Choose: Civil War or a New Election?

America, these are your choices. Either Trump contests this election and its theft or we go into a bloody, long Civil War.

Which do you want? You can NOT have both! It’s either a new election in which Trump wins or OUR SECOND CIVIL WAR.

1 thought on “Choose: Civil War or a New Election?

  1. Gunnar

    YES, YES, YES, SO TRUE; IF, the people don’t WAKE UP LIKE NOW and DO SOMETHING! People and especially young people are telling me, “expecting Civil War”. What’s amazing and beyond disbelief, is people allowed this and rolled over and played dead, allowing these evil dweebs play satanic whipmasters; playing Marionette’s and people for puppets instead of saying “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and trying them ALL for Treason.

    Letting “gates of hell” and fowchi, birx, *MSM; beyond insane ALL NWO people playing their evil satanic of their god, wear a mask, social distancing, horrific insanity of obsessive compulsive disorder of can’t eat inside Restaurants but in parking lot’s outside, NO Freedom of Worship, Beach, Parks all of it. Can’t meet or greet, hug family, loved ones or friends, worse, letting family members die alone without loved ones around. TAKING AWAY ALL YOUR FREEDOM of the schizophrenic rules that change daily, weekly and people allow and jump through those satanic hoops. Corporations and Employees that aligning with CCP; NO different than Nazi Hitler Germany Foot Soldiers. Irony about that, with the agenda of “Georgian Guidestones” and only 1/2 Billion remaining on the planet; doesn’t stupid MSM; those involved NOT think they aren’t part of the plan of being dispensable?

    Like that scene in the Movie “Legend” where Devil, is sitting on the throne playing them all like puppets that they are. Also, being satanic foot soldiers for the devil; as they are ALL being mouth pieces for satan like evil MSM whose spewing racism, hatred and their bile and vomit on everyone selling people out as vaccines NO different than Auschwitz. Their WILL BE A DAY OF RECKONING and burning in hell and frying extra crispy in the Lake of Fire, which is forever. Obviously, they haven’t read their Bibles and studied who goes to Hell or heard/read CD/Book of “Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary Catherine Baxter and “Placebo” by Howard Pittman (collect books on Heaven/Hell, those who have truly seen). Everyone, read your Bibles, even in an interview Dr. S. Tenpenny says read.

    AMAZING that people bowed to all this satanic insanity of letting satanist and pedophiles rule the World and themselves, seeing people in their cars wear a satanic mask, REALLY! Revealing the Corporations/Employees that sold out to CCP and behaving like Nazi Hilter Germany foot soldiers. Proverbs 9:10, the evil people have NO Wisdom (even Forbes Magazine, get wisdom). God is of Life, which the evil people behaving like their father the devil, again John 8:44; John 10:10. Amazing us stupid sheeple would let Satan come in and dictate all this beyond evil insane agenda; letting satanist take away ALL your Freedom and that’s acceptable to you? What about children/next generation?

    *Was thinking of all those Dylan, Princess Diana telling Media to go to Hell, wonder how many are there already burning, selling out, compromising for what? We all make a choice, Heaven or Hell! If, what reading is correct the MSM Media who took the vaccines will be gone in 2-3 years, guess they MSM hasn’t listened to TRUTH or researched TRUTH but that’s NOT their agenda John 8:44; 10:10 more like!


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