My Approach to Dating on Line

Since most other internet dating sites were taken down in the fight against child sex trafficking which is being handled a lot like the “War on Drugs” (meaning the little guy or woman on the streets is oppressed while elements high in our Federal government itself run the child prostitution and child slavery trades and the child sacrifice and cannibalism practices and the “adrenachrome” businesses and other offshoots) the free dating listings offered have all dried up!

Hence, the various categories of dating and relationship connections possible on Craig’s List are all gone with the exception of “Missed Connections.” And the dating section offered on the “Backpage” are gone with the entire Backpage website!

Now, BOTH Craigslist and Backpage were infested with scammers and email spammers and all sorts of exploitative cons. There are many of these on the bigger dating sites including and Plenty of Fish.

The problem with these sites with monthly fees is that they are mostly a waste of time and they are filled with catfish. The problem with Plenty of Fish in particular is POF does not allow people at my maturity level to communicate with women of child bearing age. My dreams and goals can not be met using POF.

Also, there is a tendency in society at large to disciminate against men! And this is on all websites including the major ones and lesser ones. Men are not allowed to say (post) things that women are allowed to say! Even “What’s Your Price” employs this double standard.

Still, out of all the dating sites available today the problem of scammers of all types remains and then the question comes down to one of choosing which is more valuable? Time or money?

At the moment I am undecided. It appears that WYP is the best bet, the most productive. I will let you know later what I determine.

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