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An Accounting for Pence

Word in Indiana is Mike Pence was sent a message and this one is far worse than any blackmail. His son is in the military and the threat was they’d put his son on the front lines and let him take a bullet from his own side! A little friendly fire!

We are ruled by murderers and protecting one’s child is a pretty serious thing. This may well be the means by which Pence was compromised and forced to abandon his duties as Vice President regarding this election.

Anti-Gun Groups Will Cause The Second Civil War in America

Anti-gun groups are anything but against gun violence! That’s right. Anti-gun groups are major contributors to this coming Civil War. There will be no avoiding this Second Civil War. George Washington foresaw it and Revelations proclaims it. It is Creator Father YHVH’s will.

And Anti-gun groups and their gun grabbing legislation are going to CAUSE GUN VIOLENCE as the Police State attempts to enforce this unconstitutional legislation and the ATF tries to enforce their errant rules & regulations that run contrary to our Constitution.

Moreover, everyone in America is on edge knowing that when the riots break out the police at all levels and our military will not be able to protect them. So, America has armed up. Even the liberal left has been buying guns & ammo.

I suggest the liberalization of guns laws now as a way to remove some of the pressure. We know Obama filled the military with officers and men who would be willing to fire upon American citizens if so ordered. Even the Marines can not be trusted.

The NFA should go away because it is one of the largest impediments to gun freedoms and most certainly is major infringement. The Gun Control Act of 1968 needs to be rescinded because it was a feel good measure imposed upon the people after our government failed to solve the Kennedy Assassinations as well as other assassinations.

It’s time the American people be trusted again. Americans are NOT free. The Swiss are issued full battle rifles (full automatic and tri-burst) as well as ammunition. Swiss men are required to keep these in their homes. That is a lot more free than we are in America.

The government should issue every man coming of age and able bodied a selective fire automatic rifle. In no other country are there “short barreled rifles.” Even in Thailand their people are allowed to have what we mistakenly call SBR’s. Even the Thai’s are more free than Americans.

We are NOT “the home of the free” and “the land of the brave.” Have you seen combat video of our troops fighting? It is appalling. They are morons. They scatter fire in ineffective manners and frankly, I suspect the soldiers from Korea evenly matched and supplied could beat our boys. Their training is atrocious.

Andrew Cuomo in his raging gun control speeches is sounding more like Adolf Hitler. In fact, Cuomo already has a small mass murder on his hands. It might exceed 30,000. We really don’t know because America is ruled by insane idiots.

I am all for Americans owning whatever armaments they can afford to field. The problem is we’ve grown weak and tired. I suspect it is because of the slow systemic poisoning that has been ongoing since the Rockefeller’s started the AMA and the medical monopoly for Big Pharma. And we began water fluoridation which knocks down IQ a full 13 points!

I urge all citizens to take up arms and be ready. Biden gave the Chinese full access to our electrical power grid and I have a sneaking suspicion that the ChiComs are going to take it down.

The same bastards who put Hitler in power put Biden in power. The REAL INSURRECTION IS HAPPENING NOW. We are being saturated with incompatible sorts who really do not like America. Sadly, when the Bildeberg’s cheered at the announcement of the targeting and the demise of America, they cheered urging that we be ‘locked up (walled in) and not allowed out to do anymore mischief.’

They do this because they know they are doing God’s will. God has judged America and found us lacking.

But don’t go anywhere. Stick around and enjoy the show. It’s about to get really good. After America turned her back on God I really don’t mind watching. Watching the bullets fly, the disease & pestilence. It’s going to be gruesome, especially the zombie apocalypse.

What? You don’t think Hollywood made those movies for nothing, do you? They set us up. Their projective programming is a requirement according to the rules by which the elite & the Illuminati play. They have to announce their actions in advance to their victims. That way they are granted license to do whatever they want to us.

America, wake up and stop being fools. Even your so called conservative talk radio and your patriots are controlled opposition. The previous Jesuit General announced long ago that all the doors are shut. You can not get out. You are unable to perceive.

Anti-gun groups merely want to render Americans defenseless. This makes it easier for their side and their criminals with the guns to take us down. America, it’s way past time to circle the wagons.

Prince Phillip Died a Happy Man

First, my title is in error in part. The part about Phillip being a “man.” The Queen’s husband was not a man in the strict biblical sense. Rather, he was an Edomite also known as a Idumean. And he was a descendant of Vlad the Impaler also known as Vlad Dracula. Vlad Dracula was the most famous ruler in Romanian history. Few know this but now you do. Dracula was a descendant of the giants and the majority of the royalty in Europe are descendants of Vlad the Impaler.

How do I surmise Prince Phillip died a happy man? It’s easy. Phillip always bragged when he came back he wanted to be reincarnated as a plague or other disease so that he could wipe out the majority of the world’s population! And, Prince Phillip died happily knowing and seeing his life’s work launch onto full fruition.

This is the time of the “harvest” and the Earth is ripe, full of people, for the elite and the Illuminati to genocide at will. Prince Phillip died fully satisfied that the British Crown has ruled America surreptitiously since the War of 1812 and had finally conquered America and has prepared the final blow!

Yes, Prince Charles and his Mother and her privy council have all conspired to destroy America! It has been done from “within.”

Saving America

It’s said a five star general has the authority to arrest the President of the United States but we don’t have one. They murdered the last five star general in approximately 1972–the same way they murdered James Forrestal who was about to tell the public that we did NOT win World War II and about the flying saucers. In 1948 the Germans defeated Admiral Byrd in Antarctica. And, yes Hitler survived the war!

They threw General Brown and Sectetary of Defense Forrestal out of windows to their deaths. We are ruled by murderers. Sociopaths.

Today, the only man who can arrest the President of the United States is the Sargent of Arms of the United States Congress. The problem is the current Sargent of Arms participated in the “insurrection” of January 6, 2021 He was an active participant who helped stage that event!

So, is the Sargent of Arms for the Congress going to do his duty and arrest the Usurper-in-Chief Joe Biden? No. Hell no!

During his first week in power Joe Biden acting as President of the United States gave the Red Chinese, the ChiComs complete access to America’s power grid. Now, we are at the total mercy of the Communist Chinese. They can turn the power off or or on or down at their will from section to section. The Chinese as purveyors of our electric grid under the guise of maintenance are free to sabotage and destroy our electrical grid.

What that means is if the Chinese choose to take out our power grid within one year 90% of Americans will be dead. And the Chinese don’t have to fire a shot. They don’t have to invade. All the ChiComs need do is sabotage our electrical grid!

If the Chinese took down our power grid it is estimated it would take at least 10 years for us to rebuild our manufacturing base in order to begin to be able to manufacturer the transformers necessary to once again have a working power grid.

Joe “bite me” Biden has rendered America totally helpless to our mortal enemies. The elite with their New World Order have succeeded in putting a very unstable demented man of poor character into office. And the NWO has had it’s Speaker of the House who may order the Sargent of Arms to arrest Joe Biden in place for a long time.

Will Speaker Pelosi give such an order? Is the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi herself mentally stable?

Look at the number of communist sympathizers in high office today. Many should be registered as foreign lobbyists for the Chinese because they are their agents! Look at Fienstein. Look at that Congressman who remains on the intelligence committee despite of the fact the Chinese agent who had compromised him was forced to flea the country.

If we had a stable government the Sargent of Arms of the Congress would arrest Joe Biden and save America. I am not betting on this one!

How Arizona Took Down America

It’s simple and it is the responsibility of Governor Dirt Bag, the Secretary of State & the Board of Supervisors for the Maricopa County elections! They all conspired with the last two elections to get Democrats in place and Arizona has the stupidest legislators in the world!

By failing to address the obvious rampant VOTER FRAUD Arizona has stuck the USA with Biden & Harris. As a direct result the Chinese were given full access to our electrical grid shortly after Biden usurped the presidency he did NOT win.

Trump wasn’t fully on American’s side. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The Crown of England & Prince Charles, his mother and her privy council are the main actors behind the scenes in taking over & destroying America. The fact remains our political class sold US out and they are controlled by murderers.

America, it’s over.

Unless you rise up, take your guns & your Bibles (as Barack said) and fully

defeat the enemy this summer!