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Putin’s Response to Turkey

Putin’s response to Turkey is measured and his start by passing laws making the “Denial of the Armenian Holocaust” against the law is a great start. It’s about time Turkey and the Muslims were held responsible for their genocide of 1.5 Million Armenian Christians.

By the way, those were not mere “Christians” like America’s “Zionist Christians” but were real Bible reading Bible believing Christians who knew the truth that is in the Bible. In contrast, the vast bulk of American Christians have never read the Bible and remains ignorant to who they really are and their real heritage.

The Armenian Genocide was terrible and people today need to read the accounts. Because the Muslims were programmed to launch their vicious attacks then at the end of the specified period or day, the Muslims completely changed their demeanor and became loving and kind towards their Armenian Christian victims!

It was as if the Muslims were schizophrenic! This shows the danger when Muslims are present in any society in significant numbers. They are dangerous and cannot be trusted!

The accounts show that the Muslims were “mind controlled” and programmed. At the sound of a trumpet the Muslims would begin attacking the Armenian Christians. Then almost mysteriously at the sound of another trumpet the Muslims would change demeanors completely and begin attending to the wounds they had just inflicted mercilessly upon the Armenians!

There are accounts of attacks planned days in advance. The Muslims turned upon their minority Armenian Christian neighbors and attacked them viciously. Then at the appointed time they stopped their attacks and acted as if nothing had happened!

Putin needs one more measured response: He needs to go after the son, Belial, who runs the smuggling operations for ISIS which includes the reselling of ISIS crude oil, the smuggling of people and weapons and the funding of ISIS. Putin needs to pursue the son and kill him and his associates.

Belial Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President needs to be brought to justice. In this case, justice must be terminal. It would be preferable to charge Belial Erdogan and try him for his crimes which lead up to an include the (wrongful) downing of that Russian Sukhoi Su-24 bomber and the murdering of its crew and the baiting of that rescue helicopter.

Donald Trump’s Life & Death Depicted in Denver Murals

The Denver murals have been slowly being painted over. As each scene comes to fruition it is painted over. At first I thought the patrons were fearful that the content might be too revealing or that the depictions were too disturbing. Now, I realize the Denver Air Port murals are pictoral prophecies!

The current ongoing exhibit features a blond haired blue eyed German boy who becomes the center of attention and children everywhere turn in their swords and assault rifles to the new leader who beats the arms with a big hammer.

This appears to be a swords into plowshares moment.

But then we see the German boy dead in a casket in another mural. Might the New World Order be announcing the coming of Donald Trump upon the world scene? And might the New World Order be depicting his mission and his fate?

Donald Trump’s Deal to Become President

I don’t know but this is the best explanation of Trump’s ascendancy to become President of these United States of America. Trump had Obama by the short hairs. He Barack dead to rights that Barack Hussein Obama was NOT qualified to be POTUS but Trump backed off. Why?

Perhaps Trump was threatened. Maybe his life or the lives of his wife and children were at risk but there is a better explanation. Most likely the Donald struck a deal. And Trump is known for negotiating deals.

In all likelihood, Trump made a deal that he would become President or at least become the party nominee if he backed off and allowed Obama to remain in office. My best guess is that Donald Trump was made an offer that if he permitted Barack Obama to remain in office unchallenged on his obviously fraudulent birth certificate forgery, then Trump would get his turn, a turn to become POTUS.

Is this fair? Is this American? Does this hold to the ideals and values of America?

Certainly not but it is a deal and it is in keeping with all subsequent Presidents after the JFK Assassination with perhaps the sole exception of Carter. All the others got in office, the highest office in the land by craft and cunning and through their crimes. All of them!

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) DESTROYS American First Amendment Free Speech

If this TPP goes through as it is presently written the U.N. will control the Internet. In order to use the Internet a person would have to buy a license. That license number would have to be used for every time a person makes a post. This will publically connect the real name with every post.

When you get an Internet license, you get 100 points. Every time you violate a rule you will lose internet license points. This can refer to hate speech. If anyone files a complaint against you for something that offended them you lose points. Hate speech can even include disagreeing with someone. Your posts must be politically correct. When you lose all your license points, you are banned from the Internet.

Let’s hope the TPP is REJECTED by Congress!