Monthly Archives: March 2020

Fear not the Collapse of this Beast System

is the time of the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth.

This is not about the End of Life on Earth or the End of the World. This is the culmination of great actions set in place eons ago and spoken about in most religi-cultural peoples before us leading up to us.

We have been living in a degrading time to deceptions and frauds and greater lies. This world we are in is closer to “Hell” than what life on earth should be about!

As their web ensnares they are exposing themselves. If their “credit” system is the first to go, welcome it. It means our lives get better, faster and sooner.

Collapse of this Beast System allows us to have “honest” transactions. And we have the means, the tools necessary directly in our hands!

So, embrace the unknown. Accept the adventure. Imagine spending more time on a face to face transaction in which there is full disclosure and “honesty.” And I include “honest money.” And you and I will soon, by our simple faith of taking all transactions outside of their Beast System, will watch the revolution and the return of our Republic in America!