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Worldwide Corona Virus Deaths Approach 80,000

In China alone deaths from this novel “Bioweapon” Cornona virus exceeded 79,000 this week. When my brother went to click on the real statistic suddenly it was deleted and an error message was put in its place. This number appears conservative and accurate by other watchers who have YouTube channels.

Another brother reported to me that he has a reliable source that there are 1,000 cases of “Wuhan” in New York City. The CDC can not sit on this and keep it covered up any longer. The CDC has begun blaming this outbreak on “cruise ship” passengers.

However, it appear that this Bioweapon was release purposely in China and now the USA and probably around the world. “Wuhan” is three times more deadly than the “Spanish Flu” of 1918 which by the way was a US Army biological agent which began in Kansas.

Both George Soros and Bill Gates were talking publicly about the Corona Virus fiver (5) years ago. 600-800 Million world wide deaths are expected from this “escape” that Harvard had a part in!

I urge everyone to be prepared to hunker down and stay put for up to two months. Eye protection is going to be the key to escaping this aerosol as well as voluntary isolation until the Bioweapon completes its second pass around the world.