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For Sale: Dynavector KARAT 23R Ruby Moving Coil Cartridge

This is an original Ruby Moving Coil Cartridge that has never been used and has zero hours on it. This is not a refurbished stylus but the new one I special ordered from Japan in approximately 1979.

It was mounted one time to test it briefly and assure that it survived shipping around the world. I waited quite a while for this one to arrive.

It is recognized as one of the most revealing phono cartridges in the world and audiophiles agree nothing sounds better unless you exceed $1,200. Which is what you can have this one for. I will include my signet SK305 ELECTRONIC STYLUS CLEANER from the same time period. It is in excellent condition.

Both items are in their original boxes.

If you want to hear the most information you can extract from a vinyl record album, these two are sure to please.

Note, this record cartridge is low output and it requires a pre-preamp or a head amp.

Windows Microsoft Bugs on Purpose

I hate Microsoft and Bill Gates and all New World Order types! Gates himself is behind the biological weaponized vaccinations. Look at what Gates did in India and the heinous charges against him! I hope Bill Gates burns in India and he gets thoroughly investigated for his crimes against humanity!

And Bill Gates’ escapades in Africa and his foundation’s funding of immunizations in Africa appear to have resulted in a very nasty weapon against people based on race! The ebola outbreak in Africa appears to target and kill Negros! Those who had been vaccinated appeared to be the only ones who died from Ebola. The weapon, targeting victims by ethnic origin, is in keeping with Gates’ public utterances that by their vaccinations they can decrease the population of the world by 10-15%. Imagine how many hundreds of millions of deaths Gates is predicting!

15% of the current population of the world exceeds 1 BILLION PEOPLE! All genocided! All killed on purpose, by design, with the New World Order’s killer vaccinations!


Now, Microsoft has decided to foist off another of their operating systems upon us. Certainly, the CIA and other agencies and nefarious types higher up in the background have their favorite spyware and backdoors built into each release of Windows OS’s. And, now, Microsoft wants to force us all to update to Windows 10 so badly they are offering Windows Ten upgrades free to all Windows 8 (That was a miserable operating system!) and Windows 7 users.

And Microsoft Update has infected all who visit it with messages trying to coerce people into reserving and committing to Windows 10 in advance–before it can be tested and shaken down and proven. How do we know that MS Windows 10 is not another Vista? Or Windows 8?

Moreover, it appears Microsoft has placed a bug in their Windows updates purposely to wreak havoc and cause people, more like force people to update to Windows 10 whether they want to or not!

I really have been hoping I have bought my last Windows operating system and my final software from Microsoft. I don’t want to support the Gates Foundation. I don’t trust the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

With the advent of Android, I prefer the simplicity of an operating system that works, that is reliable and easy to use. And it ends the hegemony of Microsoft who unfairly targets Americans to underwrite and pay excessive licensing fees in order to give their operating system away to those who will not pay–the Red Chinese.

America’s Latest Distraction While the Bastards DESTROY the United States

Look and observe carefully what the New World Order’s Mainstream Media is distracting you with. A mere prison escape!

While the New World Order’s hired heads in the United State’s Legislature are selling America out! Our Republican Senators are giving their bosses, the New World Order, America on a silver platter!

The big deal is hardly mentioned in the news: The Transpacific Trade Agreement to forever make America a Welfare State with a strictly planned Communist Economy!

Welcome to your new prison!

America is going down.

God has judged and God is using the New World Order to DESTROY AMERICA!

Where’s the Vagina?

There was a phrase made famous in a TV commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

While the world heaps accolades upon Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner for his courage in going public with his sex change operation, the whole thing stinks of hysteria. Hysteria on the part of Bruce Jenner to be the center of attention and hysteria on the part of the public as famous people fall all over each other trying to beat the other at coming up with the best politically correct accolades.

But, there is a problem.

Bruce aka Caitlyn is NOT a woman. And if the public were to see nude photos of Bruce they would be absolutely abhorrent!

Bruce is not a transgendered individual yet. Bruce is a freak!

So, you meet this drop dead gorgeous amazon of a woman in excellent athletic condition. You strike up a conversation. Buy her a drink. Start the minor chit chat trying to feign instant intimacy because you want to get into her pants. You want to get laid.

It seems simple. Sex. With a larger than normal woman. She can’t have that many men after here eager to engage in sex, right? But there’s a catch.

You depart the bar, get in your car and go to one of your homes. As you slide your hand down into her panties, you discover a penis! Perhaps it’s flaccid or maybe it’s, ghast, erect!


Now, what are you going to feel? What is your next thought? How to disappear?

The fact is Bruce has not had surgery to have his penis skinned and reversed and shoved back into his pubic cavity to make a vagina. So, we have a freak. A full fledged freak.

Part female and part male but really neither!

Bruce aka Caitlyn has admitted he/she has never had sex with a male but only with females. “It” has also said “it” has not had surgery to remove his penis. I proffer that should the public see nude photos fully exposing “her” penis as it is now, the average person would reel in horror. Since Bruce is declaring he is a woman, this begs the question:

Where’s the vagina?

The Purge Begins with Facebook

At the beginning of June, Facebook began taking action purging those intelligent people who are onto the New World Order. As JADE HELM commences and runs this appears to be a precursor to the take down.

As we have seen with all “exercises” by the central communist federal government of the United States, mere “exercises” seem to morph readily into the real deal. Hence concern across the nation that J.A.D.E. H.E.L.M. may become the real deal just like occurred on 9-11, at Sandy Hook and in Boston. And the American people have every right to fear. Americans fear their government.

The current administration had done all it can to destroy America; however, Barack Hussein Obama has not been able to get any gun control measures into law. Therefore, the Obama Administration has attempted back door gun control by banning certain ammo and having the Department of Homeland Security contract with ammunition manufacturers in ways to deprive Americans of ammunition.

Perhaps more importantly are the impetuses to precipitate a Race War. With this current administration green lighting violence by Blacks on Whites and the hate speech out of the White House coupled with the massive influx of cash into hot areas like Ferguson by bad actors such as George Soros, with the contraction of the economy and ongoing DEPRESSION, it is no wonder that Blacks want to strike out.

And strike out they will!

But let’s get down to speaking the truth candidly and boldly. What all of our problems have in common is they are caused by the New World Order which is actually a Jew World Order.

Now, most Jews are not active players in the New World Order and the vast majority of Jews have no idea that their religion and race have been high-jacked just as all of the major religions have. Moreover, the Jews do not realize that they are being used and set up for major blow back.

While the Holocaust was a hoax, the 66 Million Christians murdered in Russia remain unacknowledged. Moreover, when the masses of non-Jews discover that the Jewish media and all have done this to them, there may be a real Jewish Holocaust!

What we have today is a total break down of cultures across the world and the destruction of all of the foundations of government and economies world wide. And, indeed, all of this was done by the Jewish bankers, the Rothschild family of false Jews! (Rev 2:9, 3:9) They own everything, even Facebook.


THE WEAPON OF CHOICE is a 12 GUAGE MAGNUM SHOTGUN with a Full Choke and 00 BUCKSHOT against intruders, assailants, crowds and all except POLICE and Armored Targets use the Heaviest Hardest Hitting SLUGS you can find. Use “cut shotgun shells” if necessary.

EVERY COP KNOWS IF HE GETS HIT WITH a 12 GUAGE SHOTGUN SLUG HE IS GOING DOWN! The concussion alone is going to kill him.

Now, I AM NOT ADVOCATING SHOOTING POLICE but if Obama thinks he is going to round up gun owners or even attempt to confiscate guns and ammunition, WE MUST DEFEND because THAT WILL THE ONLY CHANCE WE WILL TO FIGHT BACK.

Remember: The JEWS DID THIS! Their bankers in particular and their MEDIA!