Camping World of Mesa is Best Avoided

I have been having an extremely difficult time with the service department at the Mesa Camping World and I will be detailing my experience here.  Since there is so much to it I will be posting several short stories rather than one big long one.

The bottom line is that this is the worst Camping World in the entire USA.  I have been to many of them all across the country but this Mesa location is the worst.  Do not bother with their “service” department.  All they service are themselves.

This is a real circle jerk of an operation and I do mean it.  I know that’s a horrid picture but that is The Picture.

Now, where can you go to get good service for your RV?  Across the street to RV Renovators.  They treated me well.  Their servicemen are competent.  One just has to watch out for their supervisor’s tendency to bump up the time a little bit more than the serviceman.

Camping World of Mesa does not back their own work.  And Camping World does not back the products they sell.  As far as Camping World’s one year warranty on their service, forget it.

Right now I am in the process of getting two significant repairs completed.  And I am trying to get refunds on two jobs that Camping World of Mesa did no do and did not do right.

I will detail these to you and post color photos.  First, I need to allow Camping World of Mesa an opportunity to make things right.  Don’t worry; I am not holding my breath.  In fact, if I have to I will be filing in Small Claims Court–Camping World of Mesa is not going to get away with stealing my hard earned money from me!

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