again.

CIA Insider Tells 911 truth. Time to re-examine your World-view, America!

23:40 Video

The firemen know it was an inside job.  The police know it was an inside job.

However, my deep undercover CIA contract operative believes it was BOTH an inside AND an outside job!  He said he figures it took one and a half years to plan it and the entire operation was launched from a lap top computer, probably located in Canada.