COVID-19 Vaccine & 5G Binary Weapon System

It is as I thought almost one year ago. Since almost February!

It is a combination of fake vaccine with a 5G activating system! Well, almost. It is actually worse than a poison or a toxin or even DEATH!

There are at least 30 nanobot apps in each “vaccination” which are activated, reprogrammed and controlled via 5G. The ultra low temperatures are required to preserve the nano robots which are indeed self replicating. We can thank the professor at Harvard for them!

So, they give the RNA vaccine which lacks any immunogen, then they activate it by 5G towers and satellites! That was the procedure in Wuhan and when they turned on the 5G towers the Chinamen turned from yellow to blue–code blue! Lack of oxygen. They killed more than 21 million this way.

This truly is The Mark of the Beast as the fallen angels (devils) and their children (Edomite False Jews–real DNA offspring!) perfect The Beast System which was supposed to come out of Babylon but has come from Egypt!

Their headquarters are in the high mountains of that “neutral” nation known as Switzerland which is the modern home of the Pharoahs. Those weird shaped skulls control the Vatican which practices those old religions worshipping Dagon and the vipers–the snake people fathered by Cain who slew Abel.

Cain was the fornication produced when a member of the Satan class named Gadreel (whose shortened name became “God”) seduced Eve who gave birth to the hybrid who went east to the Land of Nod, took wives from the Enoshe (Enoshwe) or the original earthy (mortal) man, the mongoloid aka Asian (Chinaman); and founded cities. Whose children in turn became the Phoenicians, the Phillistines, the Zidonians and the Canaanites!

The Phoenicians developed maritime law or Admiralty Law under which live today. This is the foreign jurisdiction which our enemy has superimposed upon US as we have been taken into captivity.

You see it is much more efficient today to “deport” and take into “captivity” by bringing in a foreign jurisdiction like Babylon than it is to physically relocate everyone (to Iraq)! That is why Washington DC (District of Criminals) is NOT a part of America! That is why we live under a corporation with the ICC (Interstate Commercial Code) governing US rather than a Constitution!

It has been this way since 1871 or even 1861 or perhaps even when Ben Franklin as a member of the Hell Fire Club in Paris inadvertently formed a corporation when dealing with and signing a treaty with a man who wore two hats–just like every participant in that giant (fraud) SEC of ours wears several hats to defraud US!

Moreover, all of these corporations with interlocking corporate boards are under one giant corporation. So there really is only one corporation upon the earth and that is centered in Rome which was founded by the Black Nobility of Venice which in turn was founded by the Phoenicians.

The City of London within the greater metropolis known as London is the third head of this beast. You may read about this three headed eagle in the Bible in 2 Esdras beginning in approximately chapter 11.

This is the perfect enslavement of mankind.

This lion has roared!

May Judah once again rule and may our brothers, including the Sikh’s, unite!

May we establish The Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth!

Parmatma Singh Khalsa

Dr. John Taylor Kent

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