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My “Date” Nightmare on WYP

Since I recently became active on What’s Your Price Dating website I have had a bunch of failures including one no show. However, one woman showed up out of perhaps 20 agreements with my paying to be able to communicate with each woman. But it was worse than a no show. I would have rather been stood up!

This experience spells the beginning of the end of my participation on WYP dating site. It is just not worth the time and the aggravation. I can not recommend WhatsYourPrice to anyone.

My date on Wednesday night was late by more than an hour and a half. She arrived looking OK but nothing out of the ordinary. She was not dressed up for our date. She arrived after postponing and delaying our dinner date until after the restaurant was closed!

There was no greeting. No hug and not even a hand shake. She wanted to go to my place immediately. Once there she ate the fast food she had bought on the way and as we engaged in conversation she began to nod off. I had to wonder if that was the effects of blood sugar or drugs or perhaps both.

She was about to fall asleep on my seating in her chair, then she suddenly came alive and took over the meeting. She told me ‘how this site works’ and she told me that she has gotten $325 for providing sex. There was no joy in our date and she never smiled, not even once. So, I could not recognize her from the photos on WYP or from the photo she sent me on my cell phone.

After telling her I was fine (and did not need her “service”) I had to ask her to leave and I gave her $40 to go away. She misrepresented herself on What’s Your Price website. Her handle of WYP is or was “HavanaRain” age 30 or 31. She claimed she was Italian but what in fact a mix: Korean, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

She was lovely and could have been attractive but she was cold, callous and had a brazen look about her. I can only assume this was the brazen look of a prostitute. She assured me she was not expecting $325 from me. But I could not overcome my anxiety. My reaction was very visceral and I was almost in panic.

I finally got her to leave. My police dog had alerted upon her and that was a lesson for me that my young female pup was so attuned and watching out for me.

“Jessica” said she had graduated with an associates degree and a bachelors degree from California. She works for a rental car agency as a bookkeeper.

Shes utilizes Google voice number (805) 229-1499. She sent me this photo and said she is the girl on the right and this photo was taken recently of her with her girls. But she did not look healthy like the girl in this photo. She certainly was not happy. I guess maybe because I do not buy into “Climate change.”

WhatsYourPrice HavanaRain

Here are her pictures published on her HavanaRain profile on WYP:

Oh, that dog is merely a “prop.” Jessica is not dog friendly. Before our date she was overly ebullient about my dogs and she insisted upon meeting them. It was all a ploy. It’s all a ploy.

Jessica (805) 229-1499

Her last texts to me began:

“Dude fuck off . . . your [sic] weird as fuck . . . no wonder why your [sic] on this site and can’t get laid

Thank you, Jessica for the lesson on how this website works. I am sure everyone will want to know. Best of luck to you. Oh, and thank you for testing my new pup. She’s sensitive to your type and she alerted upon you because she could tell in an instant your intentions regarding me were bad.

My Advice to WhatsYourPrice WYP

My advice to WhatsYourPrice web site is to hold the women accountable. Whenever a woman sends an insulting message a man must report her message and disengage from any further contact. No ifs, and or buts!

WYP needs to inform that disrespectful woman of her error and refund the credits. Recently the staff at What’s Your Price closed the communications and refunded me my credits. I hope WYP informs the other party(ies) of the errors of their ways but I have no way of knowing that WYP is or is not doing this.

Regardless, I must acknowledge and heap accolades on customer service at WYP for backing me up recently on three or more occasions when I was treated in an abusive disrespectful fashion by female members.

Over all, my impressions of WYP are that the web site wants to be around for a while and their customer service wants to make sure paying participants are treated fairly and equitably. I have seen a lot of improvements in WhatsYourPrice over the years.

However, I do wish they still allowed streamlining searches according to ethnicity, race, religion, hair color and eye color. Because of religious reasons I do my best not to date outside of my kind. And if WYP permitted more data on accepted dates, in particular location, that would really help.

What’s Your Price Improves Customer Service

WhatsYourPrice WYP has constantly sought to improve its service over the years. I think What’s You Price web site has been up eight or more years. The staff at WYP have gotten better at supporting fee paying members.

There are a lot women available on WYP and that includes the “obnoxiously beautiful” as well some dowdy types and everything in between. More people are using WYP for meeting people and friendship than hook ups these days.

As far as the “obnoxiously beautiful” when I see them I might give them a try but experience tells me that one might as well block them when they come in at $400 or $500 for first dates! Sure, they are gorgeous but they are also shallow and poor candidates for anything except predating on others for resources.

As far as the men I have never browsed the site from the female perspective. Actually, I have long ago and I found some intimidating competition but that was only the appearance. Women tell me that the average date is an overweight Jewish male who has never married.

Now, that is not a scientific study or a poll of any sort and may reflect on the view of one female I met who was very nice. However, WYP may not be the best site for looking for a mate. The females seem too exploitative and the site is geared to support a passing phenomenon in our culture.

As mores and morals have loosened up, the need for a Sugar Baby is diminishing. As a result there is a tremendous amount of competition for the elusive Sugar Daddy. I can guarantee there were from my estimation at least eight Sugar Babies for each Sugar Daddy four years ago and this gap has only gotten larger.

Gentlemen, the odds are in our favor, but both genders need to learn how to get along better and treat each other far nicer. We need more stability in our society and less loneliness.

Ladies, you are in more competition than ever. You are forced to compete with one another. I suggest you try and make peace among yourselves and start to actually love your men again instead of exploiting them for all the judges are willing to steal from the men to give to you.

What’s Your Price Bidding

When I make a low offer it means I really want to get to know you. If I see that you have children I typically double that so you can take care of a couple of hours of child care. Baby sitting has gone up just like everything else.

When you make me a high offer it means that ‘you don’t value me’ and that ‘you are only interested in my money’ or ‘resources’ and it indicates that one is more interested in a “lifestyle” than in “love.” When we men hear that love is going to the spa or beauty parlor or to the botox clinic once a week, we know we are dealing with a shallow, self-centered, narcissistic individual.

What we would prefer to hear is about love, family and children and sacrifice for our family. In my case when I get a flagrant offer it means ‘I have no value as a person’ to you. Sad, when one realizes that folks have typically paid more that $100 an hour for my time and the going rate in my profession has gone up from there substantially–yet you place little value upon my time or my person.

I get a lot of offers with a lot of promises and almost no deliveries. Occasionally, I get a date with a reasonable mature woman of character.

I used to and I still can value a woman upon her physique. Then I am judged poorly. I try to judge a woman based upon what kind of mother would she make for our children. Is she intelligent? Will our children have a chance to be intelligent? Is she health conscious? Is she awake?

In order to reach my goal, and it is lofty, I have changed my attitude and my approach. Certainly, I want romantic love with strong chemistry. But more than that I want something that lasts. Someone who wants what I want. A woman who understands my faith and accepts the same value system.

Please keep in mind that I am wanting to take you on a great date with better than average fare (cuisine). Please be equitable and thoughtful. Those are becoming characteristics for a noble wife.

What’s Your Price Seeking

What am I seeking? well, it is easier to say what I don’t want. I do not want a smoker. As an ex-smoker cigarette smoke makes me deathly ill. Also, I do not want a person of another race or a mixed race; my preference is for my own kind. Furthermore, i want a woman within 10 IQ points of my own IQ because the literature on psychology shows very clearly that the most stable marriages are between partners who are within 10 Full Scale IQ points of each other.

This makes sense. When one considers communication, those closest to each other in terms of intelligence and experience and cohorts have the best communication and hence the best likelihood of success.

Since I have a doctorate, a Ph.D., it would be best to match up with another highly educated individual. My college friend in a doctoral program had the guideline that it was best he pair off with a woman with a master’s level education. And that is an excellent guideline. Bear in mind that there is “inflation”n everything, especially education! A high school graduate before WWII was educated far better than a college graduate today.

A doctorate earned in the latter part of the last century is about at the same level as a master’s student in the 1950’s! Nothing is an good as it was. There is no equality or equivalency. So, I am open to a woman who is well-read but I still prefer one who has been educated to a higher than average level.

So, if you smoke, forget it. If you are from another “race” or species then we are not a match and I base my value system upon my religion which is based upon the Bible but don’t assume you have an inkling of what I believe because I can assure you that you don’t! I really read the Bible and it says quite a bit different than what I have heard preached from the pulpits all of my life. The Pastors do lie!

We will save that for a rather pointed conversation. Expect to be surprised.