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The Battle Must be Spiritual

For some time I have been wanting to post this and EMPAHASIZE THE FUTILITY OF VIOLENCE! There can be No Violent Revolution. Why? Because the Bastards that occupy and control America Illegally are in total power. They have all authority except over the individual consciousness and will. They not only control law enforcement and the courts, they also control our Weapons of Mass Destruction! That’s right. They control the nukes and our ICBM’s, EVERYTHING!

Moreover, they want US to fight. Their news media are manipulating US to hate and to rebel–that puts US right where they want US!

The only fight can be Spiritual with the Holy Spirit of the God of Israel. That’s all that will work. Even at that we know from the scriptures that those Bastards will succeed in establishing a World Wide Government. However, the Bible also tells US it will not last long, only about an hour.

We must humble ourselves to our Lord and God. We must strengthen our personal relationships with Jesus on an individual one-to-one basis. Nothing short of this will work.

Don’t shoot! Don’t rebel! Submit to the authority God has placed over you. There is no other way to survive and that is what this is all coming down to.

Hold until Jesus returns. It will not be long. This is the time of Jacob’s Trouble and all flesh will perish except God will cut this time short. Then the enemy and the victory are His!

Plenty of Fish POF & Marcus Frind are Terrible

For the last time Plenty of Fish has lost or deleted my account and I am not going back.  I tried contacting POF and it’s founder owner Marcus Frind but there is no way to contact them or him.  POF is poorly designed and its founder is most definitely anti-male.  Frind’s gender bias is obvious.

Marcus Frind runs his website like a tyrant and he is guilty of age discrimination as well.  Recently, Frind decided to invoke an iron clad age limitation of 14 years.  Now, that might make sense when you are dealing with teen agers and young adults to avoid exploitation, but when you are a more mature male looking in the last hope you have at having children and a family, you can forget about Plenty of Fish!

There is a thing called biology and due to the active poisoning of Americans by the time the average American woman reaches age 30 she is only half as fertile as she was in her peak child bearing years.  GMO’s only make this worse. It is a concerted effort by our keepers to suppress population growth and they “manage” US on several fronts with many sterility agents.

So, if you are a man who is stable and well established and ready for a family, forget about looking for a wife on POF.  For instance a 55 year old can’t message a woman below the age of 41 and a 60 year old man has no hope of contacting that woman who wants children as well who is in the end of her prime for having children during her 30’s.

It seems reasonable for a man who can support a family and who is of good character to be able to reach down and get a wife from among those women whose biological clocks are ticking and running out, but not according to the tyrant and owner of Plenty of Fish Marcus Frind.

Also note, a female can post any bikini photos showing off her physique as she likes but a shirtless male’s photo demonstrating fitness is verboten.  Furthermore, if a woman wants to harass a man and complain about him for any politically correct thing, Markus will remove him for her.

What do I recommend?

Do what I do.  Join the most reputable site and stop wasting time on POF. is where you want to be to find a wife on line.  At least there women are held to the same standards and must present truthfully.  Moreover, because the women on pay to be on the site too, rest assured they are higher quality and far more serious as they have more invested.

Here’s what one fellow says POF is good for:

But that’s not my style.

Yes, ladies, I am looking actively for a wife.  But only apply if you have high standards and understand that I will only marry a woman who agrees to abide by the standards God set in the Bible.


Fixing the US Healthcare System

“Fixing” healthcare in the US is easy.  It is as easy as stopping all federal government laws, rules & regulations governing any and all aspects of healthcare and, more importantly, recognizing that it was unconstitutional for the federal government when it began to mandate health insurance and placed that requirement upon employers!

Anything this communist central government we call the “federal government” or the “United States government” touches turns to EXCREMENT!  Everything they touch turns bad and is eventually destroyed.

No employer should be required to offer its employees health insurance or medical benefits!  That should be between the employee and the employer, and the government should not interfere in that relationship.

When the government legislated (wrongly) that employers would provide coverage to their employees, THE COSTS OF HEALTH CARE SKY ROCKETTED!  Take the government out of it and watch the costs of health care and medical care come down to reasonable rates and behave in line with the economy.

Moreover, when you go into the hospital, you sign a one-page contract for admission agreeing to abide by the charges and fees of the hospital APPROVED BY THE LOCAL COUNTY GOVERNMENT!  This is wrong and unfair because it takes out any ability of the customer to be fully informed and legitimately enter into a contract for health care services with that hospital!

That blanket approval, that tacit approval of exorbitant charges and fees for services is EXTORTION!  And must end.  If the hospital had to inform the customer of the charges ahead of time, the customer could negotiate or could elect to go elsewhere where fees are more reasonable for services.


The system is only broken because the government has become the strong arm enforcers for exploitive practices we call medical care when we are in fact held hostage by an unforgiving and unfair system that is stacked against the little guy.

Whenever I drive through a city in America, the biggest building complex is that blood sucking local hospital that robs the people of all their wealth and deprives the poor, the widows and the helpless of what little estate they have.  Most of the many homeless across America got there because of the behemoth Medical Industrial Complex that marches lock step in tandem with the Communist Central Federal Government and the local County governments and this has to end.

Let the common man be fully informed of the charges and have the ability to decline this extortion.  Without being fully informed there can be no legal binding contract.

Ditching Verizon after Discovering Verizon Opens All Email Upon Behalf of NSA

Recently, a brilliant friend discovered his email was all being opened by one server and it was one of Verizon’s computers.  Verizon is doing this upon behalf of both the NSA spying on US citizens and to promote targeted advertising–neither of which are acceptable.

When my contracts run out this December, that’s it.  And I will never use Verizon again since they are spying upon all of their customers upon behalf of this out-of-control federal government that is loaded to the gills with communists and Marxist extremists.

We can no longer trust Verizon and it has been a mistake to trust any and all of the major cell phone companies.  They have all been doing this spying upon behalf of the federal government all along.  Moreover, all the cell phone companies and larger corporate web service providers have been violating our privacy in order to sell our information to advertising companies from their inception.

If Sheriff Joe can’t profile criminals, then why should cell phone companies be allowed to profile their paying customers?

Thinking the Purpose of ObamaCare is Control is Wrong: The Real Purpose of ObamaCare is to DESTROY AMERICA!

Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, the purpose of The Affordable Healthcare Act or more commonly called ObamaCare is NOT more control over the lives of Americans.  Rather, the real purpose of ObamaCare is to DESTROY AMERICA and FOREVER DESTROY AMERICA’S GREATNESS!

President Obama knows exactly what he is doing and he is fully aware of the calculated effects of his healthcare reform law.  While it may seem reasonable and rational that his Affordable Healthcare Act is intended to extend government control over our lives, the truth is ObamaCare has only one purpose and it will do just that:


Why this has not been discovered by the American public is because we tend to judge others from the point of our perspective and we (wrongly) assume that they are like us, but they are not.  They are in no ways similar to normal people.

They are sociopaths who worship Marx and Marxism and Satan.  They are destructive and they are destroyers.  America is about to be destroyed because there is no backbone in any of the crooked politicians in Washington, DC.

The only backbone in current professional politicians is that of the Marxist sociopaths–the wrong side.  And let’s get this straight: They are NOT atheists; they are Satanists.  They worship the devil and are on the wrong side!

Speaker of the House John Boehner MUST GO!

John Boehner has mismanaged every thing of consequence that has come across his desk as Speaker of the House!  Clearly, Boehner is a glamor boy NOT a statesmen.

A great Speaker would give a press conference every day until he got what the Congress wanted(s).  A real Speaker of the House would give 20 minute presentations daily to the American people explaining in detail why Obama’s policies are bad for the country.

But not this Speaker!  John Boehner must be replaced.  The only Speaker of the House worse was Nancy Pelosi!

By failing to enforce the House obligations to pass a budget, Boehner has been destroying our government.  He’s been destroying the separation of powers.  Moreover, by allowing this errant out-of-control Federal Government to operate without a budget, Boehner is allowing the destruction of America.

Boehner should hold Harry Reid’s feet to the fire and SHUT DOWN THIS OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING and SHUT DOWN THIS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT until the Senate Majority Leader passes a budget that the House generates.  Does all of DC want to see the rage & ruin resulting from the disorder that ensues when our monetary system collapses because of their negligence?

Most importantly, as long as there is no budget, the DEMONcrat Communist Marxists can hide their policies from Americans who otherwise would tar & feather them and run them out of Washington, DC!

Republicans Fail to Get ANYTHING out of the Shutdown

Other than Tea Party candidates and the Tea Party itself getting a boost, American as a whole lost yesterday under the dramatically inept leadership of Speaker John Boehner.  Boehner gave Obama everything!

Boehner should have gotten the exemptions of Congress and the Senate and the White House from ObamaCare lifted!  Boehner is a complete failure!

What the Republicans and the Tea Party should have been able to walk away with was elimination of the lavish subsidies granted members of Congress and the Senate and their staffs!

If the average legislator and the average staffer with their lavish salaries can’t afford The Affordable Healthcare Act, then how can Americans who earn less be expected to bear that burden?

They can’t.  And there is no leadership and NO MORALITY in Washington, DC.

American Bank Calamity Beginning!

Today Chase Bank froze all international wire transfers thereby stopping any and all withdrawals to customers overseas.  Chase Bank banned all international transfers and limited business withdrawals.

Is this the beginning of a Bank Holiday?

See The Drudge Report



My Prediction: The Credit Rating of the US Will be Downgraded Despite the Compromise

Let me go out on a limb.  I predict the credit rating of the USA will be decreased regardless of the action by the Senate and the Congress.

Why?  Because the deficits and liabilities are too great.  The money supply is BLOATED.  And this irresponsible spending places the US at great risk.

As long as there is no budget, the Democrats have suspended the separations of powers of the Constitution and America is in trouble.

Government Shutdown, Default and Fight Over ObamaCare are Covers for What’s REALLY IMPORTANT!

The sociopaths who run these United States America are enjoying the dog & pony show running the government shutdown over ObamaCare and threatening to default on our nation’s debts in order to distract the public from the really important thing coming up fast.

This is the 100th year of the Federal Reserve and their charter granted  by Congress was for only 100 years.  So, later year just before Christmas Congress will have to either re-authorize that grand theft known as the Federal Reserve System which is unconstitutional or Congress will have to let the Federal Reserve expire!

This fraudulent fiat money system is how the enemy took US over!

And how they control the world!

Without the Federal Reserve System World War I would never have happened.

Nor would most of the wars and genocides of the last century.

What the Congress and Woodrow Wilson did when they voted on December 22, 1913 authorizing the Federal Reserve was to deny US of just measures and weights.  They violated the Biblical principles which kept US strong for a long time.  And they set the stage for the international Zionist communist Jewish bankers to rob the wealth of the world!

So, there is no real money.  And there is no real debt.  But there is theft and enslavement world wide.


And have a chance at real world peace.

America must return to Constitutional money.  We must return to silver coinage not necessarily gold.  This is THE ONLY WAY to become a free people once again.

And we can rid ourselves of these sociopathic politicians!