An Open Letter to Senators and Congressmen

We  know who you are but you don’t know who we are.  There are too many of us for your to know.

I write for the common man and woman.  Certainly, I am identifying myself to you.

This is how we feel, what we think and what we know:

YOU ARE ALL TRAITORS!  YOU HAVE BETRAYED US AND WE WILL NEVER FORGET the way you wielded power and sold us out for your own gain.  Enjoy your power while you may.  You will never enjoy a normal life.  One of anonymity and privacy while out in public.  Moreover, expect the public to harass you and perhaps even attack you.

Why?  Because of the way you have managed our nation, we are in a steep decline and we know we shall never rise out of this mess you have created unless we get rid of you and replace you with Constitutional legislators.

People are fast learning the differences between what you claim is your authority and our government, a series of several shells, corporate versions of these United States of America, and the real Constitutional Republic which we started as.  We are know the differences by the theft you perpetrate upon us and allow others to predate upon us.  We are learning the differences and the day is coming soon when you will called into account for your mismanagement and betrayal of we, the American people.

Don’t dare show your faces in public after trying to foist off this Immigration AMNESTY Bill bunch of lies!

The day is coming soon in which we are going to hunt you down and you will be tried for your duplicity and many crimes!

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