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To My Dear Aunt Goldie on New Year’s Eve

We haven’t talked in a while. In a few hours 2023 will be over and a new year begun. You beat me. You stole my inheritance.

I have news for you. Your son could have been cured had he become my friend. As it is, Don will inherit worms.

Bank Failure

My Uncle Roy’s bank is going to fail, absolutely fail. And it’s OK. It’s in order. It is merited? Why? Or how? What began as the Bank of Italy deserves to go under because it has been robbing the people since its inception and the Emergency Banking Act of 1933–part of Roosevelt’s “Raw Deal.”

Only men love.

Women are merely “Open for Business.”

I understand men love. Only men are able to love while women are merely “open for business.” Yours was a hard game and most unfair. Sadly, you succumbed and authored your own demise at the hands of your own children and the medical system which you worshiped.

Fortunately for you the stroke was an act of mercy compared to the two hyper aggressive cancers your beloved vaccines gave you subsequent to destroying your immune system. You really are family. You really were family. Like the rest of my family had you heeded my advice you could have had a longer life with much better quality.

The Oldest Kent Alive

Alas, I am the oldest Kent alive today. Soon, I shall be the sole surviving Kent.


The Love of Money

I tried to help you. I tried to take care of you. But you were a most difficult woman and where there is no respect, there can be no love. You had neither respect for my family nor for your husband! All you loved was money and an aristocratic lifestyle full of airs and self-centered. Extremely self-centered.

Stockholm Syndrome

Yes, you beat me but you did not make it. Sadly, you took My Uncle Roy with you as you kidnapped my uncle and isolated him so you could basically rob him of all his wealth.

Only Men Love

Truly, only men are able to love. Women do not understand love. Nor will women, at least not modern women, ever feel loved. Why? Because women have become absolutely merciless–just as my spiritual teacher warned us all in 1976.

He also warned us about a lot of things including the coming ‘war of the hair of the dog,’ the most vicious of all wars! Due to the mad disease hidden in the payload of the ChiCom virus waiting to be activated. (Fleming, 2021, “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon.” Skyhorse Publishing: Delaware.)

Where there is no respect, there can be no love.

Goldie Kent passed away in June 2023 while her second husband Roy E. Kent passed in September 2023. The Bible warns us that in the last days men and women would “become lovers of themselves” and many would “fall away” due to the root of all evil: “the love of money.”

Apache Junction Police State

In the last two weeks I have observed the traffic lights no longer being synchronized so that one just drives down University or Main or any of the major roads freely. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty certain City Hall has coordinated with the AJ Police to write more tickets and raise more money.

Police State

Seeing all the new AJ police cruisers with those fancy paint jobs (You know they don’t give those away!) it is obvious to me that the city has to pay for all of those and their recent massive expansion of the Apache Junction Police Department. Truly, we live in a “police state” created by the DEMONcRATS who infest Apache Junction City Hall.

God damned democrats!

How do we know they are damned democrats or God damned democrats? Look at the local sales taxes. No one has a higher tax except Tempe with its Libtard university, communist indoctrination.

Apache Junction has annexed all the land south of Highway 60 to San Tan Valley. AJ has it sights upon becoming a megalopolis. So much for the simple life the locals have come to love and enjoy. Traffic is getting worse and far more aggressive. Anyway, Apache Junction wants to go big.

And with the poor development planning and the ill planned construction projects, rife with Democrat contractors out of Chicago (Think Black Rock.), I can’t imagine how much payola is going on under the table down at city hall!

Pay City

The sign entering Apache Junction says “Play City” as if it was referring to all that heavy partying we old folks are known to do! But it might as well say “Pay City” because that is what is coming as city hall has directed the Apache Junction Police to start ticketing and raising money in a big way to cover all those new cars and officers. None of it’s cheap.

Three years ago, rent for a single bedroom apartment was $400 a month. Last summer it was $1,375 a month. I won’t wait around and see what it’s going to be a year from now. AJ and the community (communist) leaders have big plans! Going to line their pockets!

Brack Obama’s fourth term as President!

My prediction? It all ends in six (6) months when Michael Obama’s and Barry Obama’s recent movie comes to full fruition. Why are those two men still at large? Shouldn’t they be in jail if not prison for their High Treason? And “Barack” is running for his FOURTH TERM AS PRESIDENT!

The Real 13th Amendment


“If any citizen of the United State shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office of emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them or either of them.”

The 13th Amendment was adopted, ratified and fully implemented in 1812 as a measure taken against the BAR association attorneys after they got us into the War of 1812. However, it was violated the following year on March 4th when Congress in clear violation of the newest Amendment sat the BAR association attorneys in the new Congress!

This 13th Amendment remains the law of the land.

Nevertheless, this 13th Amendment remains the law of the land. Abraham Lincoln overwrote the 13th Amendment with his anti-slavery amendment because the original amendment prohibited BAR Association lawyer Abraham Lincoln (the grandson of a Rothschild and son of A. A. Springs of Alabama) from holding the office of President. Hence, “Honest Abe” and his “radical Republicans” destroyed our Republic.

Predictions for the Year 2024

At the approval of her mayor and her governor Phoenix will burn in the summer of 2024. Not figuratively but literally. And we aren’t talking about the weather! When the people of Phoenix realize what has happened and how and why they’ve been set up, the public will march upon the governor’s office. No one will be able to stop them and upon the hanging of the governor, Adrian Fontes will become the last governor for the State of Arizona. There will be no elections, presidential or otherwise for the fall of 2024.

Serial Killer in Apache Junction

The Apache Junction Police will never confess to the presence of a serial killer. Just like in Phoenix years ago when I detected the presence of serial killers. That’s right, plural. On more than one occasion. The Phoenix PD would never admit that they had a active serial killer. Phoenix would only admit to the presence of an active serial killer when forced to!

Why? Or why not? Because it would admit to a limitation, and the “king” must never admit to any frailty or short coming.

Apache Junction (AJ) had a young girl disappear last summer. I believe she was 19 and if there is one thing AJ prides itself upon it is “low crime.” But like all statistics and unfounded claims, it is all about “packaging and marketing” and has not one iota to do with reality.

The area where her body was found was pretty much a junk yard. It has been entirely excavated, purged. What else did they find buried there?

Yahweh and his universe are telling me to leave Apache Junction and post haste. Why? Because Yahweh wants his servant out of the area when He brings His judgment. The mayor of Phoenix, a god damned democrat, has dedicated and volunteered the Greater Phoenix Area to be the model for 15 minute cities.

Therefore, there will be the “traditional” FIRE SALE in which properties are burned and sold for pennies on the dollar. Certainly, I, His servant will do as He commanded. I shall leave and take His divine protection with me.

This fall I looked at the Superstitions and marveled at the clarity of the air, their surreal beauty and the awesome feeling I had that something was going to emerge over the Superstition Mountains into the Greater Phoenix Area. Phoenix, the city snakes and god damned democrats, appears to be their next target.

One can only hope they don’t touch and torch Palo Verde. If their flying fortresses do take out the largest nuclear power plant in the US; the entire area, maybe more, will be mierda!

Be advised. I have warned you. Leave Yahweh’s servant(s) alone! We are marked and we have been your protectors. Yahweh withdraws His hedge that He had around you. You have lost your protection!



Sadly, we live in a Police State. It is that way everywhere. Regardless, it is going to end and it is not going to last past 2024.

I have had it with Apache Junction. And Mesa is terrible as well. Chandler was so terrible that I got swatted then their police scared the hell out of my neighbor as he watched the police approach me from both sides ready for a quick draw.


Not only that, we can no longer trust our courts. I guess I am a slow learner. I am a retard. But I can no longer reside in the suburbs and the cities have become hell holes.

Look for my videos on YouTube. DOCKent-3339


More Evidence Cancer was Engineered into our Society

Quite simply the books “Mary’s Monkey and “Lee and Me” each document the weaponization of cancer, meaning that cancers were developed specifically to kill people. One of the targets was the world famous baseball player and World Revolution member Fidel Castro.

Moreover, according to author and cancer researcher Judy Vary Baker, the man who executed Lee Harvey Oswald on live television in Dallas Jack Ruby (Rubinstein) was injected with the cancer weapon she developed as were several “test subjects” in the Louisiana penitentiary in which she tested the cancer weapons she developed in their make shift lab in New Orleans in 1963. It was very effective.

Cancer was Engineered into our Society

This assertion is quite correct. We have immunologists who discovered the Simian Virus 40 also known as SV-40 which was allowed in vaccines for years and administered to the public on a widespread basis causes cancer and it is passed on genetically through the fathers! I know. I was one of the early recipients.

Eustace Mullins wrote a book about the advent of cancer in our society entitled “Murder by Injection.” I have a copy of it and I studied it.

We also have a book entitled “The Cure for All Cancers” in which the medical physician author identified clearly two vectors causing cancer. One being parasites and the other being heavy metal toxicity. Neither of which have been addressed by our medical profession inside the USA!

Clearly, our American Medical Association neglects these medical causes and is negligent in their duties! It is as if the AMA is actively “covering up” these and might we call these “crimes?” Crimes against humanity?

All know that Facebook and other social platforms as well as Google and its subsidiaries are products of DARPA in which our our central communist federal government hides their illegal unconstitutional activities ala “dictatorship.” The incorporated governments of the USA are actively waging war upon our own people!

Actually, the AMA and the medical profession have it down to a science: They know how long we will last trying to live hobbled by a negligent medical profession. They know our life expectancy and they conspire criminally to keep our lives short.

The Bible says we were limited to 120 years. Why do we average 60-70 years? Because they are killing us!