Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Bureau

Docket No. 2020R-10

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is with great pleasure that I submit my comments on the above captioned matter and the (wrongful) assumptions contained therein.

First, I object and find repugnant the term “weapons” because in Black’s Law Dictionary a “weapon” has a legal definition as an object with which a crime has been committed.  I do not own any “weapons.”  I own only “armaments” none of which has been involved in any crimes. The term is prejudicial and needs to be struck from the title and the records—unless the ATF is strictly limiting its attention to weapons that have been used in the commission of a crime.

Second, I object to the ATF and to the “authority” it was granted from the “Internal Revenue Service” because the IRS is not a legitimate part of the federal government (Stamper, 2008)!  Furthermore, the Sixteenth Amendment is out of order (Mullins) and was never ratified by the States (Stamper, 2008).  Hence, the IRS being birthed off shore first in the Philippines then in Puerto Rico (Stamper) has no authority upon American citizens!

Third, I object to the NFA in its entirety because it is unconstitutional as it was obviously designed to infringe upon the basic rights of American Citizens.  The NFA should be found null & void and the DOJ and the ATF must refund and return all monies in full for any and all fees and tax stamps.

Only in the USA do “short barrel rifles” exist.  Even in Thailand their people get armaments as originally designed and engineered and there are no SBR’s in Thailand.  In our Old West the standard armament for defense of stage coaches was a shotgun with a barrel far shorter than 18”.  I believe those had 14” barrels.  Again, we in America are NOT a “free people” and we have become the laughing stock of people around the world as our own errant government rules over us to protect us from ourselves!  Our own government oppresses us!

Fourth, I object to the GCA of 1968 because it was predicated upon crimes committed by our own federal government and covered up by our federal government by a series of more crimes, primarily from J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI and his orders to kill more than 30 eye witnesses to the John F. Kennedy Assassination alone (Piper, 2004; and others) executed to help cover up our own government’s crimes!  Our own CIA and FBI have committed many crimes!  James Jesus Angleton assigned to the CIA’s Israeli Desk committed this dastardly deed (JFK Assassination) along with Myer Lansky et al at the behest of Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in order so that Israel could get the Bomb—nuclear weapons!

Fifth, I object to the AECA because it further infringes upon our Second Amendment our Founding Fathers so wisely provided us.  The AECA is repugnant.

Moreover, because the DOJ has been seriously obstructing justice (and not merely during the Trump Administration but over several administrations), I recommend the dissolution of BOTH the DOJ and the ATF.  By proposing such arbitrary and capricious rules & regulations as this proposed re-regulation of wrist braces, the ATF has made it apparent that the ATF is an enemy of the people.  Not only that, the DOJ has shown its true colors during the Trump Administration and the DOJ needs to be dissembled, along with the FBI, the ATF, the DHS and many other federal agencies because all are rogue and out of control!  The American people now realize that this errant central federal government has become our enemy!  All policies and law enforcement must return to the States to which it was reserved under the Constitution and the 10th Amendment!

We must restore the militias, both the militias of the States and the several independent militias in order to defend our borders and to put down this insurrection which has become so obvious to most of the American people.  The Dick Act of 1903 is repugnant.  The FBI & the DOJ REFUSE TO ENFORCE OUR LAWS UNIFORMLY—EQUALLY.

Our federal government refuses to perform the two duties expressed to the Militia in our Constitution.  The central government (which appears to be owned by the ChiComs & the Jews) for decades has refused to defend our nation’s borders.  Now our central government not only fails to put down this current ongoing INSURRECTION but our ChiCom and Israel dominated central government and the governments of several states are proactively behind this INSURRECTION!

In the Constitution the word “necessary” is utilized only one time and that is in the second part of the Second Amendment.  The Militia Efficiency Act of 1903 put the screws to us and deprived us of the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT as expressed in our Constitution.  The militias must be restored to full function.

Regarding wrist braces, there will be NO COMPLIANCE and NO COOPERATION with such a rogue agency of an illegal “service” of the federal government!  Few will submit.  No one should submit their armaments for assessment on a case by case basis to such an unworthy and untrustworthy part of this errant federal government that is intent upon oppressing citizens of the several States.  I WILL NOT SUBMIT.


John Taylor Kent, Ph.D.

Corrections Psychologist (Retired)

Comment submitted on: 12/25/2020 at 11:50 am Comment tracking number: 1k4-9kug-ug9f Comment posting status: Not posted by agency as of 12/25/2020

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