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The Real Great Reset

Our sun is no longer yellow. It was yellow all of my life and my life has been long by modern standards–almost 70 years. Our sun is now WHITE and may be going blue. Is this the Hopi “Blue Kachina?”

This change in our sun has resulted in a change in our magnetic field. I estimate that the earth’s magnetic field is now at 75% of her usual strength and it is falling.

The poles, both north and south, have shifted. the magnetic poles continue to move towards each other.

Last week the earth set a record for the shortest day and the fastest rotation ever. That record will be broken again and very soon.

At some point the inner layer of the earth is going to become a lubricant and allow the earth’s crust to slip. There is a great likelihood that we will have a repeat of what the artwork that the ancient ones left on the rocks warning us.

This is The Great Reset and it has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab the Rothschild. This Great Reset is not man made. In fact, man has nothing to with it. It is not anthropomorphic.

From what I can tell within 20-30 years our sun is going to go micronova and in a day the earth will shift massively resulting in a world wide catastrophe that will effect every man. I am still researching and this is what I can tell you.

In as little one day the earth’s crust will shift wildly and it will shift back. Nothing will remain the same and another ice age will have begun.

I like to think good things about people and I’d like to think good things about our government. But then, one must ask “which” government?

Has our government been preparing for us while keeping it secret? Has the government been preparing places for us? Do they have a place for me? For my dog? Is this their excuse for stealing from us blowing up the money supply off the books (counterfeiting) in order to fund their cavernous project? Or is it carnivorous?

A past CIA director said the CIA will have done its job when nothing the American people believes is true. So, what is the truth? Who can tell the truth? What kind of government is this that deceives?

The CIA even corrupted the science by which we could know about our sun and our history. The CIA planted their agent at Columbia University and he single-handedly destroyed the credibility of an entire body of science so that we would not know.

The ancients warned us of what we are facing. They left records carved upon rocks and painted in caves. Some are very ornate. Our sun is going to throw snakes of massive lightening bolts to the earth. We are going to see giant plasma displays in our atmosphere. There is a good chance we are going to have go underground again.

Even the Bible has such scenes codified throughout the Bible. From the sun spots, to the sun not rising, to the sun standing still and even the sun rising on the west as I saw in the beginning of a vision–one can piece together a great calamity.

But is it a “calamity?” The earth has been designed to “recycle” itself and reclaim her natural state. Man entertains so much evil that perhaps a great reset of such a catastrophic magnitude will be a blessing. It certainly will stop the evil ones from destroying the planet and makes their current ongoing world wide genocide pointless.

Or does it? What is the point of killing everyone if the earth’s natural 10-12,000 year cycle will do it?

My advice to the common man is to be gentle on yourself. Don’t rush to rash action. The drop in the magnetic field is effecting the animals and we are observing the (wild) effects. This drop in magnetism also effects men. It acts upon the amygdala–the tiny pair of almond shaped structures (two) in the brain that mediate fear and rage and even cause paranoia.

So avoid conflicts. People have been going crazy and they are going to become even crazier! Do your best to keep yourself grounded.

Remember what Yahshua the Messiah (whom you call Jesus Christ) said on more than one occasion to his followers: “Hold your ground and be not deceived.”

Hold your ground and be not deceived.

The End of an Earth Age and the Rebirth of the Earth

The Evil Ones who own & run this planet know about the immediate catastrophe and have been superimposing their brainwashing (deceiving) the World.

They are the descendants of those who have survived many such “Earth Ages,” perhaps over the last 70,000 years. They major in poisons so that is why their craft (modern medicine) is so “advanced.”

The antidote and the cures for all of this are in the Bible. Much is encoded in the Bible. We have only a short time to see the Bible prophecies fulfilled and I am confident all shall be fulfilled in the short time ahead.

The Evil One and his children have known about this for a long time. So, they are able to get away with their “Global Warming” also known as “Climate Change” hoax.

This time will be different from previous Earth Ages and the Evil One and his children have no idea what is coming. Nevertheless, they have had access to all of the history books and the old maps and advanced technologies.

Fallen Angelic Technologies

Still, I hold to the coming High Holy Days of ancient Israel. I know that America is the new Israel. Most have no idea that Jesus (Yahshua) was not a Jew but an Israelite.

America is a Great Israelite Nation.

The three and a half years begins tomorrow with the Earth’s rotation accelerating and it will the shortest day in approximately 12,000 years. The inner layers of the Earth are moving towards the surface. The inner layers will act as lubricants and allow the crust to slip.

Three and One-half Years

The Evil Ones have dug in and plan upon surviving this end of this Earth Age to begin again. Those devils will once again predate upon others and do the same thing only worse!

Only this time things will be different.

The Earth Groans for her Saviors.

–In His Service

My Experience with Covid-19

The short account is that my experience from getting ill twice leads me to conclude that the entire medical profession is tainted. Moreover, that the common cold was a weapons program developed over a period much longer than my lifetime. More importantly, that the Covid-19 is a toxin and not a mere virus.

Clearly, there are more questions than answers and until the medical community opens up dialogue the entire allopathic medical system must be regarded as corrupt, hostile and active participants in a world genocide program launched from our shores!

Genocide launched from the United States of America.

Moreover, we are the victims of at least 40 years of vaccine fraud. Even your “savior” Trump is implicated in this horrid affair that has taken many lives in America and across the globe.

Your “savior” President Trump is implicated.

Sadly, the average man is too stupid to realize what is going on. A lot more will die before this is over. Some estimate as much as 55% of the world’s population will succumb to this planned criminal genocide first involving the Red Chinese ChiComs then Big Pharma with its “vaccines” that do not meet the long held definition, legally or scientifically, for a vaccine!

40 years of vaccine fraud.

The Greatest Depression has Begun

Last week the European Central Bank announced that the ECB would be employing “emergency tools” in order to stop the debt market from “fragmenting.” Immediately thereafter the 10 year yield on the Bond Market dropped a whopping 30 basis points overnight.

As Dr. Gregory Mannarino astutely observed this is not due to the average investor buying the debt in such massive amounts as required to cause the 10 year yield to drop from 3.50% to 3.20%.

That was the Federal Reserve System (FRS) intervening in a major way to buy the debt that no one wants to buy. In my estimation that “intervention” last week was the FED’s last attempt. Moreover, in order to accomplish bailing out the Bond Market which is significantly larger than the Stock Market, the FED had to increase the Money Supply overnight by a factor of 2x’s or 3x’s.

In other words, the FED issued as much or more (fiat) money into existence in one fell swoop than was already in existence in the entire (fiat) money supply! This means that we will eventually experience inflation that doubles all prices. Expect food costs to double by the end of this year.

The US Dollar will lose half of its value.

With that one quiet (secret) intervention the FED has sealed our fate and begun The Greatest Depression ever. It was the final straw, the straw that broke the camel’s back. That event one week ago is the last straw. The FED has no more tricks up its sleeves.

It’s over. The great American experiment is over. The international bankers have made their father proud. They have stolen everything and ‘the gentiles get nothing’ just like Nathan Mayer Rothschild (Bauer) admonished his sons on his death bed!

Inflation is a made up word to cover up their