Dr. Kent Show December 10, 2017


Guest and Sponsor:  Kerby Fannin, Ph.D. for Name Publishers on the history and committee’s efforts of 20 years to produce the “Proper Name Version of the King James Version” of the Bible containing Old and New Testaments.

Shout out and thanks to Matt Battaglia at KFNX.

Current Events:  Former Operative Cody Golden Elk went public this week with the reason(s) for the Oklahoma City Bombing.

The primary reason was to destroy the medical records of 480,000 vets from the Gulf War by our own central communist Federal Government in order to avoid responsibility for the medical care for those soldiers returning who had been (wrongly) diagnosed with “Gulf War Syndrome” whom our Government knew were suffering from Radiation Sickness and Radiation Poisoning.  Those troops returned and gave radiation poisoning to their wives and exposed their children, particularly unborn children.

A secondary gain for “the Deep State” was accomplished by moving all of the records pertinent to investigation on the Clinton’s to the Edward P. Murrow Federal Building in order to allow the destruction of those records.  Those records were the evidence in the investigation against the Clinton’s proving that the Clintons were bringing $100 Million of cocaine into Mena, Arkansas per month of which Bill was skimming 10%.  William Jefferson Clinton used those funds to run for President of the United States.

Announcement of (a) expected False Flag (December 18th), and (b) the order for mercenaries or contract soldiers placed reported via similar soldiers of fortune placed in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.  The recruitment of 300,000 troops for an action inside the USA.  Troops are being offered $800 per day.

Off the wall report of using these mercenaries upon the American people with possibly using the hired soldiers to form perimeters around cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore and similar large population centers while stimulating unrest and possibly using mind control magnetic and/or microwave weapons to cause those trapped to turn against each other and kill each other.  The purpose of this is a massive population reduction of the United States of America.

Take the above with a massive grain of salt!  By exposing these ideas, I hope to reduce the possibility of them coming to full fruition.

This central communist federal Government has lost all credibility, especially the FBI and the CIA and the Department of Justice!  They are NOT to be trusted!

2 thoughts on “Dr. Kent Show December 10, 2017

  1. Mike

    The Bible is a lie. Reptilian Master Geneticists manufactured Homo Sapiens 12,000 years ago. This is why there is a “Missing Link”. We are not the indigenous inhabitants of the planet.

    1. admin Post author

      Actually Mike, the Bible is quite correct and accurate. You are partially correct.

      The original “man” or “mortal man” which is more a accurate translation of the original Paleo Hebrew in which Genesis was written appear from the evidence to have been on the earth for 1.7 million years.

      We Israelites or Caucasians appear to have been “placed” per The Book of Job approximately 7,500 years ago but there are some spoilers in the geological record pointing to as much as 25,000 years ago.

      More importantly, the real spoilers, the “white devils” appear first in the Chinese written records along with the ‘black wooly haired ones’ 50,000 year ago! We speculate that Michael the Archangel forced Satan and his errant angels to the Earth 70,000 years ago after a big battle in space.

      It appears both blacks and whites are relatively newcomers. And the fallen angels brought the Negros with them as slaves from another galaxy different than the one from which we Caucasians originated.


      Dr. Kent


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