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The Next Red Flag . . .

. . . event will be orchestrated to create total dependence of Americans upon the central federal government and to solidify the Democrats in a Democratically controlled House of Representatives under Nancy Pelosi!

This will occur at a time to manipulate the vote for the elections this fall and will be well in advance of November 2014.  The purpose of this Red Flag crisis will be to manipulate the elections of 2014.  It is likely to occur during or after July 2014.

Do not be surprised if the powers that be sacrifice 100,000 Americans to pull this manipulation off!  That will be a small price to pay in their eyes and it might be necessary to seal the deal.  The devil is in the details.

Protection from Fukushima Radiation

There are two things that come to mind for both global health and protection from radiation from Fukushima.  First, start taking “nascent iodine,” three drops in a full glass of water on an empty stomach twice daily.  This should protect your thyroid and offer many benefits from increasing your basal metabolism to supercharging your immune system.  This will help prevent cancers, including thyroid cancer and breast cancer.  Also, it will help with weight loss.

Second, start taking potassium chloride in doses from 10 MEQ (milli-equivalents) up to 20 MEQ daily.  It is my guess this may keep your body from absorbing radioactive Cesium which is the most common radiation from Fukushima.

I take both of these and it is my hope that by taking them I may be giving my body good nutrients that will assist my body in avoiding absorbing radioactive poisons.  If anybody has any ideas about how to protect from the slow radiation contaminating of the northern hemisphere from Fukushima, please comment.  Feel free to post links.

In my honest opinion,

the Fukushima meltdown and associated events may lead to the evacuation of the northern hemisphere.  Before you jump to conclusions and think I have gone off the deep end, keep in mind the Bible describes an exodus so large from the north that the exodus out of Egypt will never be mentioned again.