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Anal Swab Test for SARS and All

Lorraine Day, MD described a soft bone they were trying to target to inject or implant something into the brain via the cue tip PCR fraudulent test. Now, they want to “test” your anus with a cue tip!

Whatever is inserted into the rectum goes almost directly into the blood stream! What is that about?

If you have healthy gut flora those will help defend against something nasty like a pathogen getting through the (leaky) gut and into the blood stream. Most of those invasions result in autoimmune attack or, worse yet, an autoimmune disorder! Perhaps even a permanent autoimmune disorder! Do not consent to this risky procedure.

Psychosociobiological Warfare

This may take longer than March 4th. What I must say are I have been wracking my brain trying to understand this. And my fear is that these “medical” tactics and this tyranny are in fact in the process of wearing us down and weakening our immune systems!

So, I recommend taking the best care of yourself you can. Get fresh air. Exercise. Get some sun. Moreover, TALK to each other. Maintain those human connections.

A face shield offers more protection, far more than a “face diaper.” Moreover, the last time we wore face masks many died but from bacterial pneumonia and their VACCINES!

DO NOT TAKE THEIR VACCINES until we have time to analyze many samples forensically by several different labs and make certain what is in them, AND there are the standard animal safety trials.

Do not let them break you or us down!

False Dichotomies

We tend to think in false dichotomies which is extremely limiting. Because it limits perspectives and alternative explanations and all, many times those dichotomies are false. They are in error.

I, too, tend to conceptualize in false dichotomies. Why? Because it is easy.

Now I am going to say that a perspective that is useful is valid. So, I urge you to pause and think. Likewise I will do the same. Waiting is not easy.

Still, I say keep your powder dry. Not only that, keep it to yourself. In case you can’t tell, I, too, am stressing.

I have no idea what March 4th will bring. It is the old date for swearing in the new Congress.

We made mistakes on one of those dates and we sat attorneys in Congress which was in clear violation of the newly ratified Original 13th Amendment. Perhaps we can re-instate that properly ratified amendment and correct things.

Achtung! March 4th is the Day!

The shooting begins! Whether it will be up in the air rejoicing in victory & liberty* or if we will be shooting at each other, I know not!

Fais attention:

This is the old inaugural date for the Republic we once had. We once were. March 4th remains specified in the 12th Amendment!


If you can find a true copy of the original!

*Freedom means free to do whatever one wants. Liberty means full responsibility. I will tell you more later.

To My Friends on FacistBook

I have been blocked and whatever I posted during my last hours was so on point, so correct, so truthful that Facebook will not dare show me my offense! FaceBook is a DARPA project. It is our enemy! This corporate government is THE Enemy!

NaziBook has my account locked up tighter than ever! No messages. No posts. No comments. I can’t even send a smiley face. NAZI FACISTBOOK has been harassing me and shadow banning me for years!

Facebook is communist. It is the World Revolution. Moreover, Facebook appears to be run and owned by BOTH China AND Israel! Facebook intelligence PsyOp combines the two spearheads of World Communist Revolution AND Zionism!

These are the two prong spears outlined by Naval Intelligence Admiral William Guy Carr (2013) in his book “Pawns in the Game.” These are owned by the Illuminati that Dr. Henry Makow (a good Jew) has exposed.

Let me be clear. The Illuminati has controlled each of these movements since their inception. The Illuminati started each of these evil, vile projects!

Be Vigilant

No one is to be trusted. Not even the Donald. The way he left office has left us all hanging.

My advice: Keep your powder dry.

Be prepared. For anything. Even that late night round up of “dissidents.”

Why? Because that is what Trump fingered us to be as he was departing.

The entire world knows that Biden was NOT elected. Even the Democrats know that Biden did not win that election.

My suggestion is one not join up with any group or any demonstration but to only DEFEND one’s self, one’s family and perhaps one’s neighbors. It is noble to defend and to join with one’s neighbors to defend.

The other side has revealed themselves for being everywhere in every institution and every organization. They have space age weapons and they really want us to fight among ourselves.

Talking and intellectual arguing is OK but be careful. Walk away from a fight. Sad to say this conspiracy is so big, so large, so huge that one can not comprehend it!

The best weapon we have is that old Jewish weapon called the BOYCOTT. Can you do without? Can you stop supporting these errant fascist corporations and institutions and, above all, governments?

They are all corrupt and when we stop playing their game and we start bartering and cutting out the middleman we may prosper. Don’t give them the time of day, especially this duplicitous “two party system.”

One more thing, kick the [False] Jews (Rev 2:9, 3:9) and the Jesuits out! Kick out the bankers. Never vote Democrat or Republican again. Stop voluntarily paying all of their taxes, licenses and fees. Be willing to eat less and be willing to do more for yourself. Do not buy anything made in China. Do not buy anything made in Israel.

Withdraw all support from so-called non-profits and non-government organizations (NGO’s) and “feel good” organizations. They used the NGO’s to undermine America and other nations.

ALL IS CORRUPT. So leave them alone and leave them to themselves.

EDIT Added January 26th of 2021

I have edited my post slightly AND I must correct and qualify my terms.

In my anger I accused all the Jews when in fact, Biblically, those I intended to refer to are the Edomites aka Idumeans who HIDE BEHIND & AMONG THE JEWS! I apologize for my initial utterance but I dare not change it least I be accused of hiding something.

Why was I angry? Because in the recent past I served the Jews notice and pleaded with the Good Jews to clean their own ranks! One more thing, I hate “Jewish Supremacism” as well as the racist divide the Edomites have used against US!

I am still not satisfied with my expression in this post. Much more needs to be developed and I fear I am not up to the task.

Humbly yours,

Dr. Kent

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Lied!

The January 6th “Insurrection” was a trap laid by the Deep State and the Democrats and the Never-Trumper-Republicans. And Trump was caught in it! There was no way the “invaders” were not hired by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and others in the Deep State.

This was a sad affair for President Trump, and for the Majority Leader of the Senate to lie & perpetuate the lie that President Trump encouraged the violence and the breech of the Capital are preposterous!

Regardless, the Capital no longer stands for what it once did. And if it burned to the ground I would not cry.

Far from being “sacred” the Capital really is a “Den of Thieves.” Washington DC really is the “District of Criminals.”

Moreover, having all of those troops and law enforcement deployed demonstrates clearly that the Deep State stole this election and the Deep State and their Jewish masters (Zionists according to Admiral William Guy Carr, Naval Intelligence) and their World Revolution Communist allies (Carr) are deeply worried about the American people not swallowing their fraudulent election!

COVID-19 Vaccine & 5G Binary Weapon System

It is as I thought almost one year ago. Since almost February!

It is a combination of fake vaccine with a 5G activating system! Well, almost. It is actually worse than a poison or a toxin or even DEATH!

There are at least 30 nanobot apps in each “vaccination” which are activated, reprogrammed and controlled via 5G. The ultra low temperatures are required to preserve the nano robots which are indeed self replicating. We can thank the professor at Harvard for them!

So, they give the RNA vaccine which lacks any immunogen, then they activate it by 5G towers and satellites! That was the procedure in Wuhan and when they turned on the 5G towers the Chinamen turned from yellow to blue–code blue! Lack of oxygen. They killed more than 21 million this way.

This truly is The Mark of the Beast as the fallen angels (devils) and their children (Edomite False Jews–real DNA offspring!) perfect The Beast System which was supposed to come out of Babylon but has come from Egypt!

Their headquarters are in the high mountains of that “neutral” nation known as Switzerland which is the modern home of the Pharoahs. Those weird shaped skulls control the Vatican which practices those old religions worshipping Dagon and the vipers–the snake people fathered by Cain who slew Abel.

Cain was the fornication produced when a member of the Satan class named Gadreel (whose shortened name became “God”) seduced Eve who gave birth to the hybrid who went east to the Land of Nod, took wives from the Enoshe (Enoshwe) or the original earthy (mortal) man, the mongoloid aka Asian (Chinaman); and founded cities. Whose children in turn became the Phoenicians, the Phillistines, the Zidonians and the Canaanites!

The Phoenicians developed maritime law or Admiralty Law under which live today. This is the foreign jurisdiction which our enemy has superimposed upon US as we have been taken into captivity.

You see it is much more efficient today to “deport” and take into “captivity” by bringing in a foreign jurisdiction like Babylon than it is to physically relocate everyone (to Iraq)! That is why Washington DC (District of Criminals) is NOT a part of America! That is why we live under a corporation with the ICC (Interstate Commercial Code) governing US rather than a Constitution!

It has been this way since 1871 or even 1861 or perhaps even when Ben Franklin as a member of the Hell Fire Club in Paris inadvertently formed a corporation when dealing with and signing a treaty with a man who wore two hats–just like every participant in that giant (fraud) SEC of ours wears several hats to defraud US!

Moreover, all of these corporations with interlocking corporate boards are under one giant corporation. So there really is only one corporation upon the earth and that is centered in Rome which was founded by the Black Nobility of Venice which in turn was founded by the Phoenicians.

The City of London within the greater metropolis known as London is the third head of this beast. You may read about this three headed eagle in the Bible in 2 Esdras beginning in approximately chapter 11.

This is the perfect enslavement of mankind.

This lion has roared!

May Judah once again rule and may our brothers, including the Sikh’s, unite!

May we establish The Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth!

Parmatma Singh Khalsa

Dr. John Taylor Kent