Military Coup in the USA

The Democrat Marxists know they will not win this election against President Trump. The Democrat Marxists know they can only seize the reigns via a full blown Military Coup–which the Democrat Marxists, the Mainstream Media and their treasonous generals are preparing the public for!

One morning you will wake up and your cell phone will not work, the internet will be down along with most radio stations. In fact all of the radio stations may be down and none the TV stations will be broadcasting! Then the Democrat Marxist stations, including FOX, will come to life and tell the public how it is.

As far as our Republic, “Honest Abe” Lincoln destroyed it long ago! We may well be seeing the round up and mass extermination of Americans considered “uneducable” and not able to be “re-trained” just like Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground declared long ago that they figured in 1968 that 25 Million Americans would have to be exterminated.

So, wake up and enjoy your day–your day in ignorance and innocence because we may not have many “good days” like we have now post Covid 19 PsyOp! That’s right. Come 2021 we will all be yearning for the good ole days like these in 20201

3 thoughts on “Military Coup in the USA

  1. Gunnar

    Sorry, and you can’t wake up the stupid “sheeple” to save your life and it’s very sad and grievous the dumbing down and the brainwashing and the fear whoremongering of the masses; here we are all entertained by the “electric toilet, plug in drug and bring hell into your living room”, T.V., and also the church has been part of and complict-:as the church goes, so goes the world”! THANK YOU FOR BEING BORN “for such a time as this and not shutting up and or being silent!

    It was NEVER about a Virus, it was about an “IQ Test” for all that fore-runners who wrote and spoke of what was coming and so many died Martyred like Aaron Russo, Ted Gunderson, Milton William (Bill) Cooper, Donald P. Scott, Gary Webb; apologies to those not mentioned. Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips write it well along with Dr. James W. Wardner-The Planned Destruction of America; The Marketing of Evil and How Evil Works etc., by David Kupelian, Charles Sykes, John Gatto; Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Rashid Buttar, John F. Kennedy Jr., Brice Taylor, David Shurter, Max Igan, “Future of Food” by Nelson Farms, John Lilly; David Icke; Steve Quayle, Jeff Rense; “Our Stolen Future”, Theo Colburn, Dragnet Nation-Julie Angwin; Franklin Cover-up by John Decamp, Michael Aquino blogspot. Leonard Ravenhill in America is Too Young to Die-1979 and his 20 year pre-sequel along with Sodom Had No Bible and his 1-27-1992 “End Times: message on the internet and those who were and have been censored as America hasn’t been for quite some time, “land of the free and home of the Brave”; this is just a drop in the Bucket of Truth Speakers.

  2. Gunnar

    P.s. FEW of my friends called me after referring your website and told me they REALLY APPRECIATED your body and genre of work; i agree. just wish i knew what read Books, articles where got info as very well read and researched…etc.
    can’t write approx., 20 years ago wrote a letter gave to rumormills over 38 pages of emails for media called us murderous america, suicide nation, queer nation and here we are…it was basically a rebuke…

    one friend called me and thanked me for trying like you and told him i feel like the team failed..and how many of them are missing, or dead too many. sorry tired so if doesn’t make sense


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