Be Vigilant

No one is to be trusted. Not even the Donald. The way he left office has left us all hanging.

My advice: Keep your powder dry.

Be prepared. For anything. Even that late night round up of “dissidents.”

Why? Because that is what Trump fingered us to be as he was departing.

The entire world knows that Biden was NOT elected. Even the Democrats know that Biden did not win that election.

My suggestion is one not join up with any group or any demonstration but to only DEFEND one’s self, one’s family and perhaps one’s neighbors. It is noble to defend and to join with one’s neighbors to defend.

The other side has revealed themselves for being everywhere in every institution and every organization. They have space age weapons and they really want us to fight among ourselves.

Talking and intellectual arguing is OK but be careful. Walk away from a fight. Sad to say this conspiracy is so big, so large, so huge that one can not comprehend it!

The best weapon we have is that old Jewish weapon called the BOYCOTT. Can you do without? Can you stop supporting these errant fascist corporations and institutions and, above all, governments?

They are all corrupt and when we stop playing their game and we start bartering and cutting out the middleman we may prosper. Don’t give them the time of day, especially this duplicitous “two party system.”

One more thing, kick the [False] Jews (Rev 2:9, 3:9) and the Jesuits out! Kick out the bankers. Never vote Democrat or Republican again. Stop voluntarily paying all of their taxes, licenses and fees. Be willing to eat less and be willing to do more for yourself. Do not buy anything made in China. Do not buy anything made in Israel.

Withdraw all support from so-called non-profits and non-government organizations (NGO’s) and “feel good” organizations. They used the NGO’s to undermine America and other nations.

ALL IS CORRUPT. So leave them alone and leave them to themselves.

EDIT Added January 26th of 2021

I have edited my post slightly AND I must correct and qualify my terms.

In my anger I accused all the Jews when in fact, Biblically, those I intended to refer to are the Edomites aka Idumeans who HIDE BEHIND & AMONG THE JEWS! I apologize for my initial utterance but I dare not change it least I be accused of hiding something.

Why was I angry? Because in the recent past I served the Jews notice and pleaded with the Good Jews to clean their own ranks! One more thing, I hate “Jewish Supremacism” as well as the racist divide the Edomites have used against US!

I am still not satisfied with my expression in this post. Much more needs to be developed and I fear I am not up to the task.

Humbly yours,

Dr. Kent

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