Gates, Fauci & All Have Killed You (and you don’t know it!)

What’s it feel like to be a “zombie?” A part of the “walking apocalypse?”

That’s what approximately one-third of you who take this EXPERIMENTAL “vaccine” are going to be. I give it two years, maybe three.

ADDED: Allow me to clarify.

One out of every three who take it will eventually die from it, while all of you who take it will become walking petri dishes endangering the rest of us who were not so stupid to take Gates’ experimental vaccine!

You with your new and improved superbugs will kill the rest of us who never volunteered to be part of this experiment!

Then those who have accepted this non-emergency “emergency” measure (which is and was TOTALLY UNECESSARY) will die as a direct result of these RNA modifications and your body’s reaction when another flu or even a cold hits you. Or your own body’s immune system attacks you!


Aside from destroying your natural immune systems you will become walking petri dishes. Breeding grounds for new and more virulent forms of these viruses which will haunt the rest of us to death!

So, well before the 2025 date Deagel gave on their website (Is it back up again?) and their goals the elite wrote in stone in Georgia will have been accomplished! America will be easily reduced to less than 69 Million inhabitants and will never rise again–unless we take back our nation and re-institute our Republic that our founding father Thomas Jefferson gave us!

3 thoughts on “Gates, Fauci & All Have Killed You (and you don’t know it!)

  1. Gunnar

    FYI: DON’T POST PLEASE, FYI: You want to know what’s sad, is you CANNOT wake up the “sheeple” to save your life, NOT at all, THEY WANT TO BE DUMBED DOWN AND BRAINWASHED as look at how many people DO NOT KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! Read articles, watched U-Tubes where Dr.’s are saying the same thing and all they’re are saying, is they are reading the reports/data. Big problem is people don’t read or research, they’re addicted to the plug in drug=T.V., Those mentioned will go down as the most evil, vile, wicked, beasty, wretched beyond insane individuals. I’m going to ask a stupid question, why couldn’t they provide, bless, give out, prefer, build, bring out the best in people rather than being like THEIR father the devil who was a murder from the beginning John 8:44; John 10:10 as OBVIOUSLY there is NO LOVE in their hearts.. Just a thought on that. THE FALSE CHURCH INSTITUTE HAS NEVER PROVIDED, BLESSED, BUILT, GIVEN OUT, PREFERRED, BROUGHT OUT THE BEST instead they’ve been spiritual cannibals, spiritual vampires, NO MODEL of blessing or living Christlikeness or LOVE. History repeating itself, as they are NO different than Hitler and Nazi Hitler Germany and worse. FYI: I’M PERSONALLY WAITING FOR J.Biden and a few others just to drop dead. If, Gates, Fauci were in Prison or tried for treason and all their minions, cohorts, the IRONY is none of them will get out of here alive NO MATTER how much money like David Rockefeller, Getty, Sumner Redstone etc. LAKE OF FIRE IS FOREVER! They have NO WISDOM, and NO LOVE!
    Don’t forget God dropped and killed King Saul, King Nebuchadnezzar and King Herod! The next breathe these evil people have is NOT there own! They need a divine visitation of seeing Heaven and Hell. Amazing all these Scrooge and Scrooged movies and History is definitely repeating itself.

  2. Gunnar

    P.S. Just because you have a big or famous name and money DOESN’T mean you are doing the right thing. Wonder where the main offense came, in that evil people are doing what they are doing and spitting God in the face for NOT learning the lessons* in life. Like Saul who became Apostle Paul, we ALL need that Damascus Road Experience. What’s really sad, is to be Apostolically gifted and not to fulfill why born for here and now; although Perry the Prophet used to tell me Bible Verse some people were made or born for destruction-whew. Case in point, number of famous really gifted Apostolic types who are now deceased and instead spewed their Bile and Vomit and Hatred, Evil, NOT learning the lessons in life as “death bed confessions are living like the candle by the devil by day and blowing the smoke in God’s face”. Know this, because was going to hell fast and furious over two people and Leonard Ravenhill’s written works sent me on the straight and narrow and privileged to be in his **1-27-1991 meeting where he talked about the 3 Evil Men of the Day and we have MORE than that today unfortunately and it all has to do with Forgiveness and learning the lessons God requires. L. Ravenhill also talked about how he had documents on Desk how Aid’s was injected to kill us off which is more Control and Death and Destruction; that stupid playbook NEVER changes. When you have to remove Blogs and U-Tube Video’s that speak the truth that means The Occult hides sin, The Occult lives in darkness, The Occult doesn’t live in truth and The Occult sweeps sin under the carpet; false church entity behave the same way then you know which God/god they are serving period. To go down in History with your name and legacy to destroy mankind because playing your god of ultimate control is beyond sobering and grievous, Eugenics anyone? Instead of being a type of Joseph. The root issue is why, what lessons weren’t you learning? Know that Leonard Ravenhill didn’t save my sorry ars but Jesus Christ Son of the Living God did. Irony of the Bible verse “the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the church”! Rather than making the choice to burn in hell and fry extra crispy obviously NO fear of where spending eternity Proverbs 9:10, they have absolutely NO wisdom although they think they do. Irony of MSM interviewing people who they think have Wisdom and do NOT; again Proverbs 9:10 who are leading the masses to Dead and Destruction and that’s acceptable? Ironic item, they have to remove the truth because their god who they serve can’t live in TRUTH, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (sing it) and or FREEDOM.

    Wonder why they hate God or themselves to be doing what doing and defiling the family name, to live in such darkness! Bible is great History Book of behavior and how it all plays out. Apostolic Foundations, Prophetic Call; Reality the Hope of Glory, True Fellowship etc by Arthur Aaron Katz. Leonard Ravenhill’s Body of Work Why Revival Tarries, America is Too Young to Die, Sodom Had No Bible, etc., “**End Time Message”-Audio on Internet. John Paul Jackson’s “Jezebel Spirit” tape teaching by far one of the best along with Graham Cooke *”Why Our Lives Go the Way they Do Message-The Process” which he changed the name to “Wounded and Betrayed Believers are Useful to God”; some of the best. Also, Derek Prince body of work/teachings, especially “Blessing and Cursing You Choose”. Can’t improve on Ravenhill and Katz, NOT at all! These evil people are not a type of “Pollyanna, The Good Samaritan or The Joseph Company”. If, don’t think there is a Hell or Heaven ask, beg God to see them. God gives us free will, which evil people who want ultimate control of playing their god of satan; want to take away. “Deuteronomy 30:19: I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:!” Metaphorically we are all deceased, what did we build and leave behind for the next Generation, that’s what remembered for, so is it WELL DONE OR GOOD RIDDANCE? Can you imagine how AMAZING the World would have been if we had lived LOVE and provided, blessed, built, gave out, preferred, brought out the best in people; amazing the choices we make! Almighty God the Father, is for Life, Pro-Life, for LIFE AND FREEDOM! Amen, Amen and AMEN!

  3. Gunnar

    Stupid Bill Gates and Fauci (i’ve been extremely stupid, case still out on that one).
    They’re in Caskets, deceased; how will they be remembered that applies to everyone, all past Presidents, Present etc., and NO ONE can come back and do it right, too late by then! Sobering and reality. Would be interesting to do a living Funeral for them NOW and what would people say and do or would they even show up? That’s your legacy and how you will be remembered. Who will weep and mourn and cry for them? Is it, well done or good riddance? IT’S NOT TO LATE TO REPENT AND CHANGE! Some woman told me she told a very famous name “none of us get out of here alive”; what your legacy is leaving behind. Are you going to compromise or be a Standard Bearer? Instead, people are trying to slay those Dragons of what evil people are doing when they could have taken their wealth and done so much good and greatness instead of their death and destruction agenda.
    Would rather build and bring out the best in people; ALL the problems in the World and solve them: Poverty, Homeless, Food, Water, Trash Crisis, Medical Entities of all major diseases, handicap challenges and on and on it goes like the “Energizer Bunny”. My highest compliment is do I want to meet you, ONLY IF YOUR DOING AMAZING, GREAT, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, BLESSING, PROVIDING FOR ALL MANKIND! Want ARMIES of Pollyanna’s which Gates and Fauci are NOT! NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE!


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