The Bigger the Flag, the Bigger the Fraud–Mesa Camping World

Observation has led me to conclude that the bigger the American flag a business flies, the bigger the fraud committed therein.  Quite simply, such businesses seem to be the most jingoistic and by far the most predatory.  The biggest flag by far in my area is over the Mesa location of Camping World.

You’ll see huge flags like this over car dealerships and housing sales.  Sadly, these huge markers have a lot in common with the many “false flags” that have dominated America.  And these appear to be places where they love taking advantage of people.

Examples of false flags are the uninvestigated 9-11 debacle in which our rights were destroyed by our own government.  The Kennedy Assassinations which were never investigated.  The Gulf of Tonkin incident.  Pearl Harbor.  The sinking of the Maine.

In short, the common threads are lies, deceptions, unkept promises.  Sadly, we have become the people of the lie.  As our culture continues to deteriorate it’s best to avoid business dealings with such unscrupulous sorts.

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