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America’s Anti-Male Bias: Phoenix Police’s Gender Discrimination

Yesterday I was assaulted by a female in the parking lot of Sprouts on Bell Road in Phoenix and my lesson I learned was this:  Have nothing to do with American females.

My dog insisted I take him on my errands, so I felt compelled to park in the shade while I left him in the back of my car that has a black interior.  Normally, I would not take him because it would be too hot but this time he invited himself and insisted he go for a ride and it was an abnormally cool day as a storm blew through the area.

When I came out of Sprouts some foolish person had parked so close to me that I was certain they had damaged my EVOMS Cayenne Porsche Turbo.  So, I moved my car and went to write down their license plate number and other identifying characteristics of that White Toyota Tacoma SR5 with Colorado plate number 016-YDG with a Yakima carrier atop of it.

I had almost finished writing down the plate number when I was challenged by an irate bitch. She demanded to know what I was doing.  I told her I was writing down the license plate in case there was damage to my SUV.

This middle aged entitled cunt got in my face yelling and she scared me.  I retreated to my car but she chased me.  She got between me and my car door and grabbed my car’s door handle and blocked me.  Then she grabbed my mileage logs upon which I had recorded her license plate number and ripped them from my hand.  She ran away with my mileage logs which the Internal Revenue Service requires I keep.

I demanded she return my property but she refused.  I was afraid.  My heart was working overtime.  I called 911 and Phoenix Police Dispatch was kind enough to keep me on the phone unit the Officer arrived.  The dispatch officer was a woman and she was professional.

Now, the bias of that young male officer kicked in.  He called for back up.  Officer Johnson badge number 9306 did his best to downplay what this woman had done to me.

She never was charged, but had I done the same thing to her:

Chased her to her car.  Jumped in front of her grabbing the door handle and denying her entry into her car.  Ripped her private property from her hand and screamed at her you can bet I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN HANDCUFFS!

This entire episode leads me to cease wintering in the Phoenix area.  If the Police are going to be so punitive towards men and fail to protect men, then it is not a safe city for men.  And with the Super Bowl coming next winter, the Greater Phoenix Area is going to be an absolute zoo, a jungle.  Clearly, it is time to consider another area for spending my winters.

Women complain about men and get Special Treatment all the time.  This bitch should have been arrested and charged.  Without that learning experience she will continue to threaten and take advantage of men.  I would not be surprised if someday a man shoots her in self defense!

Oh, the real kicker, the real kick in the balls?  It came when the two young Phoenix Police Officers allowed her to approach me so she could get my license plate number!

The Phoenix Police failed big time on this one.  They should have kept us separate and they should have given me all of the contact information of the other driver who caused all of this.  That is standard operating procedure but these officers were not professional.  I doubt they even checked to see if she carried insurance as required by law.  Clearly, these officers in their anti-male bias were unprofessional in their conduct.

Her excuse for parking so close to my car?  I had parked over the line.  I was there first and I parked to provide my puppy shade near the end of the lot.  I purposely parked over two spaces to provide my buddy the most shade.  I never thought anybody could squeeze in there and park between my Porsche Twin Turbo and the curb.  There were plenty of empty parking spaces to choose from.

And what does she have the gall to say to me as she departs?  “God Bless you.”

If she had known who she was talking to she would have acted civil from the first and she would have begged me to teach her.  She is obviously a member of one of those churches of Cain but has no idea she is being deceived and misled right into the depths of hell.

Blood Moons

It’s not the Blood Moon; it’s FOUR CONSEQUTIVE BLOOD MOONS ALL ON THE HIGH HOLY DAYS OF ISRAEL specified in the Old Testament. Moreover, this is the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble that ‘if not cut short, all flesh would perish.’ All flesh in this context is Adam kind Israelites.

This period lasts 20 years and culminates with SEVEN SEQUENTIAL SOLAR AND LUNAR ECLIPSES ACROSS a 3 and 1/2 year period–the only other time this occurs in all history (past and future) was David’s coronation in 1047 BC (seven eclipses on the High Holy Days across 3 years).

The Big Event is when the asteroid “millstone” is flung into the Atlantic Ocean thereby generating tsunami’s world wide and a total crinkling of the earth’s crust: THE DAY OF THE LORD!

Passover 2014 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

This Passover Blood Moon is one of four marking sequential Blood Moons all on the High Holy Days of Israel God ordained in the Old Testament forever and marks the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

The God of Israel has provided US a sign in the sky visible early Tuesday morning at 12:15 AM AZ Time. This is the beginning of the period described in Revelations ‘that if not cut short, all flesh would perish.’ All flesh in this context means all of Adam’s Israelite descendants and the USA contains the LARGEST ISRAELITISH POPULATION on the earth!

This sign, warning and period are FOR These United States of America founded at the end of the period of punishment God ascribed to the House of Israel. Our enemy controls almost everything and wants to destroy US! God is permitting this because we have done the most wicked thing–we have turned our backs on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

The most wicked thing man can do is deny the existence of the God of Israel.

Early Monday morning look up in the sky over America and see the beginning of the end and the return of the Saviors and the Lord Jesus Christ bearing a new name that only He knows.

The Feast of Passover begins on our April 13, 2014.

Corrupt Senator Harry Reid is Behind the Bundy Ranch Crisis

This message just arrived:

“Harry Reid is behind the deal about getting the Bundy family off his Nevada ranch. It seems as if Harry has worked with the Chinese to build a wind farm on that property. Harry Reed’s son and the Chinese would own the farm. The Bundy family has been told the whole thing is about a desert tortoise. Bundy did not know about Harry and the Chinese until now. Harry has already sealed the deal to turn over the Bundy ranch to the Chinese.

“I hate American politics. It is so dirty.=”

My Prayer for the Bundy Ranch

As I lie awake pondering my day, my prayer to the Lord God of Israel was this:

Lord, Father please strike the Federal Agents surrounding the Bundy Ranch with temporary blindness so that they can not see for two weeks and must turn to the Ranchers and people they have surrounded for help to lead them back home.

Should I Suffer an Untimely Demise Here’s Why:

Recently, I wrote a demand letter to the Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections for back wages–wages I had earned but was (wrongly) deprived of. Director Charles Ryan denied my request.

As a result I addressed both Governor Jan Brewer, Ryan’s boss, and Mr. Ryan once again. We are talking only about $3,000 but I earned it and I want to be paid.

Should anything happen to me, that will prove how corrupt Arizona is and the hit will come from the ADC–an organization that is one step worse than the mob.

I post this because the matters at hand are actually very serious and I don’t want to lose my life over those. There is much to the story and it would be another national embarrassment for Arizona.

I am trying to save the State of Arizona tens of millions of dollars in legal fees from others. And I am trying to make Arizona a safer place to live. However, I want my back wages and the benefits which I have been deprived. I want Arizona to acknowledge the damages the State has caused me and make a fair and equitable settlement.

Nevertheless, dangerous conditions persist within the ADC that place every man, woman and child in Arizona at great risk. Such significant risks are unnecessary and I can fix or at least help Arizona fix its problems.

Please support me in my quest to prevail and to obtain these modest sums in order to be able to take care of myself. Thank you!

Dr. Kent