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Reality Check: In Arizona Trump Beat Biden 2:1

Biden did not win Arizona. In fact, Joe Biden got beat by Trump. Biden was “trumped” 2:1 in Arizona.

Trump won Arizona 2:1

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is personally responsible for all of this death & destruction in America today. Once people find out that the COVID-19 “Vaccines” were a genocide program by the Elites & the ChiComs, people are going to be hunting down the likes of:

Governor Doug Ducey (Roscoe)

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

All three knowingly certified false election results. And they are going to hunt:

Everyone involved in the administration of the lethal injections (wrongly) called “vaccines.” That includes the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christ right down to those who gave the injections!

The next five years are going to be absolutely disastrous as folks, primarily Democrats, realized they have been lied to, deceived, used and poisoned. Not all of the vaccines were lethal concoctions. Most contained placebo’s.

Sadly, the big three vaccine makers worked together to target conservative regions. (Vaccine induced death rates are significantly higher for Red states than Blue states!) This was an active campaign to kill off Trump voters AND to destroy America and to take over the World.

Vaccine induced deaths are several times higher in Republican regions.

One final word, Trump was a player in all of this. I know it is hard to fathom, difficult to understand. But you have to realize that Trump abandoned his office and abandoned us! Moreover, on the way out he fingered us.

These lethal injections as well as this inflation started under Trump. It’s time Americans rose up and took back our nation. We need to kick the Bastards to the curb. Many we need to hang.

Restore the Original 13th Amendment

We must restore the Original 13th Amendment and recover our Republic! They stole our Republic from us early on (early March 1813) and they have been chipping away since the inception of our Republic. The devil’s are deeply embedded among us!

For the sake of our people and WE OWE IT TO THE WORLD we must reclaim our Republic! We must restore honest money. We must love truth and justice–just like it says repeatedly throughout the NIV Bible.

Love truth and justice.

Did Vaccine Makers Target “Republican States?”

Sadly, it appears the Big Three manufacturers of these COVID-19 “vaccines” are working together to target populations in States that voted for Trump. If this isn’t genocide and biological warfare, I don’t what is!

BTW, this includes Arizona. Death rates in Republican States are reported to be approximately double the vaccine induced death rates in Democratic States. Truly, we have been targeted for extinction! The USA is being taken down as fast as possible by the enemy within working in conjunction with our enemies without.

Former ADC Director Charles Ryan’s Alleged Illegal Discharge of a Weapon

The unnecessary deaths of Ron Odom & Brent Lumley in 1997. 

I urge the full prosecution of Charles Ryan for his alleged illegal discharge of a weapon that necessitated the full use of the Tempe Police Special Operations.  That deployment was not cheap.
The ADC locks are part of a massive scam in which millions of dollars are being scammed.  This has been going on so long it is a tradition.  It is institutionalized theft!
On Dec 21, 2017 Ryan sent two of his goons with their supervisor over to my hotel to confront me.  I am certain the officers would have killed me on the spot if they could justify it in any way.  The officer recorded that interview and the hotel employees may have documented this because they were treated roughly and feared the ADC Police investigators and feared for my life.
Since then I befriended a former ADC employee and he explained much of this to me.  The State has no control over ADC and can not stop this theft.  The legislature can not exercise any oversight over the largest employer in the State!
Both this gentlemen and I feel that upper ADC brass have targeted us to kill or at least harm us in the past.  Please pass this onto the Maricopa Prosecuting Attorney.
ADC damaged me and damaged my acquaintance.  He used to work in security for ADC (on the locks etc).  I was a Psychologist for ADC.
I would love to be compensated (for my losses) AND bust the top brass at ADC (and the Governor’s Office!) for this ongoing fraud and theft.  Ask Kevin Smith.
The negligence of the top brass at ADC and CHARLES RYAN in particular resulted in the (unnecessary) deaths of Ron Odom and Brent Lumley!  (1997)  That is why Ryan (misused his authority) and sent his goons after me (2017).  They wanted me off the air and I complied as fast as I could.  Ask Psychologist Jocelyn Fuller about those deaths.
ADC will remain a dangerous place to work until it is reformed.  ADC will not be reformed until it is exposed for the organized crime that it allows.  This is going to require a tremendous amount of investigation and I doubt there is anyone leading any law enforcement agency in Arizona who will be willing to take this on.
In the past the Arizona State Police and the FBI did not want to take it on.  The Arizona State Police and the FBI were derelict in their duty.
I approached Governor Brewer’s Office many times and they never wanted to face the truth.  Because of this and the fact that one of Arizona’s previous governors drew $1 Million to campaign against Bill Clinton from this lock scam according to my acquaintance, I suspect that this corruption which appears to have gone clear to the governor’s office is still going on.
What was the most recent news about ADC?  The locks!

The prison locks at ADC and security.

Israel & Mossad did 9-11

Hands down, the Israeli’s did 9-11. They rigged all three buildings for demolition and Larry Silverstein committed insurance fraud.

The Jews run America. Look at everyone of Biden’s appointments. They are almost all Jews. What we have is “Lenin” in the White House and America is run by “Bolsheviks!”

Understand, this is a fight to death. It is the fight between good & evil. The Jews and Israel are not the chosen ones–except for destruction!

Right now Israel is working to reclaim their real homeland. The Israeli’s home is not the Promised Land but is ancient Khazaria. Where is Khazaria? Khazaria was located where the Ukraine is today!

So, I can assure you that the Russians will invade Khazaria–the Ukraine. Who can blame Russia to do everything they can to avoid a NATO power on their border! It is a matter of self-defense and Russia has every right to defend itself.

There is not a single WASP on the Supreme Court. All of the justices are Jewish or Catholic with the exception of the token Black.

The longest lasting civilization on the planet was the Byzantine Empire (Mullins). It lasted 1100 years. In contrast Russia and the United States have barely made it 200 years living with Jews running freely.

What did they do that was different in the Byzantine Empire? How did the Byzantine culture make it more than a thousand years? They did not expel the Jew but they barred the Jew from certain key positions and professions.

We don’t need to expel the Jews or do we? We don’t need “the final solution” of Adolph Hitler–which never existed and was a figment of the Jewish sociopathic imagination as they falsely accused Hitler and framed him as the most evil man to ever have existed.

Am I angry? Yes, I am. Moreover, I am very saddened by the current state of our nation. Why? Because we in America are descendants of the real Israelites. We are the children of Manasseh, Joseph’s son whom Israel adopted.

We in America are the “great nation” foretold on the later part of Genesis. Our older brother Ephraim became “a company of nations”–the British Empire.

The Khazarians are a mixture of Turkish-Mongolians and the Edomites who migrated from Mt. Seir and aided in the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. They are brought their demon DNA with them and intermingled their DNA from their father “Cain” who was the first murderer.


The Bible is the foundation for western civilization. Our enemies are the descendants of Cain and that fallen angel who’s nickname was “Gad” or “God” which was short for Gadreel. Gadreel seduced Eve. That union produced Cain. Cain murdered his half brother Abel.

The real name, the proper name of our Father Creator is “YHVH” which is Yahweh and the nickname was left in the KJV of the Bible in The Book of Psalms in the English translation. The translators let it slip through and it is “YAH.”

If you know the German language you will recognize this as German for “yes.” This in part is why we were directed against the German people–because they are the descendants of Judah who was to bear the scepter until the return of the Messiah.

The Jews, or at least the Rothchild’s and the Rabbi’s, want to rule the world. They insist upon being known as “the chosen people.” Now, you know why we had to destroy the most noble people on the earth. The (false) Jews want to rule the world and enslave the rest of us!

Read Revelations 2:9; 3:9, and you will see John writing the testimony of Yahshua (his real name) declaring that they “say” they are Jews and Yahshua associates those imposters with the synagogue of Satan.

Israeli’s and Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Semites!

One last thing, the Israeli’s and Ashkenazi are NOT Semites! We White European peoples are real Semites!

The false charge of being “Anti-Semitic” is part of the Zionist PsyOp!

Have the Ashkenazi Declared War on the World?

Seriously folks, this appears to be a Bioweapon targeted against those of White European descent. I prefer the term Caucasian since that tells us where we came from BEFORE Europe. We came from Northern Israel and migrated across the Caucas Mountains in approximately 622 BC.

Those most susceptible to this ACE2 oriented Bioweapon are of European descent. Those immune to it just happen to be Ashkenazi Jews! What a coincidence!

Dr. Lee Merritt cited a paper on PubMed. The ACE2 receptors are racially different. Did Fauci and buddies design a Bioweapon to take out all other races?

The Amish and the Ashkenazi Jews are the only ones immune to this Bioweapon! The Amish certainly aren’t waging war; they won’t even defend themselves.

That protein spike was designed to get into the ACE2 pathway. Specifically, it appears to have been designed (after years of collecting DNA from unsuspecting targeted individuals) to target Whites of European descent and American Blacks!

Whites of European descent & American Blacks appear to be the primary targets of this Bioweapon.

Whites and American Blacks appear to have been targeted by this Bioweapon. Moreover, it appears this Bioweapon was designed purposely to destroy America, the USA.

This Bioweapon was designed purposely to destroy America, the USA.

Now, the questions remain: Was this designed purposely by the Ashkenazi Jews to destroy America before Americans wake up and destroy them? Is this a Jewish weapon?

Was this designed purposely by the Ashkenazi Jews to destroy America before Americans wake up and destroy them?

Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 is an enzyme that can be found either attached to the membrane of cells in the intestines, kidney, testis, gallbladder, and heart or in a soluble form. Both membrane bound and soluble ACE2 are integral parts of the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system that exists to keep the body’s blood pressure in check. Wikipedia

BolshevikBook Censorship

Katie Hobbs failed to do her duty during and since the election of 2020. As a direct result of the Arizona Secretary or State our nation is in a free fall–we are being destroyed!

In my honest opinion, Hobbs must be charged for her TREASON and tried. It will never happen. Why? Because her Democratic ally Arizona Attorney Mark Brnovich is just as guilty as Hobbs is. Also, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey also known as Doug Roscoe is guilty of certifying an election he knew was invalid!

Ducey comes from a corrupt family (Roscoe) and he is paid by the ChiComs per Mr. Lindell. Arizona is so corrupt that millions of dollars are diverted illegally to the Governor’s Office!

All three have committed treason and are directly responsible for the current and ongoing destruction of the USA!

I will explain this is detail on my new show.

Martin Luther King was Not a Good Man

Martin Luther King was a bad man. He was managed or handled by the Bad Figs who have infiltrated our country and are now ruling over us as they hold the seats of power in our nation.

King never earned a doctorate. He plagiarized and his life was managed. He was manipulated by his handlers. He handlers wrote his speeches. Those were very moving but they were designed to divide & conquer America. That’s exactly what King and his handlers did!

King was assassinated by a man who was working for the FBI. However, he did not die until the ER physician at the distant hospital to which his ambulance was re-directed saw that King survived the 30.06 hunting rifle shot. His ER physician ended King’s life by taking a pillow and smothering King with it!

King was allowed on his last day of life to do what he loved doing the most. King ate like a king and he loved beating his White prostitutes.

It’s time, way past time, we faced the truth about Martin Luther King and put this sacred cow to rest. Certainly, most people will not want to believe what I have written. However, we must become a people that loves the truth and justice. That is one of the overriding commands in the Bible that we are required to adhere to.


That phrase stands out in the NIV Study Bible (1983). We are commanded, ordered to love truth and justice in that order. Why? Because without truth there can be no justice.

However, I must warn you against abiding by the study notes that speak of “social justice” because “justice” is one of those concepts which must remain pure otherwise there is no justice! Justice is justice. Modified justice is always a miscarriage of real, pure justice.

Return of the Dr. Kent Show

Due to all sorts of glitches I am forced to delay my return to broadcasting. I am trying to get everything I need and I realize that I am not going to know until I get back to actually doing it.

Software is one thing I know I am going to need but I don’t know which software package. I am doing my research but other matters have me distracted.

I already have my first topic and I have chosen it because I know that it is going to garner a lot of hits. Since it is my first show I am hoping that the subject matter will garner approximately 300,000 views.

Justice Sotomayor is Not Fit to Serve!

Since Sotomayor is either lying or out of touch with reality and the facts, she is unfit to serve. Her failure to correct her inflammatory utterance is bad Behavior.

There are no lifetime appointments for Justices to the Supreme Court. Read the Constitution. Justices “may serve while under good Behavior.” And “Behavior” is capitalized!