The CIA had TWO OPERATIONS running in Dallas that day.

E. Howard Hunt was in charge of what was to be the FALSE FLAG ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT on our President that was going to be blamed on Fidel Castro in order TO JUSTIFY A MILITARY INVASION OF CUBA BY THE USA. However, E. Howard Hunt’s operation was usurped by James Jesus Angleton who was the CIA officer in charge of the “Israeli desk” of the CIA who oversaw the actual murder of JFK!

James Jesus Angleton worked closely with Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky who in turn was backed by a Jewish mobster in Chicago and several rabbis–men of the Jewish faith who are supposed to be honorable and peaceful. There is a lot more to this story but the fact is the USA uses False Flag operations and got outsmarted on this one.

My question is:

Are the American people ready for the truth and prepared to reclaim our nation?

My concern is:

As long as the American people are willing to swallow the lies wholesale of errant Bible translations such as and especially the Scofield Reference Bible I think the answer to my question is a resounding NO!

Scofield was not an American Bible scholar but a disgraced unethical attorney who was merely the front man for the fraud perpetrated upon Christendom by a committee of Jewish rabbis funded by the infamous banker Jacob Schiff. Jacob Schiff also funded the Bolshevik revolution from New York against the laws of the United States and Schiff caused WWI!

Truly, we have been conquered from within by the (false) Jews [Rev 2:9, 3:9] whom the Bible calls “Edomites” or “Idumeans.”

Remember, Herod the Great was an “Idumean” which was the Greek word for “Edomite.”

READ THE BIBLE and study it carefully. It’s all in there. However, the Scofield Reference Bible is a FRAUD and in particular the footnotes are seriously misleading!

The same people who perpetrated this fraudulent version of the Bible upon Christendom perpetrated this fraud of an election (2020) and are responsible for all of the problems America is experiencing today! Keep in mind that there are Chinese Jews and, like the rest of the Jews in the world, there are Edomites hidden among them!

Feel free to cite me as your reference. I draw upon several sources and a lot of reading over the years. My main reference for this is Michael Collins Piper and his FINAL JUDGMENT sixth edition (2005) which the late Texe Marrs graced me with (this rare book) at a reasonable price when I drove across the country to visit him. Nevertheless, I took the pieces of the puzzle Piper provides and I realized that is how Kennedy was assassinated.

The main order to murder John Fitzgerald Kennedy came directly from the Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, a practicing Hindu, who ordered the assassination of Kennedy in order to get nukes! Kennedy made the mistake of saying to the Israeli Prime Minister that Israel could not have the nuclear bomb: “not over my dead body.”


There is nothing wrong with the Jews. It is those who say they are Jews and are not. They are the problem. Yahshua Himself tells us in Revelations (2:9, 3:9). Elsewhere in the Bible and throughout the Bible we are warned about Satan’s children. Yahshua calls them out as the devil’s children.

PS The real problem is not the others but us! We fail to read our Bibles and because of that we are easily deceived!

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