Monthly Archives: October 2023

Facebook Locked me out for the Last Time

FacistBook claimed there was “unusual activity” on my profile and locked me out once again. I did not want to submit to proving who I am. Those Bastards with a capital “B” have us all identified and profiled. FacistBook is a Department of Defense government program. We live in a POLICE STATE.

Our government uses Facebook as a front to violate our Constitutional rights. This needs to stop. So, I have decided to quit “feeding the beast.” Their Babylonian Beast System which is in its third iteration: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT. The mother of all harlots.

Stock Market Crash

has been predicted this week. Now that I have sold off my Bitcoin at a loss and my silver at a loss, those assets are going to go screaming up this week. It is the same week I am buying a used motorhome.

Oh, well, you get to benefit from it. I am just securing my new home. Home on the road. Headed for the mountains.


This appears to be “the weekend” when they pull the rug out from under US! As promised since 1868 in Russia.

The big surprise is when the Donald appears with 144,000 dressed in white on Mt. Zion. Then we know the World will go crazy.

I would not be surprised if this was Israel’s Christmas “gift” to the Earth.

America Took a Left Turn

My morning observation leaving California. I do not know if I am up to writing this but I shall try.

As I left California Sunday morning I marveled at the beauty of her hills and the landscape. Having the highway almost to myself made the drive delightful. California sure is pretty.

As I pulled up to an intersection just short of getting on the highway, I saw a young woman entering the crosswalk. There were three lanes in each direction plus a suicide lane in the middle. I thought she would cross in front to me and I would get to see the lone odd figure in the morning as the sun arose but suddenly she took an immediate left turn like a soldier marching.

She started into the intersection and marched into the sunrise. She wore an khaki army cap and other camouflage. She looked like a young and healthy woman and otherwise looked like she would be beautiful if she got cleaned up.

My light turned green and she was across the intersection in the middle of the left lane. I thought of calling her and telling her walking down the middle of the road in that morning light and in those clothes that blended in with the tarmac was not safe. I thought about calling her over and telling her to get into the car and rescuing her.

Then I wondered if she was safe. Would she hurt me. I wondered how much cortex she had remaining as she plunged marching forward taking long strides into the sunlight headed east. I had no idea what drugs she might be on. She was committed to walking in that fast lane.

There goes America. Open for business. Ready to have sex at the drop of a hat for money or for drugs. She would even murder for hire upon command! There wasn’t much left to her. She had taken a left turn, was eager to prostitute herself. She was open for business and ready to kill.

There was no saving her. Alas, I drove off feeling a bit safer for not having offered America help. You can’t help those who do not want it. I wish someone would tell her that she’s off on the errands of fools and would destroy herself in the process but there was no one else there. I was almost the only car on the road. I needed to head home and drove on into the sunrise eager to depart California.

The United States marches to its defeat. Its utter destruction taking America with it. We who do not govern have no voice. We have no say. Our votes do not matter. National judgement is more often than nought deadly. America was already dead and she didn’t know it.

Biden’s Approval Lower Than Congress!

According to Greg Hunter Biden’s actual approval rating is merely 9.5%!

Elections have consequences especially stolen elections!

The United States is the laughing stock of the world! Everyone knows we are putting up with this shit and will do nothing about it!

Turn to Yahweh Creator Father God and repent.

WARNING: Planet Buster Weapon in Antarctica!

Reports of a weapon that resembles a telescope in Antarctica appear true. There was a “misfire” that hit New Zealand. Remember that earthquake or whatever it was at Christchurch?

Apparently, they don’t understand the weapon that they built. They are relying upon the Fallen Angels and their technology.

Do they not realize the risks they are taking? Do they expect the Evil One and his minions to “change their spots?”

They are liars and murders–from the beginning!

The Earth groans for her saviors!