What’s Your Price Seeking

What am I seeking? well, it is easier to say what I don’t want. I do not want a smoker. As an ex-smoker cigarette smoke makes me deathly ill. Also, I do not want a person of another race or a mixed race; my preference is for my own kind. Furthermore, i want a woman within 10 IQ points of my own IQ because the literature on psychology shows very clearly that the most stable marriages are between partners who are within 10 Full Scale IQ points of each other.

This makes sense. When one considers communication, those closest to each other in terms of intelligence and experience and cohorts have the best communication and hence the best likelihood of success.

Since I have a doctorate, a Ph.D., it would be best to match up with another highly educated individual. My college friend in a doctoral program had the guideline that it was best he pair off with a woman with a master’s level education. And that is an excellent guideline. Bear in mind that there is “inflation”n everything, especially education! A high school graduate before WWII was educated far better than a college graduate today.

A doctorate earned in the latter part of the last century is about at the same level as a master’s student in the 1950’s! Nothing is an good as it was. There is no equality or equivalency. So, I am open to a woman who is well-read but I still prefer one who has been educated to a higher than average level.

So, if you smoke, forget it. If you are from another “race” or species then we are not a match and I base my value system upon my religion which is based upon the Bible but don’t assume you have an inkling of what I believe because I can assure you that you don’t! I really read the Bible and it says quite a bit different than what I have heard preached from the pulpits all of my life. The Pastors do lie!

We will save that for a rather pointed conversation. Expect to be surprised.

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