“What’s Your Price” Guidance

Long ago a woman in Texas explained her take on “What’s Your Price” and her guidelines. She said if you are interested in someone you send them a minimum offer of $5 and that means you really want to get to know them for a long term serious pairing. However, at $100 she said that indicated you wanted sex and to meet only one time.

My approach is to remain open, as open as possible. Typically, I offer $20 because a lot of people find $5 insulting. And if a woman has children I take babysitting into consideration and bump that $20 coffee or lunch date to $40.

It’s worth that to meet someone and find out if she is a candidate for something more, something greater. But many women want more money and offer sex. That’s OK. That’s their business, and sometimes quite literally.

My preference is to meet and see if there is any attraction and determine if there are any detractors. Of course, I get offers in the “professional” range akin to what a prostitute charges. Some are ridiculous. They are so high I ignore their offers then I block them!

One of the cutest posts by a female was that her favorite number is 88. [She was not referring to White Power.] She explained ‘because you get 8 twice’ or maybe it was ‘because you get ate twice.’ It was cute enough I borrowed it but then the double standard kicked in and WYP would not allow it. It seems that WYP allows much more latitude to the female profiles than the males. But this double standard can be seen all across our society as our culture has deteriorated and become decidedly anti-male.

My goal is a long term relationship and making friends on the way to meeting the woman who will be the mother of our children. With that in mind I try to engage in meeting and interviewing perspective candidates. When I see higher first date fees I am expecting a Discrete Affair.

Over the course of my life I have discovered I am not built for many random affairs. None of us are but we try to pretend we are and then we get hurt or cause problems.

Then there is the problem of the scammers. WhatsYourPrice used to be relatively free of scammers & con artists but now that many other sites have been shut down, the scammers have flocked to “What’s Your Price.” And WYP has improved in many ways but my fear is that if WYP does not deal with the scammers and offer more protections, it too may see its demise.

The best way to detect a scammer is by poorly constructed and written essays. Yet, many women have no essays. In closing, I wish WYP website would come up with guidelines that are more protective. Their lack of protections means paying more money and I do not see how WYP may be motivated to accept less money but it must be done.

Something must be done about the non-communicators and those who fail to show. I have been stood up many times and there is no protection. I hope WYP figures something out.

My guidelines are posted clearly in my essays and when a woman sends a one word message to me and that’s it, I feel violated. I state clearly that I want your name (first name) and your cell. I state I am not driving to meet until we have spoken on the phone. I have driven long distances only to be stood up.

So, it’s hard for me to recommend “What’s Your Price.” I guess I can’t afford it. I can’t afford to waste my time. I can’t afford the frustration. After driving from Payson to Flagstaff my last date made a lame excuse up and never offered to make up for it. She has been silent ever since. Was it just cold feet? I don’t know. I will never know.

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