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Emergency! 20 States Sign DANGEROUS Alkali Body Disposal

Fauci’s bioweapon is the “protein spike.” It’s is hard as hell to destroy mad cow prions. Even surgical tools can not be sterilized and have to be destroyed!

20 States have signed onto the inferior method of body disposal using an alkali washing process that includes disposing of these “indestructible proteins” in biosludge which will be used as fertilizer! Nothing like feeding your people shit! Shit that causes mad cow disease!


An Open Letter to Senator Murkowski

I know the proper salutation is “the honorable senator” but you are not honorable! However, you are not alone. There are 99 other “not honorable senators” including great men like Mr. Lee and Mr. Cruz.

Not one of you sitting Senators is honorable! Why? Because all y’all hold the office unlawfully!

Our Founding Fathers had it right and this particular facet of our problems started with “Honest Abe” Lincoln who was so nick named because he was DISHONEST! So dishonest that he destroyed our Republic!

Restoring our Republic requires throwing all 100 of you DISHONORABLE Senators out of office and neigh near starting over again.

Where shall I begin.

Oh! Thank you for your recent and lengthy letter. However, I was unable to read it on my tiny cell phone as I traveled our country claiming my family inheritance then losing it again to a sociopath. There actually might be two sociopaths. More to tell on this later.

I have no idea what you wrote about. Nor do I care. You are NOT my Senator. In fact, no one in the USA has a Senator! And there is NO Republic! Only a corporation. actually, a series of corporations all named similarly in a giant shell game. A game of FRAUD!

Let me tell you a story.

If you and I showed up in court and I say to the judge, “Well, my Constitutional rights . . .” The Judge might look down at me and say, “Oh, were you a party to the Constitution?” The judge would snidely imply that I signed the Constitution which of course would be preposterous.

So, it is today for each individual State. Why? Because none of them today has their State Government represented! Rather than our current (unlawful & dishonorable) Senators coming from their respective State legislatures subject to instant recall should they vote apposite of what their respective State Governments want, we have a permanent class of professional politicians not statesmen!

In short, the original parties to the Constitution are no longer represented and hence our Republic is destroyed!

The only cure is to roll back to the original structure our Founders gave us and that brings us to the sole remedy: A Second American Revolution or another return to Self Rule.

Things went wrong when “Honest Abe” overwrote the Original 13th Amendment with his anti-slavery amendment. Now, why did “Honest Abe” do that? Because Abraham Lincoln (Springs) wanted to hide the fact he was NOT qualified to hold that office–just like you are NOT qualified to hold that office!

As an attorney and a member of the BAR, “Honest Abe” was not allowed under the Original 13th Amendment to hold office in either of the other two branches of government because lawyers as officers of the court must abide by the “Separation of Powers.”

In 1812 the attorneys got US into a war and we wanted to never allow them to do that again. So, we passed and fully ratified that 13th Amendment. Most think that it was not passed; however, BOTH the State or Virginia and the State of New Hampshire voted to pass the Original 13th Amendment. Ten of the thirteen colonies voted for it!

We have not been able to make a final determination on Virginia because the hand written notes of that legislative session were captured by the British and those remain under lock & key in Great Britain to this day.

As far as New Hampshire, only on the last decade have we found the evidence when they were cleaning out their capital. They found an old copy of the State of New Hampshire Constitution with the Original 13th Amendment.

Murkowski, if you want to be “honorable” then lead the fight, the good fight to restore our Republic. I call your attention to this and I give you the opportunity to make American history.

The Prophet Deagel

This is no such prophet but rather a contemporary website that recently took down its pages of predictions for the nations of the world in 2025. Deagel may still have its list of current world stats still up. It shows “current” populations, per capita income and amount of money spent on national defense.

What Deagel “prophesied” [predicted] for the USA was a massive drop in per capita income down to merely $16,000 a year and, more importantly, a reduction in population from approximately 330 Million to only 69 Million!

Deagel claims or claimed before they took that page down that the USA will lose approximately 270 Million people by sometime in 2025. Thus, in about 2019 Deagel predicted the genocide of Americans which is what I fear is happening today.

Think about it. How many elderly did New York Governor Cuomo alone send off to die? How many did Governor Gavin Newsom send to die? What about Governor Whitmer?

What we are experiencing is NOT a “pandemic” but rather a GENOCIDE just like Hitler was accused of! Start with the elderly, then the infirmed. What’s next? The children?



And Hitler was wrongly accused. Sure, he certainly did some bad stuff but no way there were 6 Million Jews! It was impossible. I’ll accept the Red Cross stats. Besides, the real holocausts were several and Adolph did not do those. Who do you think did those? His accusers!

The Jab

“The jab” is a term I believe the British may have coined to get past the censors on Facebook. I hope and pray that “the jab” is merely a financial scheme to soak currency out of the people. But, alas, I fear the Prophet Deagel was right.

You haven’t heard of the prophet “Deagel?” Well, hang on!

My fear is “the jab” may be a genocidal effort to fulfill the prophesy of Deagel. And now with that French virologist going public earlier this month my biggest fear is being confirmed. That is, if his claim that everyone receiving “the jab” will be dead within two years and we need to prepare to incinerate a tremendous amount of corpses!

Observations on Regression

As my dog ages and diminishes, which causes me great sorrow, I find that treating him and talking to him and encouraging Diesel as if he is a little puppy dog like he once was gives him a tremendous lift in his spirit. As my brother said Diesel has the will. He just doesn’t have the way.

Diesel turns 15 years old at the end of July. He’s a Great Dane and Black Lab mix and this is the most wonderful combination in the world. You get the majestic personality of a Great Dane with a smaller dog that lives. Well, longer than a Black Lab and damn near TWICE AS LONG as a Great Dane.

Plus, you get short hair and that lack of personal space that comes with Great Danes. You know, your feet are their feet and they step on those too. There’s hardly any separation between you and they think of your space as their space. They are lovable and loyal dogs. Plus, at merely 70 pounds at his zenith, you get a dog smaller than either breed.

Breeding matters folks! It matters in dogs and it matters in humans! We are not all the same and I don’t give a shit how many times politicians declare that “all men are created equal,” when we certainly are not. I wish I’d been a baseball player or a football player but I am not. Nor did I ever have the “equal” potential.

Nevertheless, if I decry the platitude and lie that “all men are created equal” I would be a liar, and probably a thief just like virtually ALL of our politicians. Let’s start reading the Bible and following the adages and commandments.

Over and over the Bible commands us to “love truth and justice” in that order. Why? Because there is no justice without truth. We must have truth before we get any justice.

The truth is not easy to determine. it takes work. Let’s accept that we will always be working for the truth, to get to the truth. Then we might render judgement and justice.

Love truth AND justice

Can a Sociopath Recover or Repent?

I don’t know. So I am asking the question. We generally say that no one recovers and that is a major part of the Negative Projective Process that unfortunately those who practice “clinical psychology” engage in today. Likewise, Christians would have a fit saying that the love of Christ can overcome anything.

Martha Stout wrote The Book on Sociopathy in 2006: “The Sociopath Next Door.” It was the culmination of 50 years of her professional experience. I have high regard for Psychologist Martha Stout and her book. I highly recommend her tome. She writes well and it is a relatively easy read.

But even Dr. Stout did not believe we could treat the sociopath nor did she think sociopathy ever remitted. Today, I wonder. I think and hope that a person with sociopathic tendencies might have enough self control that they might be able to choose and remit and give up their sordid habits. Alas, what they do is easy for them. They usually have had many years honing their craft and may be in fact trapped by their own unique skills. They are highly skilled. And most are highly specialized.

Why do I write this? Why am I writing about this subject? Because I have run into another sociopath and at this moment several tendencies and axioms are being tested.

One is one can never beat a sociopath. Another is that a sociopath can never change.

I am hoping for a win-win. That is a win for both parties. That the subject gets to change, to overcome, and that he’ll give up his sociopathic tendencies, rejoin the human race (as dull as that may be) and work together with me. We have a common problem. It would behoove all parties to cooperate and to work together.

Just like all mankind must to overcome our dire situation today with the sociopathic totalitarian Judeopathy. I love the Jewish people, that is, the good Jewish people, the good figs. And I love and adore my Israelite brothers & sisters.

What? You’ve never heard of them! You don’t know a thing about them! The Israelites.

Hold on. I will tell you everything when I return to the air waves. I have a few stories to tell you.

Totalitarian Judeopathy at ABC NEWS

I saw an interesting ABC News Propaganda article “Why Militias Are So Hard To Stop” and it’s absolute Bovine Excrement! If this is the crap ABC and the Judeopathy intend to push and get us to believe, they are wrong!

I have traveled the country for a decade and I can find NO RIGHT WING EXTREMISM anywhere! Sure, there are racially biased people and a lot of LEFT WING EXTREMISTS but the only so called White Supremacy groups are good folks who fear for their safety & survival.

Why? Because SYSTEMIC RACISM IS REAL and it’s all against Whites! Especially White Men!

ABC NEWS should lose their broadcasting licenses because of their Hogwash! They are part of the totalitarian Judeopathy!

Prayer Request

Hardly ever do I ask for prayer because how and to whom one prays is important to me. Add to that my inability to comprehend Creator Father and even the structure of the soul or even Mother Earth–and I am loathe to ask for prayer for my self.

But I ask for prayer because I have myself enmired & enmeshed in a terrible situation and I see no end in sight except to take a younger man to court. I know, we are advised not to go to court and to settle the matter BEFORE it gets to court.

This is one of those unavoidable times and it’s going to cost me more and it’s going to cost him. My family inheritance is at stake. My Dad’s lifetime work is at risk. Also, a major corporation has a vested interest in the matter. So, I have no choice. I must see it through.

Please pray the gentleman sees the error(s) of his ways and brings it up a step or two. He (wrongly) charged me with “setting him up” when there are enough errors to go around to everybody. Pray for cooperation. Pray that it may be resolved amicably.

Thank you,

Dr. Kent

Treason Hanging Election & Mayhem

Why does anyone or any organization censor honest debate? Because they fear the truth! The World knows Biden did NOT win that Election. Election results were certified by officials who knew there was massive Election Fraud.

The USA is on the verge of total destruction and perhaps even civil war. Certainly, the Blacks and their BLM are going to burn this nation from one end to the other. Then why should we not hold the errant officials who (wrongly) certified this election accountable?

What should be the price each pays for the destruction of America?

Since they (Democrat and Republican alike) have been derelict in their duties resulting in losses of many lives and destruction of a tremendous amount of property should they not be held accountable?

In Arizona alone there are three major elected officials who need to be removed from office, charged and tried. Those are: First, the AZ Secretary of State. Second, the AZ Governor. And third the AZ AG. One Republican and two Democrats. What should be the price(s) they pay?

Since their dereliction was treason and sedition, should they not suffer the ultimate penalty for their sedition and high treason? I think so. What say you?

Anti-Trust Applied to Totalitarian Judeopathy

What President Biden ought to do is break up these huge monopolies: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and others using the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws of old. Without breaking up these monopolies that have destroyed our First Amendment Free Speech Rights and the rights of free association, there can only be violence.

Nevertheless, violence is what these politicians want! Should Biden’s financial package pass it will create great disparities which are designed to cause violence. When you have people who are given lavish lifestyles next to people who are deprived of the basics, the necessities for survival make violence inevitable.

What these giant monopolies all have in common they have in common with the current Biden Administration. Biden has appointed all Jews or rather each of his appointments to key positions of power are Jews. Likewise, all media and communications and these monopolies on the internet are all owned by Jews and controlled by Jews.

“Totalitarian Judeopathy” is a term I borrowed from Jewish Professor Roger Dommergue who declares that there are only two political parties remaining. One being the “totalitarian Judeopathy” and the other being the “Nationalist” parties of non-Jews that have not been yet tainted by capitalist-Marxism which is indeed of the Jews as well!

My point here is the “Judeopapthy” is a sociopathic culture hell bent upon destroying humanity or (once again) vast numbers of humanity AND destroying the planet and our planet’s ability to support life, all life. That said, I adjure you not all Jews are bad!

Nevertheless, I have been warning and admonishing and even begging the good Jews, the good figs as Isaiah says, to clean up their ranks and either prosecute the bad figs among them or at least hand them and the evidence over to the World to deal with this evil immanent threat.

One final point, there are no parties in America. All of them, every one with any size is a part of the “Totalitarian Judeopathic Party!” There is no Republican Party and there is no Democrat Party. It is all one big party controlled by the bad figs, the bad Jews. And as George Carlin said, “You ain’t one them!” Or are you?

In Revelations we have John the Apostle, the one Yahshua loved, writing on Patmos the words of Yahshua the Messiah in 2:9 and 3:9, a double witness meaning YHVH Creator Father wants us to pay attention to this, that ‘there are those who say they are Jews and are not’ but are of the synagogue of Satan.

This means to me that there are bad Jews AND there are certainly good Jews. Skip the “anti-Semitism.” Everything we’ve been told is a lie! On all sides!

Let’s focus upon saving our planet and saving our families.

The Earth groans for her Saviors!

John Taylor