How Arizona Took Down America

It’s simple and it is the responsibility of Governor Dirt Bag, the Secretary of State & the Board of Supervisors for the Maricopa County elections! They all conspired with the last two elections to get Democrats in place and Arizona has the stupidest legislators in the world!

By failing to address the obvious rampant VOTER FRAUD Arizona has stuck the USA with Biden & Harris. As a direct result the Chinese were given full access to our electrical grid shortly after Biden usurped the presidency he did NOT win.

Trump wasn’t fully on American’s side. Sorry to burst your bubble.

The Crown of England & Prince Charles, his mother and her privy council are the main actors behind the scenes in taking over & destroying America. The fact remains our political class sold US out and they are controlled by murderers.

America, it’s over.

Unless you rise up, take your guns & your Bibles (as Barack said) and fully

defeat the enemy this summer!

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