Speaker of the House John Boehner Must Go!

The only worse Speaker of the House of the United States Congress was been Nancy Pelosi!


Boehner is not merely ineffective, he is a traitor and he has actively oppressed the Tea Party.  BOEHNER IS A LAW BREAKER!  He refuses to enforce the laws that exist to protect our country and the American people!

When the 2012 election was over, Boehner removed every Republican who was supported by the Tea Party who held a chairmanship on any committee not only from their chairmanship but from their committee.  In other words, Boehner was gearing his House for RINO Republican sell outs, for Middle of the road “progressive” COMMUNISTS!

We need Boehner removed as Speaker of the House.  He is a TRAITOR and wants to pass Immigration AMNESTY which will destroy our country!

There is no Two Party System and the Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of Big Government Traitors!

I doubt the orderly conduct of society can continue much longer.  It’s going to take strong men and women to protect themselves.  Certainly, this federal government has long ago ceased being a protector and now is the biggest part of our problem.

Expect demonstrations by the grossly misled and riots.

As the saying goes “keep your powder dry.”

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