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Requesting Info: Anyone who has had Dr. David McPhee Testify in Court and/or Evaluate Them or Their Spouse

I am seeking to locate anyone who had had Psychologist McPhee testify in court in a manner in which they were involved in any capacity, be it expert witness and/or for any type of psychological evaluation and/or Independent Medical Exam (IME).

Psychologist David McPhee practiced professionally in Minnesota as well as in Arizona. Dr. David McPhee conducted Independent Medical Exams in Psychology for the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, child custody evaluations and forensic assessments privately among many other professional activities.

Please email me or call me directly.

Speaker of the House John Boehner Destroyed America!

Today while Bibi distracted Americans, our Speaker of the House John BOEHNER DESTROYED AMERICA by allowing our Muslim-in-Chief to continue his invasion of the horde in fulfillment of God’s will to DESTROY AMERICA and those American Christian Zionists who hate Him!

Deuteronomy 32:41

Iran Already has Nuclear Weapons!

Iran already has nuclear weapons and has had them for years.  While they did not make their own nuclear bomb, Iran possesses small tactical nukes made in America!  And most likely has several of the suit case nukes made in the former Soviet Union.

What is interesting is how Iran got the bomb.

Iran acquired nukes from the United States the same way North Korea got its nukes!  They bought our W-57 series tactical nuke from Israel!

President George Herbert Bush illegally transferred these baby nukes from our arsenal to Israel who in turn marketed and sold them to other nations.

Remember when North Korea first tested their first nuke? It was an utter failure. Why? Because they were sold the original smaller W-57 series that had a short shelf life. It was discovered later than when the mass of the nuclear material was increased approximately 20% the warheads became more stable, their shelf life and usability increased and those old weapons made in the 1950’s will still detonate–as we learned by experience on September 11.