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No Free Speech In America

There is no free speech in America and hasn’t been any for years, decades! Because there has been no free speech, there has been no conscience and no free will of the people!  It has all been controlled, tightly controlled for decades!

The CIA is the world’s biggest publisher. They just don’t tell you.  They keep it secret.

The CIA has had their hands in every major publication in America since at least 1950.  The CIA has been in all the major magazines and in many novels planting ideas to undermine American culture since their inception at the end of World War II.

At the end of World War II there was a picture on the cover of Life magazine of piles of bones claiming those were the bones of Jews in the concentration camps. NO, there weren’t!

Those bones were the fire bombing victims from Dresden. Army Intelligence ordered an officer to collect those bones and transport them by rail road on flat bed cars to the so-called Concentration Camp!  There that Army soldier was ordered to kneel and have his photo taken.

He never knew it was going to be on the cover of Life magazine!  When he saw it, he demanded a correction be issued on his photo but there was none forthcoming. So, he resigned his commission with the US Army and returned to work in the factories back home in Elkhart, Indiana.


At this moment ISRAEL IS INSIDE OF SYRIA and is already shooting down Syrian fighter jets. Israel is planning on CARPET BOMBING OR EVEN NUKING DAMASCUS!

Thus, fulfilling the prophesies concerning Damascus expressed by Isaiah 17:1 and Damascus, one of the longest inhabited cities on the earth, shall be reduced to an UNINHABITABLE HEAP OF RUINS!

There are only two types of Christian:

Israelite Christian–of which there is a residue, not even a remnant!…

And non-Israelite Christian–who is not a party to the Covenants (may be part Israelite or not Israelitish at all) but worships the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“Zionist Christians” are NOT Christians at all and are those Jesus warns will find themselves cast out in Luke 13:23-28 even though you have taken Communion (v26)! THE VAST MAJORITY of those who self identify as Christians are ZIONIST CHRISTIANS who have been deceived by THE GREAT DELUSION of 2 Thess 2:11.

If you believe:

–The law has been done away with.

–In the Rapture.

–Or that postage stamp of a country illegally occupying PALESTINE is indeed Israel.

If you believe any of these three, then you are most likely a “Zionist Christian” also known as a “carnal Christian” who is only in it to “feel good” and that’s all that matters to them!

They might as well be on drugs. Karl Marx was right when he declared ‘religion is the opiate of the masses’ for the “carnal Christian,” just like the “Politically Correct” person, only cares about the surface, about “feeling good.”

There are two fates for the Israelite Christian: Either resurrection in the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth or damnation eternally into the prison known as hell.

The fate(s) of the non-Israelite Christian and those who are NOT a party to the Covenants is NOT specified in the scriptures!

The Bible is not a history of the world. The Bible was only written for Israelites, by Israelites and is exclusively for Israelites.

In Response to Obama

Mr. “Acting President,”


Your only intention is to CONTINUE TO ARM THE JIHADI’S like you have done everywhere, in Egypt, in Libya (Benghazl), in Iraq and in Syria.  Yes, now Syria since you could not get your war in Syria off the ground last year even with Senator John McCain hawking your war!

And Syria has a non-violence agreement with Russia.  Anyone attacking Syria will invoke the wrath of the Russian bear.  Putin has been practicing nuclear strikes against the USA.

So, you really don’t love our nation.  You really don’t like this nation.

You sent John McCain to Libya and it was bombed.  You sent the Angel of Death John McCain to Syria and tried to start WWIII but the public wouldn’t go for it and Putin magnanimously averted that war.

You sent your Secretary of War John McCain to the Ukraine and instigated the overthrow of a legitimately elected and established government while claiming the Russians were doing what your administration was actually doing!  You even helped shoot down a Malaysian airliner and blamed it on the Russians, specifically Putin.  When it was the generals of the rebel government you put in place in the Ukraine who had their jets shoot that 777 down!

So, you think there are “moderates” among the rebels in Syria?  Liar!  You know you are arming the Muslim extreme Jihadists and YOU ARE A MUSLIM JIHADIST!


Announcing Re-Commencement of the Dr. Kent Show

After a hiatus of several years while recovering my health as best I could, I am re-launching my radio show. During these five years I read the Bible and it was by reading my Bible daily and the whole Bible that I was able to effect the recovery I have.  And it has been a tremendous blessing.

God has humbled me and His Word has restored me.  While I may not be the powerhouse of intellect I once was, I am alive and, more importantly, far more importantly, I know the truth.

I urge everyone to read the Bible and not just that little New Testament but the whole entire Holy Bible, especially the Old Testament.  Why?  Because they lied to us and we lie to ourselves and we lie to each other!  We have become THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE!

And what does that (lying) result in?  Mass delusions and psychosis!

Join me as I heal America!